12 Inspiring Decisions for Your New Sci-Fi Interface

Sci-Fi is one of the most recognizable and reputable styles. It covers a wide spectrum of activity spheres including movies, literature, art, design, music, and many others. Due to the popularity of science-fiction and its recognizable images, it invites attention and goes beyond the limits in use. Space and the wide open frontier beyond have always lured humanity.

The idea to apply a Sci-Fi style on your website (no matter what kind of information is contained there) is a win-win option. Futuristic elements, templates, and themes look modern, elegant, and unpretentious. Typically, science-fiction interfaces are quite distinctive. Sci-Fi templates must be stuffed with some technological features and give the impression of being beyond the fantasy. Therefore, if you decide to look for a Sci-Fi motif for your website, then it’ll show you as a bold person with a certain taste and a rich imagination.

Here are twelve magnificent sci-fi designs for you to choose from. We were trying to cover different genres of sci-fi starting with the space theme to the digital environment form. In the meanwhile, they will differ by their purpose and message, but they all bring futuristic and cosmic vibes. You will have trouble resisting them!

Jyotish - Astrology WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

Jyotish is a premium astrology WordPress theme. It provides a bunch of excellent characteristics you need to build a star-related project. So you may organize your content with no limits or difficulties. Customization is easy even for novice users. The template highlights a retina-ready design, a flexible megamenu, and social sharing integration. Robust filters and unusual layout varieties are the other advantages. Let’s explore the other functionalities Jyotish boasts:

  • Events Calendar;
  • Team Members;
  • Sample content;
  • HTML 5;
  • Ajax, 
  • Mobile-friendly design, and many more. 

SHOCK Coming Soon Specialty Page

SHOCK - Coming Soon Specialty Page

Demo | Download | Hosting

This is a block of templates for Under Construction pages. Shock is clean and neat, with strict animation, fully applicable and light. A starry sky or movable geometric on a dark widescreen background grabs the attention and does not blur the main message. Six template options for the main page and multiple animation adjuncts are included.

SCI-FI OPENER After Effects Template

Sci-Fi Opener - After Effects Template

This amazingly organized sci-fi theme comes with full HD resolution, modular structure, easy control of colors, and animation. It is one of the most presentable examples of a digital environment in the futuristic themes. This template plunges you into an atmosphere of hi tech which makes visitors eager to search your website. This would work perfectly as a starter page for various companies, blogs, and artistic content.

SCIENCE Multipurpose HTML5 Website Template

Science - Multipurpose HTML5 Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

The Science template was made with an attention to details and features. It reflects the whole point of attraction to what is unknown to humanity. The alluring darkness of the design, calm shapes, and a convenient panel for site navigation make the design special. Details are fully ready for customization along with a slider for images, background animation, fonts, and modules. This HTML sci-fi template will work perfectly for scientific blogs, ufology, astronomy, or any fiction connected to outer space and science.

SCI-FI THEME Android theme

Sci-fi theme

Here is a genuine and neat theme for tech lovers and sci-fi fans. It was made for Android platforms and supports many essential features for your phone such as unique and usable screen lock, customizable home screen widgets, two icon packs of your choice, with free wallpaper included. It is fully functional and stable, stuffed with nice features, highlighted icons for notifications (without showing the message), easy access to the camera, and calls.

GEMINIZ Astrology Blog WordPress Theme

Geminiz - Astrology Blog WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

This WordPress theme was originally made for astrology blogs to help horoscope artists promote their craft. However, modern trends bring the beautiful space pattern to the level of a fairly wide application. The theme provides several options for galactic design, unique effects, and color combinations. Also, the comfortable geometry of the site makes it possible to place all sorts of information there. Cross-browser compatibility, dropdown menus, media library, gallery, calendar, and many other functions will help you to improve your website design.

SPACE THEME Home page, Logo and Other Stuff

space theme

This is a simple and convenient planetary theme for a site with lots of information. The highlight of this template is the author’s logo and drawings. The design itself has been created as a pleasant illustration. It is perfect for thematic blogs or just for people who love the bright beauty of cosmic bodies. This space template includes the homepage with structure, custom logos, and the other stuff used to decorate the page.

SPACE 30 Icons Template

30 Space Iconset Template

This project pack has 30 outline icons made for Space themes. This pack is quite universal and can be used for many purposes: website, Word, PowerPoint presentations, designs, advertisements, and so on. The pack includes copyrighted icons of rockets, space bodies, satellites, astronauts, constellations, UFOs, and aliens. Colorful and bright, this detailed set of icons will make your project unique.

SPACE Responsive Email Template + Online Builder

Space - Responsive Email Template + Online Builder

This is an ultra responsive Space template with an easy and friendly Builder, nice design, and a lot of opportunity for creativeness. It will work perfectly both for active people with lively days and calm moderate persons with deep philosophical thoughts. Leisurely cosmic images are included and will complement a light and relaxed construction on the page. This template is user-friendly and eye-catching.


VAVE Coming Soon HTML5 Specialty Page

VAVE - Coming Soon HTML5 Specialty Page

Demo | Download | Hosting

Bring the real vibrations of anticipation to your visitors and subscribers while your website or particular page is being under construction or coming soon event! Vave’s Coming Soon HTML page will help you to fulfill that. The theme comes with 16 variations of pages, a lion’s share of which is devoted to futuristic themes. You can add animation, video, full screen images, and a downtime counter to keep everyone posted about the latest updates on your website. This fully responsive HTML Under Construction template is an indispensable helper for your digital expansion.



This is a stunning and extremely bright home page template for real professionals in the scientific sphere or blogging category. The template includes exceptional HD unique images for the background, custom text fields, and other interesting features. It is fully responsive across all browsers and on all devices. This space template immerses you in the atmosphere of planetary, cosmos, and boundless beautiful chaos of cosmos and deep starry night. This topic is certainly pleasing to the eye and attracts attention.


Telescopes and Observatories Logo Template

That is a pack of seven vector logos illustrating the biggest space observatories and telescopes. The package will be amazing when added to your presentation about Space research, the cosmic discovery of new stars, planets, and perhaps extraterrestrial life.

SPACE Coming Soon Specialty Page

Space Coming Soon Specialty Page

Demo | Download | Hosting

The other HTML Coming Soon page template for your developing website or blog is this clean and user-friendly theme. Full width starry sky on the background gives you the sensation of absorption by Space with its mystery. It helps to keep everyone in the intrigue before announcing the upcoming events of your company, project, or in your personal life. The countdown timer completes the page. The newsletter form helps you not lose the connection with your visitors even if your site is under construction.


The future invites. Space exploration, astrological secrets kept by the stars, high-tech progress, and futurism is all that definitely attracts attention and requires it in return.

Here we have presented you with twelve different ways to add some space and mysticism to your life, to make yourself and people around think about something higher than the boring routine of our lives. Whether it’s a new blog theme, an update of a site’s Under Construction page, a new icon, or a theme for a mobile phone, this will certainly influence your popularity or mood at least. I hope you found something to your taste!

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