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Can Mockup – a Great Product Presentation Option

Nowadays, when new goods appear constantly, promotion is essential. It helps to tell people about your product. It is challenging to compete with well-known brands, but everything starts somewhere. A good promotion campaign is a perfect option to start telling people about your good. You do not need to spend your money on a billboard. Today, when social media is very popular, an attractive picture may have a huge effect. That is the case when TemplateMonster’s can mockup templates become super useful.

It is important to demonstrate your product in a modern, memorable way so it stands out. People should not only pay attention to it but also remember and buy it. A promotion campaign may be quite expensive, but it is possible to create something impressive with the available graphic assets. Mockups are excellent to demonstrate how your product will look. 

Can Mockup Designs

Floating Soda with Water Condensation

It is a free design that includes a floating can with water condensation. It is a good option to demonstrate a refreshing drink. It also has a shadow to add the depth effect. It is excellent to promote a 500 ml drink. It includes images from different points of view and is fully customizable. It is possible to change colors, modify the background, add secondary elements, etc. It comes with smart objects and 3D layers. It comes with instructions to help you modify it.

  • License: Free and premium;
  • Files: Free version – one PSD. Premium – eight files;
  • Dimensions: 5000x3000 px.;
  • Compatibility: Photoshop CC 2017 or later.


Here is a nice template to promote a refreshing drink, whether it is soda or beer. The product is demonstrated from the front view. It comes with numerous layers and smart objects. It is also possible to modify the background, add visual elements, etc. It includes a video tutorial that will help beginners.

  • License: Free;
  • Dimensions: 5000x3000 px.;
  • Files: one PSD;
  • Compatibility: Photoshop CC 2015 or later.

Slim Soda

Here is a good 355 ml can mockup. The image is detailed – it has tiny metal imperfections. It provides you with limitless customization. It has multiple layers – for shadows, lights, and reflections. It also includes smart objects to facilitate editing. The good organization of layers and folders makes customization easy. It comes with a PDF help file.

  • License: Free;
  • Dimensions: 3800x2500 px at 300 dpi;
  • Files: one PSD.

Aluminum Soda Can

It is a simple yet impressive tall can mockup to promote your good. This template is detailed and photorealistic. It provides you with unlimited modification options – you may add the background you prefer, secondary elements, etc. It is a good option for a refreshing drink demonstration. 

  • License: Free;
  • Dimensions: 6000x4000 px;
  • Format: PSD.

White Set

This pack includes a set of ten TIF images. It is not a native Photoshop format, so you need to have some editing skills. It comes with a detailed instruction that demonstrates how to achieve the desired results. Adding the label and the necessary background is easy. Each image comes with two cutout types.

  • License: Personal and commercial;
  • Format: TIF.

Animated Soda

Here are great beer or soda can mockup templates (330 and 500 ml) to make your product stand out. A smooth animation will certainly make people pay attention to it. The smooth rotation animation will help people see the item from different angles. You may use a clean design on the one with water drops. It is very flexible and allows modifying color, lighting, shadows, and background. The structure (folders and layers) is user-friendly. It includes a help file that will guide you through the editing process. It comes as static and animated mockups. It is possible to export it as an animated GIF, MP4 video, JPG, and PNG sequence.

  • License: Personal and commercial;
  • Format: PSD;
  • Software requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS4 or later.

Metal Tin Can

This item is excellent to demonstrate packaging for tea, coffee, biscuit, juice, candy, etc. The base image is detailed. It has all the smallest details to make the final picture look perfect. The structure is clean and well-organized. It has properly-named layers to facilitate editing. It is optimized for the standard label size. You do not need to resize anything, and you avoid label squishing or stretching.

  • License: Personal and commercial;
  • Dimensions: 5000x3000 px.;
  • Files: PSD and JPG;
  • Software requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC or later.

Long Tin Can

It is a great option when you need a rectangular tin can mockup. The base image is clean and detailed - the lines look smooth. It also has the necessary metal look. It is customization-friendly because it includes properly-named layers to make finding the required element easier. It comes with the smart object feature to make label applying fast and easy. You may also change the background or add secondary visual elements.

  • License: Personal and commercial;
  • Dimensions: 5000x3000 px.;
  • Files: PSD and JPG;
  • Software requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC or later.

Juice Can

Here is a good tall can 500 ml mockup. It is a good option if you prefer minimalism. It does not include views from various angles, but it still will look impressive. Sometimes, simplicity is the key. It is easy to modify. The source file comes with multiple properly organized layers with clear labeling. 

  • License: Personal and commercial;
  • Software requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS5 or later.

Glossy Round Tin Can

This design includes two cans of different sizes from various points of view to demonstrate your product better. The base images include small details, like ridges. The modification process is challenging because it has properly-named layers. It also uses the smart object feature to facilitate editing and adding a label.

  • License: personal and commercial;
  • Dimensions: 5000x3000 px.;
  • Files: PSD and JPG;
  • Color model: RGB;
  • Software requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC or later.

Round Tall Tin Can

Here is a template that includes short and tall tin can mockup designs. Such packages would be great for candy, coffee, or tea. It has numerous well-named layers, so customization will not cause any trouble. You will have no issues finding the element you want to modify. This design is excellent to demonstrate your product in different packages. 

  • License: Personal and commercial;
  • Dimensions: 5000x3000 px.;
  • Files: PSD and JPG;
  • Color model: RGB;
  • Software requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC or later.

Ice Can

If you prefer a simple yet impressive presentation, then this is the right one. The image is detailed, and the final picture will look flawless. It provides you with limitless editing options. You may easily access various elements via well-organized and labeled layers. 

  • License: Personal and commercial;
  • Software requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS5+ or later.

Can Mockup FAQ

Why use a pre-made can mockup?

It is an option to demonstrate how the product looks. Creating something like that from scratch is possible but requires time and skills. Drawing is challenging – you need to make metal look realistic. What if you have two packages next to each other? In this case, you need to work on reflections. Creating both objects via 3D modeling software is also challenging. You have to know how to model, set up materials, lighting, and render properly. The templates already have everything done, so you should only add a label. Again, with Photoshop features, you may avoid transforming an image manually. The application will do everything, ensuring it fits perfectly.

What format of a can mockup should I use?

PSD (Adobe Photoshop native format) is the best option if it is available. It ensures that you may use all the software’s advantages (like smart objects) without having any issues. Such features will make applying labels fast. Please pay special attention to the software requirements to avoid any incompatibility issues.

What to focus on when I choose a can mockup?

Make sure that it fits your concept. The template should demonstrate a package from the required angle and have the right shape. Customizing options are essential. It is possible to add the needed label and transform it to match the can shape. It would be easier to use the Adobe Photoshop smart object feature. Do not forget to pay attention to the license.

What applications besides Photoshop may I use to modify a can mockup?

Some applications, such as GIMP and Krita (they are free), have PSD importers. It is necessary to be careful because you may lose some data, like the smart object feature. These applications have numerous useful features and are enough for image editing - both basic and complex.
Some templates come in widely-used formats, such as TIF, PNG, or JPG. You may edit them via various image-editing applications.

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