Flower Patterns as One of the Best Solutions in Web Design

  1. Unlimited Downloads of Flower Patterns
  2. Oh, Wait… Patterns & Textures: Is There a Difference?
  3. Examples of Websites With Flower Patterns
  4. How to Use Flower Patterns in Web Design?
  5. Top 10 Flower Patterns Showcase
  6. 7 Rules for Choosing Your Website Background Patterns
  7. Final Words

Flower Pattern in Web Design.

Patterns are everything for website design, graphics, or printing. This design option will give dynamics to any resource: from a corporate website to a personal blog. They are used in many website sections, in particular, as a background.

Textures and patterns are an integral part of web design since the beginning of the 2000s. These elements are perfect for styling because they simply do not burden the webpage - both in terms of download speed, and in terms of perception.

But most importantly, even if the pattern is greyish and fine - it will still create a style!

Why are patterns so common? They are closely related to information architecture and coding. With the rise of layout technologies, and with the advent of various directions, textures and patterns have altered as well.

Want to know how modern floral patterns and textures look like? Or how to use them in web design to influence user behavior? We’ve got the answers!

Unlimited Downloads of Flower Patterns

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Oh, Wait… Patterns & Textures: Is There a Difference?

Oh yes! A pattern is a small element that, forms a seamless image or pattern during its duplication. Here is an example of a pattern with a repeating element (leaves):

pattern with leaves

This web design element is perfect for using as a background image. This is a seamless floral pattern, so we can stretch the background endlessly and at the same time not violate the concept of our design.

Textures differ from patterns with their purpose. As a rule, these are monophonic images imitating any materials, for example, wood, paper, stone and so on. Textures can be seamless as well and be also applied to the background.

An example of textures: Bundle of 1100 Artistic Backgrounds and Textures

1100 Artistic Backgrounds and Textures - Bundle

Examples of Websites With Flower Patterns

Cafe Frida


A beautiful floral pattern used as a background is the main visual force of the Cafe Frida website homepage. It attracts attention and provides a decorative atmosphere to the user interface. The design itself might seem outdated at first glance, but the fact remains - it works excellently in this context.



Similarly to the example above, the Aroozoo website is based on a beautiful natural background that contrasts with a clean, neat and clear design. The pattern itself creates a sort of eye-pleasing playfulness.

How to Use Flower Patterns in Web Design?

A pattern can enhance the look of the final product and its design. However, one should be used wisely to avoid a complicated layout or unattractive outmoded design.

  • Backgrounds

By using flower patterns in web design, you will make webpages look more vivid and non-standard. They are a perfect solution for replacing boring white- or gray-colored backgrounds.

flower background vector

Background vector created by pikisuperstar

  • Branding

The next way how you may use patterns has to do with the company brand. Using specific colors and patterns in website design, polygraphy, packages, etc, will make your product stand out. The other perks are:

  • Using patterns add a high cost to the brand;
  • The original pattern increases brand recognition;
  • Patterns help convey to the consumer the brand essence and values.

Traditional Chinese motives

Traditional Chinese motives in the company pattern for a traditional Chinese medicine shop

Clearly, patterns reflect the brand idea and bear associations with the product niche. Speaking of floral patterns, those are barely associated with “serious” niche markets like banking, consulting, insuring, etc.

Floral patterns, whether textile designs, vintage or tropical flower patterns, are rather common for the following industries:

  • cafes/restaurants;
  • Lifestyle/travel blog;
  • Stores selling eco-friendly products, medicine, plants;
  • Cosmetics/beauty services...and more.
  • Specific Products

Patterns can be designed in several ways to make an influence on the audience in a different way. You can mix and match different types of patterns to design different products.

Different parts of the same design can include different patterns.

Creative packing

Creative packing from PLATTA

  • What Effect Can Flower Patterns Have on Users?

Not only do patterns add depth and dimension to the website but they also carry some emotional atmosphere. Have you ever thought of our day? It consists of small repeating elements that create order and calm. Patterns in design do the same: repeating elements can clean up the design and recreate a feeling of calm (or chaos), based on the original goal of the web designer.

A pattern may include any way of repeating objects, words, colors, or shapes. In the case of textile design patterns, the repeating elements are flowers or other kinds of plants.

Flowers are something that people associate with romantic, attractive, and heart-warming. That’s the reason why no “serious” niche would use some kind of a vintage flower pattern - it simply bears emotions.

On the other hand, emotions are extremely necessary for other niches. They would use the floral background on their websites or as make it a corporate pattern.

gucci parfum pattern

Gucci parfum pattern

A unique pattern will help brands stand out in the market, make it more visible and recognizable. Over time, this pattern may even be associated with your brand on its own, without mentioning the company name or its product.

I bet, everyone knows the famous Louis Vuitton pattern (golden ornaments and crossed LV letters on a brown background).

Louis Vuitton pattern

Such simple patterns are so universal that they can literally be placed on every company product. At least, LV manages to do that quite successfully.

Your company may be a little far from the success of Louis Vuitton but this example does inspire. It’s perfect when a flower pattern tells something about the company product itself. It may be a store selling plants, or textile items with floral motives.

That way you not only emphasize the corporate identity but also demonstrate your products to the audience using the package and website background.

Top 10 Flower Patterns Showcase

Here is a collection of 10 flower pattern vectors to use for your own design purposes. This list includes various types of floral patterns: from the vintage flower background and Hawaiian floral pattern to flower pattern black and white, etc.

1. Cacti Watercolor PNG Creative Set Illustration

Cool green cactus PNG watercolor set Illustration

Wildflower tropical cacti flowers watercolor pack of 39 files contains frames, borders, and patterns in PNG and JPG formats. These aquarelle elements are great for DIY, greeting cards, quotes, blogs, posters, website backgrounds, and more...

2. 100 Patterns Of Tropics JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

100 Patterns Of Tropics JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

The following pack contains 1000 types of floral patterns, in particular, images of exotic plants and flowers. Patterns are of JPG format and highly-detailed. The graphics are a PNG file, 300 dpi, without background.

3. Wonderful 100 Patterns of Peonies JPG Set Illustration

Wonderful 100 Patterns of Peonies JPG Set Illustration

Another cute collection of 100 files with colorful peonies. All files are fully editable in size, colors, patterns and frames are JPG size 3500x3500px.

4. Ornament Of Blue Flowers PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Ornament Of Blue Flowers PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Ornament of blue flowers watercolor is a set of 57 files. It contains seamless ornamental elements ideal for building a pattern background for your future website. The pack consists of 1 PNG file and 56 JPG files.

5. High Definition Floral Bundle Pattern

High Definition Floral Bundle Pattern

This Bundle consists of a modern botanical collection in vector and raster formats. It’s very convenient in editing and recoloring vectors to your taste. Each element is separated into linework, details, and background. The variety is endless: from contemporary, traditional to vintage flower patterns. Great care has been taken in the digitizing of the elements to maintain their original quality. The vectorized versions allow for infinite scaling possibilities.

6. 100 Autumn Patterns JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

100 Autumn Patterns JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

7. 100 Patterns of Flower Bouquets JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

100 Patterns of Flower Bouquets JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

8. Red Poppy Watercolor PNG JPG Illustration

Red Poppy Watercolor PNG JPG Illustration

9. 100 Patterns Of Lavender Flower JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

100 Patterns Of Lavender Flower JPG Watercolor Set Illustration

10. Leaves Currant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

Leaves Currant PNG Watercolor Set Illustration

7 Rules for Choosing Your Website Background Patterns

Define the purpose of your website. Once you understand what for you need a website, choosing an abstract flower pattern will be easier. Organizing tours to islands? Check out for tropical floral patterns! Managing an antique shop? Test a vintage flower pattern. The possibilities are endless.

Choose colors wisely. You may not even guess how important your future color scheme is. When choosing the right floral pattern wallpaper, pay attention to its color scheme. Which dominant color does it have and what feelings does it bear?

Yes, every color has an emotional response. What feelings are you trying to convey to your site visitors? Would you choose a green floral background to represent health and nature? Or would you opt for red roses to bear passion and excitement?

More examples of the most popular color options for your flower pattern:

  • Brown – comfort, stability, and strength;
  • Yellow – joy, optimism, and happiness. Use it to convey some important message;
  • Violet – wisdom, mystery, and sophistication;
  • Pink – romantic vibes, all clear;
  • Red – passion, danger, energy, and power.
  • Blue – patience, freedom, coolness, and peace.
  • Orange – courage, playfulness, and warmth.

Did you know?

  • Age and gender may define a person’s color preferances. While seniors find simple sites more attractive, young generations prefer vibrant colors;
  • Men react more to blue and orange, while women would go for red and yellow. The first ones find vibrant colors more attractive, while women would rather opt for calm and bright tones;
  • Furthermore, the reaction may be different for people of different nations and origins. Western cultures have positive associations with white, while Janapese consider it funereal. Americans would use green for their finance-themed sites the color is associated with their money - dollars.

Make contrast. Create contrast with the background of your website and its content. Black and white combination is the best example of how it works. But let’s admit, it’s super boring. The rule of contrast works with any color as long as the text remains readable to the visitors

No more than 3-5 colors. It’s easy to overdo with colors in a flower pattern. But from the user’s perception, seeing a variety of colors on the page simply hurts your eyes. Choose one basic color and additional ones for a pleasent user experience.

Keep it simple with eCommerce sites. If you’re managing an eCommerce store, think twice before using complicated website design, in particular, patterns. Users need to stay focused on the content. In this case, the background colors are usually plain and the bright ones are combined with the neutral black and white.

Use corporate colors. We have talked about the importance of having a corporate pattern to make your brand recognizable. Such patterns already contain the website corporate colors, so you can use one as part of your web design. But first, make sure such a pattern does not distract from the website content.

Make websites stylish. If your business or a blog has to do with style, fashion and is mainly oriented on youth, make sure it keeps up with the latest web design trends. Don’t be afraid to experience patterns, textures, and colors - just keep in mind the rules above.


Final Words

And that’s when we come back to the start. Flower pattern designs: hot or not?

Well, according to 2019/20 web design trends, patterns, in general, will be in high demand. But with floral vectors specifically, you should be a bit careful.

First, many of the free flower patterns you can find online are outdated in their design.

Second, overdoing with patterns on your website will not play in your favor.

That’s why I showed you REAL examples of websites with modern floral design. Finally, I came up with the modern collection of beautiful flower patterns in vector, PNG. All you need is to get inspired by real examples, follow the links and explore the options for your own website!

Use our tips and patterns - make your design unique!

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Flower Patterns as One of the Best Solutions in Web Design FAQ

?What is the difference between flower patterns and textures?

A pattern is a small element that forms a seamless image while its duplication. Textures differ from patterns with their purpose. As a rule, they are monophonic images that imitate any materials. For example, wood, paper, stone and so on. Textures can be seamless, as well, and also applied to the background.

?How to use flower patterns in web design?

A pattern can enhance the look of the final product and its design. However, one should be used wisely to avoid a complicated layout or unattractive outmoded design.
So, flower patterns can be used, as:
- Backgrounds;
- Elements of brand logos;
- Call-to-actions;
- Independent unique designs themselves.

?How to choose website background flower patterns?

- Define the purpose of a website.
- Pay a lot of attention to colors (choose not more than 3-5 contrast colors or use corporate colors);
- Keep it simple;
- Follow one style.

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