Geometric Design Patterns 2020 for a Special Atmosphere of Your Website

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Web design, as a way of delivering content to the user, is planned and created with special responsibility and importance. Such geometrical shapes as a circle, a triangle, and a quadrilateral are rather popular in website design to create different effects. Today we will focus on the use of geometric design patterns. With the popularity of creative design use, the web has been filled to the brim with non-standard websites displaying complex graphic objects and geometric shapes. The best marketplaces offer ready-made pattern designs to simplify your work with online projects.

Geometric design patterns.

You can see different shapes in the navigation, visual emphasis of individual parts, frame design, blocks, and sections. Moreover, geometric shapes can be combined with each other, creating an original visual effect of the picture. Clear, straight, sharp lines and shapes often associate the site with advanced modern technologies, even if the content itself talks about kittens, for example.

I will divide the topic into a few parts and talk about the psychological aspect of geometric graphic design and web design, pattern types and patterns ideas, and how to use them in modern web design.

Geometric web design is an excellent way to craft something unique, modern, and innovative. Let’s dive into this interesting topic!

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Types of Web and Graphic Design Patterns

The number of design patterns is unusually large. Patterns and textures, as part of your website design, are a very simple structure to use. Like everything crafted by designers, the use of patterns is helpful for improving the conversion rates of the site, increase the level of usability, the overall presentation of the company on the internet, etc.

There is a pretty large selection of patterns available for web and graphic design. I will specify a few types along with examples for better understanding.

Geometric patterns

Geometric design patterns are one of the most visually interesting forms in web/graphic design. Geometric graphic design comes in a wide variety of styles and fulfills a huge range of roles. Geometric shape designs can be found on a website either in its "original" form or in a modified one, creating a more complex geometric shape.

Geometric Luxurygold Pattern

Geometric Luxurygold Pattern

Geometric Pattern Laser Cut Card Set

Geometric Pattern Laser Cut Card Set

Abstract patterns

Beautiful abstraction in web design sometimes works better than photos and even videos; especially, if you add some animation and interaction effects.

Abstract patterns1

Abstract patterns2

Minimalist patterns

It is not necessary to create a site full of colors and graphic elements. Sometimes you can achieve a stunning effect, using the principle of minimalism. An attractive design cannot be created without the use of additional resources. Patterns are also such resources. Take a look at the examples below.

Minimalist seamless pattern simple texture vector image

Minimalist seamless pattern simple texture vector image

Flora & Fauna design patterns

This beautiful floral pattern will be your main visual force that attracts attention and provides the user interface with a decorative atmosphere.

Watercolor flora

Watercolor flora

Floral illustration

Floral illustration

Vintage patterns

Vintage style in web design is the design with a focus on a certain era, the culture of the past. The retro style of this graphic design intrigues, creates a sense of value, and subconsciously inspires confidence for the content in the digital resource.

Vintage patterns1

Vintage patterns2

There are many other types of patterns, but still, I would like to stop and discuss geometric patterns in more detail.

Psychology of Geometric Design Patterns

Square, circle, and triangle — these are the shapes everyone knows. We see them everywhere – in advertising, walking the streets, indoors through interior design elements, and on the internet. Psychologists say that each of them gives some emotional context to a person. Let’s check how you can use this knowledge about geometric shape designs to attract and retain the visitors’ attention, as well as trigger the right associations and impressions.

  • Quadrangles

It just so happens that people associate honesty, trust, and reliability with squares, so if you want to trigger similar emotions, use this pattern idea in your design.

Note that squares and their derivatives are indispensable in cases where it is necessary to focus on the stability of the company.

  • Circles

Web designers do not like circles as much as quadrangles. But for those who love to experiment, circles are one of the favorite choices.

Psychologists say that the circle symbolizes security and eternity. If you decide to use circles, be careful not to create a sense of incompleteness. Therefore, you need to use them in web design very carefully.

With the right use of circles in geometric design, the visitor's attention will first focus on the circle. Therefore, place the most important information or calls to action inside the circle.

  • Triangle

The abundance of triangles on your website is not a good idea. But to emphasize a key point with their help, it is possible and even necessary.

Since triangles are mostly associated with movement, progress, and growth, it is best to place them next to the information about the achievements of the company. Triangle shapes design is great to emphasize on the results of its activities and other facts that you would like to draw the visitors’ attention to.

Also, triangles can be used as pointers to control the navigation of visitors throughout the site.

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

How to Use Geometric Patterns in Designs

Now let’s dig deeper into a case where you can use geometric patterns.

Choose monochrome

Choose Monochrome

The monochrome color palette is able to revive the design of the site and add more brightness and uniqueness to the resource. Mono-chromaticism is one of the simplest and most successful color schemes. The reason for this lightness is that one shade of color almost always works with another shade of the same color.

Add photos to geometric design patterns

geometric design patterns

Combining geometry and photography is a great way to produce striking images. The combination with photos really helps to create abstract artwork with intense colors and details.

Be different with asymmetrical designs

asymmetrical designs

The absence of symmetry helps to separate the navigation menu or sidebar from the rest of the content in a more natural way, leaving more room for useful information. The atmosphere of asymmetry works well for emotional design, reinforcing a positive emotional motive.

Play with lighting and shadows

play with lighting shadows

Play of light and shadow, with a decisive influence on perception, enhances the three-dimensional composition and the effect of perspective. The use of shadows on graphic images provides greater visibility, enhances three-dimensional perception, and emphasizes the relief and effect of perspective.

Create a collage

Create a collage

With a collage technique, you can revive the web page by putting together exactly those things that most fully convey your idea.

Try a wave style

Try a wave style

Light, airy elements can cause a variety of emotions and feelings in the design. And what is especially nice – waves and delicate lines can be combined and applied in various ways, which gives great scope for the imagination of the designer.

Stunning portraits

Stunning portraits

Geometric illustrations are a popular design trend. Designers and illustrators use geometric patterns to create amazing abstractions, animal illustrations, and portraits of people. Unique and beautiful!

Origami design

Origami design

Strict geometry and simplicity of forms, along with the adaptability and brevity of the user interface is increasingly conquering the world of web design. As a rule, simple geometric shapes - triangle, square, and polygon are used in works with origami.

Keep it simple

Keep it simple

When it comes to design trends, minimalism and simplicity of shapes are at the top of the charts. The whole purpose of minimalism is to bring clarity by simplifying. Simple design patterns should provide an interactively rational and visually appealing user experience.

Arrow design

Arrow design

An arrow’s greatest purpose is to convey direction. Using arrows can help your viewer follow a path of information from one part of your graphic to another. You can also use the arrows in “before-and-after” graphics or other sorts of transformations.

The geometric design pattern is a relatively recent trend. It was born in 2016, developed in 2017, and will definitely continue to gain popularity in 2020. Mixing different geometric shapes can give excellent results. The right selection of patterns and shapes will help to create a holistic and attractive composition, which is highly appreciated by the web user. There are a number of directions where geometric design patterns can be used. I still did not mention mosaics, interlocking shapes, frames, geometric distortion, geometric typography, and much more. They either complement existing designs or create entirely new designs.

Showcase of Websites with Geometric Design Patterns

Look through a broader lens at those websites that you visit every day. Look at their design from a different angle and you will see geometrical pictures throughout the web resource. Now let’s check a few examples of such sites with various types of patterns, where geometric shapes create the design.



Anthony John Group uses square boxes to showcase different projects they have developed.


This design agency uses square boxes all over.


This TV station’s website features numerous geometric elements.



Here you can observe overlapping rectangle elements as the main design aesthetic.


Rectangle geometrical designs are used to create a pinboard-style layout of Belgian graphic designer’s website.


Take a look at a beautiful rectangle design of the website, which offers analytics, data, and workflow solutions.



This modern restaurant website puts a welcome message, location, and social media information in circles.


Circulo da Comunicacao Digital uses the circle as the main element for every section that transmits visual information.


An unusual circular image slider helps to draw the user's attention to the landing page.



A radically new vision is offered by Cap Gun Collective. It implies dividing a screen into halves using a diagonal, resulting in two distinctive triangle shapes.


A grey triangle stands in contrast to the overall monochrome orange canvas, drawing attention towards the central part of the screen.


Here is an interesting take on a split-screen, where one of the sides is broken into two parts using triangles.



This site is designed with a rhombus containing text in the center. This is visually more attractive than just placing text over an image.


Here rhombus adds movement to the composition or serves as focus points for the user's attention.


Contact information, along with the various projects, is displayed with the help of rhombuses. Is it not creative?



The purpose of web design is to stimulate a visitor and encourage him to take targeted actions. Geometric design patterns are extremely trendy nowadays. If they are not used, your visitor will get only flat and material (and quite monotonous) design. Will the potential client be interested in what he sees? Clearly he will be less interested than when experiencing bizarre geometric shapes.

Proper understanding of the goals and objectives of the website will help to determine the best solution of geometric choices for each individual case. The goal is to express the right emotions and create a special atmosphere with your digital resources.

Are you experimenting with geometry in web design? If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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