Cartoon Graphics – Top Reasons to Choose TemplateMonster Assets

Infographics have been around for a while but have recently become extremely popular. Marketers who want to get traffic on their website include graphic images that tell a good story. For a few thousand dollars, you can hire an infographic company to provide a high-quality notification that explains the problem. But why waste money if you can benefit from our easy-to-customize cartoon graphics. Consider Andrey Keno's works and find many multipurpose web assets you will enjoy working with. 

Why Should You Choose Our Premium-quality Cartoon Graphics?

Studies have found that, after three days, the viewer stores only 10-20% of written or spoken information but about 65% of visual information. That is why if you are looking for the best cartoon graphics for your project, you must consider our marketplace.

You will massively benefit if you decide to download our products. There are many reasons for that. Besides coming with many handy features, infographics we offer are also:

  1. Fast loading. Speed is perhaps the most important factor that explains the success of infographics as a communication resource. In fact, because it quickly interferes with the reading process on any social network, it can gain many readers in a short period. This process is as powerful as it gives more exposure to the web.
  2. Customer retention. Graphic design is an essential element in digital marketing: it represents a brand's strategy while provoking sensations and emotions that link it with its customers. And that is no coincidence since 93% of consumers think that visual elements affect their purchase decision.
  3. Increase online visibility. It is estimated that the number of Internet users worldwide will reach 3 billion by the end of the year. The market is increasingly globalized, and competition is stronger. Surely, that competition already has its professional page. Your corporate image and your website face of your brand. That is why they have to be current and powerful.

Additional Things to Consider

With our assets you will also have other opportunities, such as:

  • Brand strengthening. With millions of companies trying to gain popularity, having a strong brand has become crucial for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors. If you are developing your first brand identity for a client or doing it for your own business, consider our creative cartoon graphic shorts and succeed. 
  • Time-saving opportunity. Instead of creating graphics by yourself or hiring an expensive web developer, you can download our cartoon animal graphics or cartoon character graphics in a few clicks. You sure have better, more interesting, and more productive things to do than designing web assets by yourself. Leave the work to the professionals who take care of it and give you a high-quality job with which you will have a very high return on your investment and good results.

Top 20 Free and Premium Cartoon Graphics to Surprise Your Young Viewers

Blue Surprised Boy

Surprised Cartoon Boy

Are you searching for a pre-made image with a creative design for illustrating your project? Then this clipart in cartoon style is a great choice for you. This colorful children's illustration will beautify your invitation cards, typography prints, scrapbooking, and different stickers. It comes in three file formats so that you may choose which one you are comfortable working with. The other features include:

  • 150 DPI high resolution;
  • Top-quality vectors;
  • Easy-to-modify layout.

Black and White Cute Pandas

Cartoon Pandas

Here is a stunning set of illustrations that may help you diversify your project. It includes 11 images of nice pandas. Each animal conveys different emotions: being in love, sleeping mood, sadness. You are free to add any changes and modify the asset. You may scale images to any size without losing quality. Explore the other characteristics:

  • EPS, SVS, and PNG files formats;
  • 100% editable layout;
  • HD resolution of any image.

Cheerful Violet Monster

The clipart of a cartoon monster with a greeting looks nice and funny. It is available in four formats: SVG, EPS, JPG, and PNG. Each is premium quality and comes in a high 300 DPI resolution. You can open them with many graphic editors, including Photoshop and Illustrator. The particular design with a positive vibe is well-suitable for:

  • Printing on clothing and accessories;
  • Eye-catching party decorations;
  • Stickers and labels;
  • Different crafts for kids;
  • Scrapbooking and diaries, etc.

Bright Horned Monster

The following product is great if you need a funny and bright image for your printings. All the files it comes with are well-layered and 100% vector images. They are available in 15000 X 15000 px. resolution and do not lose their quality even when repainting and scaling. They also are:

  • Fully editable and neatly made;
  • With no watermarks or store labels;
  • Easy to open with most graphic editors.

Baby Sitting on the Moon

This eye-catching design pictures a baby sitting on the moon and surrounded by stars. It can be a lovely addition to your decorations, printings on notebooks, t-shirts, mugs. The product is fully user- and creator-friendly. It is 100% editable and easy-to-customize. Besides selecting it, you get:

  • Quality image in 300 DPI;
  • Top-grade vectors;
  • SVG, EPS, JPG, and PNG files;
  • Neatly made and well-planned layers, etc.

Little Cartoon Baby

If you need a nice pre-made item in cartoon style, this one is a perfect solution. You may apply it for printing on clothing or accessories, creating decorations for parties or children’s rooms, labels, and stickers, invitation cards, etc. The clipart is at your disposal in five formats:

  • Well-layered and scalable PSD;
  • All-purpose EPS-10;
  • SVG vector image;
  • JPG in 15000 X 15000 px.;
  • Transparent PNG file.

Cool Boy with Glasses

The particular asset may add a positive atmosphere to your project and is perfect for composing kids’ room decorations or various crafts. It provides a high 150 DPI resolution. You are also free to add any changes and modify vector elements to make it look the way you like. The key features are:

  • 7500 X 7500 px.;
  • EPS, SVG, and PNG formats;
  • Well-structured layers;
  • No watermark.

Scared Green Boy

This children’s caricaturable illustration of a scared boy may be a nice addition to your kids’ clipart, invitation cards, or scrapbooking. It is available in HD quality and looks perfect on any screen. Besides, you may easily customize all the elements. A list of other key characteristics contains:

  • 150 DPI;
  • EPS, SVG, and PNG formats;
  • Fully editable and neatly made vectors;
  • Customization-friendly layout.

Infographic Pack

Meet a terrific presentation template that can help you turn your slideshow into a masterpiece. It provides many excellent features, including drag & drop functionality,  versatile data charts, and comprehensive infographics. The asset covers presentations for all business types and offers the best to its users:

  • 1100+ unique slides;
  • 8000+ beautiful icons;
  • 45 color variation schemes;
  • Light & Dark background modes;
  • Both animated & non-animated pages.

Handy Pitch Pro

Showcase your unique project, education slideshow, or startup plan with outstanding Pitch Pro. It contains more than 100 slides with trendy design ideas. Each page looks elegant and stylish, offering premium visual elements, text boxes with a clean typography, flexible infographics. The other cutting-edge functionalities are:

  • 16:9 aspect ratio;
  • Drag & drop placeholder;
  • Clear & Dark version;
  • Free fonts used;
  • PPT & PPTX extensions.

Cute Cartoon Owls Collection 

This free vector collection comes with eight colorful owls, possible to use for different characters. You can choose from a pilot, musician, pilot, and others. There are also female and male characters of different colors, including orange, pink, green, blue, and purple. The collection presented will be useful for cartoons and other creative projects like:

  • Clothes design.
  • T-shirt prints.
  • Coffee shop branding.
  • Notebooks layouts. 

Colorful Vector Cartoon Love 

Download for free this vector cartoon love icons collection and get in it images of:

  • Heart.
  • Lips.
  • Key.
  • Letters.
  • Cherries.
  • Envelop.

You may use it for event invitations or as a marketing tool for St. Valentine's day. With its help, you may promote your services or products. Download it today for free and start your project without delay. 

Funny Cartoon Eyes Vector Collection

Designed by Holly Molly, this set comes with free vector eyes expressing different emotions. Package covers:

  • Amusement.
  • Anger.
  • Boredom.
  • Confusion.
  • Fear.
  • Interest and other emotions.

With its assistance, you may build expressive projects kids or adults will love. Consider this pack today, and we guarantee great results. 

Happy Cartoon Animals Set 

Cartoons are a favorite children's entertainment; all children love to watch them. Sometimes this is the only way to occupy the child for a while. Besides, kids adore watching animations with animals. That is why if you are looking for a perfect set of happy animals, this package is your best choice. It comes with colorful animals like:

  • Lion.
  • Rabbit.
  • Fox.
  • Elephant.
  • Pig.
  • Bear and others. 

Characters, Animal, and Vector Set

If you are looking for free, hand-drawn elements to create cute animation, then consider this set. It comes with images of a boy, bear, cloud, sun, and other hand-drawn illustrations. With the license available, you can utilize this package for:

License summary

  • Personal projects.
  • Printed media.
  • An unlimited number of times.
  • Modify it as you wish. 

Happy People with Different Jobs

Suppose you are designing a cartoon about professions children can get acquainted with. Then consider this package. It has some of the most popular jobs in the world. It will help children to decide on it in the future. Because today, the profession is no longer just a job you spend 8 hours five days a week (and often much more!). This is an important part of your life. And it's extremely difficult to be 100% dedicated, grow professionally and be the best in your field if you just don't like what you do. Create an informative cartoon with this set today. 

Nature Background Vector

This free item is a perfect choice for those looking for a flat and simple nature background. It depicts two big trees at the front stage and hills at the back. Use it to create a lovely and calm cartoon about animals and plants. You may also consider it for:

  • Computer games.
  • Kid's applications.
  • Event advertisements.
  • Background for a banner.
  • Children's books, etc. 

Creative Comic Boom Set 

A free vector presented describes various noises we hear in cartoons. Here you can find some common noises, and even some swear words. Most probably, you may include those in some comics for adults. If you wish to edit some fonts, you can do it with the help of Adobe Illustrator. It is the most recommended program that will not cause any tech challenges. Download the comic book set and modify some of its elements with Adobe Illustrator. 

Different Set of Children Characters 

Schoolboys and schoolgirls, who are in the process of some activity, are depicted in this package. You shall find children playing sports, doing some home chores, and other actions. You may easily edit it with any vector editing software. We would recommend using Adobe Illustrator. If you wish, you can use other programs available, but sometimes they create errors. It happens especially often when opening and editing the files. 

Adorable Panda Set

All pandas in the world belong to China and cannot be found in the wild in other countries. Even if a panda is in a zoo in the United States or Germany, it still belongs to China. But if you are looking for:

  1.  A cute cartoon panda.
  2. Chinese bear baby.
  3. Animals waving hello.
  4. Pandas holding a heart or gift.
  5. Bear hanging on a bamboo stem.
  6. Animals dancing or having fun, this vector illustration is here for you. 

Cartoon Graphics FAQ

How to download cartoon graphics?

Once you are on the TemplateMonster platform, browse our rich collection of cartoon graphics games and find the most suitable one. The next step will be to add it to your cart. You may also select additional service options available above the add to cart button. After a short check out, where you have to insert your contact details and a payment method, you will receive a download link on your email. 

What are the key features of cartoon graphics?

Apart from being Retina Ready, our assets also come with a Mobile Layout. Moreover, you may discover that cartoon graphic design software has Multipurpose layouts. It means that they are suitable not only for cartoons. They are a great choice for other commercial and marketing projects.

Are cartoon graphics mobile-friendly?

Yes, they are. Google, the world's leading search engine, wants to offer the best user experience and has prioritized mobile-responsive pages for some time now. Hit top ranks in Google search with our ready-mades. 

Are cartoon graphics Retina-ready?

Yes, they are. Retina-ready designs refer to high-pixel-density displays. This designation is currently present in the majority of new smartphones and tablets. Now, the vast majority of websites are not ready for retina displays. MacBook Pro owners with Retina displays complain about this frequently, since most of the web they see it blurry.
Similarly, suppose you look closely at most sites. In that case, you will notice that normal-sized PNGs or JPEGs look blurry on an iPhone or iPad with a retina display. But you should not worry because, with our top-quality assets, your platform will look sharp on Retina screens. 

Where to download cartoon graphics for free?

If you need cartoon graphics free, then you should consider a MonsterONE subscription. It gives you unlimited access to the best items for free. There are three packages available. The Creative, the All-in-one, and the All-in-one Lifetime. Please consult this page to view updated prices

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