Car Illustrations as one of the Best Solutions in Web Design

  1. Where can we use car illustrations?
  2. How to make a cartoon car in illustrator
  3. Examples of websites with car illustrations
  4. Car illustration vectors and Pinterest

Web design is a great area where you can fully devote yourself to creativity and create the perfect product that will meet the needs of many customers. But the question is how to turn all your ideas into reality? What can we create and how do we use it?

car illustrations

In this post we will talk about car illustrations. We will find out how to create such illustrations, where we can use them, and where else we can find them ready to use.

Where can we use car illustrations?

Web design is the art of innovation and professionalism in graphic editors. Illustrations in current web design are new colors and brightness, and at the same time taking a risk with the design. The reason for this is that many people make mistakes in the combination of appearance, style, illustrations, and information on the site, which is one of the important components of the site.

Illustration is an incredibly all-purpose tool that can be found in the design of any site, and due to the variety of techniques, styles, and approaches you get a very wide range of applications and possible implementations.

Illustrations, including car illustrations, are now used more and more often. Other textures, patterns, various illustrations (such as diamond, floral, botanical, etc.), and car illustrations are becoming increasingly popular.

Car illustrations are used to give a realistic appearance to the project, the possibility of focusing the attention of the visitor on the fact that it is about important and necessary things in the life of each person.

Let's start with the main tasks, which are set for different illustrations:

  1. graphic component of the site or service;
  2. examples of works, objects, or any other things;
  3. visual explanation and the data decoration.

We can list a few more tasks, but they will likely overlap with the ones we mentioned above.

Car illustrations are more suitable for narrowly focused projects, and are often associated with a particular product. So now we will find out how and where different car illustrations can be used. So, car illustrations can be used:

  1. On sites that are engaged in the manufacture, development, and promotion of the automotive business; various sites for repair and sale of spare parts for cars; and so on. In other words, their ideal for sites that specialize in cars and everything related to them.
  2. On banners and posters of a car manufacturing company. There are a lot of such examples now. In each city you can find a number of billboards that advertise a particular product.
  3. On business cards of different companies. Specializations of companies and firms are the same.
  4. To create prints in the textile industry, to design office supplies, phone cases, and so forth.
  5. To create cartoon car icons, stickers (cartoon car drawings are most often used for this purpose), etc.
  6. To create company logos.
  7. To create animated elements that will look great in combination with other elements of the site.

With the help of car illustrations you can create a specific kind of site that can tell a certain story. Thematic illustrations (in our case, car illustrations) create or enhance a certain atmosphere. Therefore, you need to use such illustrations as carefully as possible.

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

How to make a cartoon car in illustrator

The creation of various illustrations is a rather complicated process, especially for novice designers. Often even for professionals, using Adobe Illustrator is not an easy task.

Now we will tell you how to create a bright, cool cartoon car illustration. This is the kind of simple car illustration you can create using this tutorial.

The car could be made using only the Pen tool, but we will create this illustration using geometric shapes. You ask why? The answer is very straightforward. We want to show you that you can create an illustration of a car quickly and easily using conventional geometric shapes.

To create an illustration that is super cool and in cartoon styling, do the following:

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new canvas of the desired size. It all depends on your preferences, and on the size of the illustration you want to get from it.
  2. On the sidebar, select Ellipse Tool. Take the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle. Align the size of this figure, which will be the basis for the future car.
  3. Using the Rectangle Tool, draw another rectangle and place it in the middle of the first figure (so that the whole figure looks like a car frame).
  4. Combine the two ready-made shapes by selecting the Pathfinder tab. Here you will find the Unite function. Click the Shift button and click Unite. This way you get a complete figure. (If you do not find the Pathfinder panel, you can easily do so by opening the top menu. There you can find the Pathfinder among all the options available.)
  5. Then use the light arrow to change the shape of the corners of the ready-made figure. In this way, you will bring your cartoon car closer to its natural shape. Your illustration should not look too rough.
  6. Now you can mark the places for the wheels. This is very easy to do. Select the Ellipse tool and draw one circle in place of the wheel. Copy this circle by pressing the Alt button and moving the item in the same direction. This way you will move not the object itself, but a copy of it. If you can't do it this way, use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V buttons.
  7. We need to cut the top of the circle to complete the work with the wheel place. To do this, select the desired item and in the Pathfinder panel, in the Shape Modes section click on the Minus Front function. Repeat the same steps with a second wheel position. At this step you can also select the color of the machine.
  8. Now you need to draw a window in the machine. To do this, create a rectangle by using the Rectangle Tool.  Fill the rectangle with white color and change the shape of the figure to create a trapeze.
  9. Take the Ellipse tool and draw the wheels. You can resize the wheels a little bit, and make them slightly deformed to make them look interesting and unusual. Using the same element, draw light circles inside each wheel.
  10. Take the Pen Tool and draw lines in the window (by selecting the width of the lines beforehand) to make it look more realistic.
  11. Using the Ellipse tool, draw ovals which will later become the headlights of the machine.
  12. If necessary, change the shapes, remove the sharp corners on them, and so forth.

That's all! Very simple and your cartoon car is ready! We are sure that you will easily be able to make such an illustration and many others. Here you can see what the result looks like:

car illustrations example

You've just learned a way to find out how to make an easy cartoon car illustration. But, we would like to share with you a resource where you can find a sufficient number of simple tutorials. These are very easy instructions that tell you as quickly as possible how to create complex illustrations. So, use the Car Vector Illustration Tutorials. Here are 20 available tutorials for creating a wide variety of car illustrations.

Examples of websites with car illustrations


This is a great site, which just shows how you can combine car illustrations with general information from the site, and other images. All elements look quite harmonious and wonderful.


This site is where you can see how cool simple car illustrations can look. In this case, these different illustrations are the examples of different brands and types of cars. It displays a very good way to use car illustrations.

The phoenix auto repair

Here you can find images of cars all over the site. There is also an icon made with a car illustration. It looks very stylish, original, and modern.

The auto shop

Here, car illustrations are used as a logo for the site. These cartoons are at the top, and make the site more interesting and memorable.


Car illustration vectors and Pinterest

Where can I find vector images of cars? Where can I download the illustrations for free? Is there a website I can trust? How can I quickly find the car illustrations I need? All these questions are often asked by people who are looking for various illustrations, textures, etc. We have found excellent solutions for you! These are sites that offer a variety of options for different car illustrations, which you can use in free access. So, we advise you to keep in mind such sites: Freepik, Vecteezy, Free vector, Vectorstock, Shutterstock.

We would also like to suggest using Pinterest. It seems to us that almost everybody now knows this wonderful application and site where you can find anything. Ideas for photos, screensavers, textures, illustrations, collections of images, patterns of various topics, and so on can be found on Pinterest. Pinterest is quality, style, originality, and brightness. And that's exactly what everyone wants to find.

And of course TemplateMonster, which offers a lot more than just illustrations. On this site you can buy great brilliant illustrations, patterns, textures, and images in sets. So you choose not one particular element, but a whole set including a lot of quality and design vector images. For example:

Machine Parts Bundle Illustration

Machine Parts Bundle Illustration

If you need to make an interesting project where it’s needed to use some machine elements, check out this pack of Machine Parts Bundle Illustrations! The pack contains a lot of machine elements from which you can create some great industrial designs! The pack contains many items, check out the following ones: 100 of various machine parts, 5 steampunk poster templates, steampunk frame template, a scrap metal skull, and 4 vector brushes. Frankly speaking, I don’t even know all the element names) But if you need them, you definitely know some of the object names. The following formats are included such as vector EPS10, raster PSD (the resolution is over 20Mpx) and JPG versions. So, you can work with these elements using some apps like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, or any other similar program. So, if you need such machine illustrations for any reason, use this pack for this purpose because it contains a lot of elements you can choose from.

66 Transport - Cars and Road Sketches Illustration

66 Transport - Cars and Road Sketches Illustration

58 Holiday, Travel and Transport Illustration

58 Holiday, Travel and Transport Illustration

64 Holiday and Travel Themed Illustration

64 Holiday and Travel Themed Illustration

These are cool quality packages, each one offering more than 50 car illustrations and more that can be used for different purposes.

Hopefully this post was useful and interesting!)

Car illustrations FAQ

? What is car illustration?

It is an image of a car or automobile parts in one of the picture types, such as PNG or JPG.

? Where car illustrations are most suitable to use?

It can be surprising but not only in the car industry. Car illustrations will also for traveling websites or toys online stores. As a symbol of road and driving somewhere it could be used almost anywhere.

? How are car illustrations often used?

- As a graphic component of the site or service;
- As examples of works, objects, or any other things;
- For visual explanation and the data decoration.

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