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Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed Case Study. Making Hobby Part of Your Business

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Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed

It never ceased to amaze us how diverse and talented TemplateMonster's clients are. In a new episode of TemplateMonster customers' case study, we are happy to introduce you to a creative student from the US. Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed can tell you about all the things related to film, gaming, software, and apps. That's what his main web project is all about. Based on TemplateMonster Muse template, it is rich in fun and informative content that you will enjoy once glancing at his site. This wise young man has a lot to share with you.

Name: Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed
Occupation: freelancer
Site: Talk 2 Me Nerdy
Location: US
Favorite music - diverse genres
TemplateMonster: Tell us a couple of words about yourself. How many sites have you already launched? Was this your first experience of the site creation?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: I've been in the IT field for almost ten years now. I am a huge comic book and video game nerd except for point and click games. I just can’t get into those.

TemplateMonster: What other hobbies do you have?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: I don’t have a lot of free time.  I live about an hour away from my job and school. So just to get to and from, is about 2 hours of my day.  When I’m not at work, or doing anything school related, I’m either streaming a game or watching someone stream. I have been doing a lot more streaming of video games since I have returned to the states. I enjoy anything video game related except on how expensive games are. One thing that people find surprising about me is that I'm a huge nerd, and I love the gym. I know some individuals who work out, and that look like they should be in the movie 300 while being biggest anime nerds around.  I’m in huge in size, but for my body mass, I am pretty strong and agile.  I have that Bruce Lee thing going on, but I’m working to try to be more like Scott Adkins.


TemplateMonster: What helps you plan your workflow?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: I don’t have a plan too much for the web design part. I'm just going with the flow. There is a lot of going back and forth between using programs and other websites when doing my own. I’ll go back and forth between Adobe Muse and Photoshop; then I’ll usually go to my YouTube Channel to make a video playlist so I can embed the list onto my website. Then I’ll go to my Twitter page to get a link from a tweet and then embed the link.  This will probably cycle at least a dozen times before I’m satisfied.  After writing and reading this over, I should probably start laying out plans.

TemplateMonster: Do you prefer working in silence or with some music playing in the background?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: I can honestly work anywhere. If I want to get something done, then I must take advantage of where I’m at. If I have a few moments at work where I can write down some notes for my current or next project, then I’ll do that. A few minutes before my class begins I’ll take the advantage. If I’m in the bathroom, finishing reading the ingredients from a bottle of shampoo. I’ll take the advantage.

I’m taking care of business while I take care of business. I always tell myself I’ll do any task, as long as I can listen to music. If not, time for me to look for another job.

TemplateMonster: What is your favorite band/singer/composer?

Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: My favorite composer? It's a tough question, and it can go on forever, but I’ll do my best to keep it short.  There are a lot of people who say they like all types of music, but I take that statement to the next level.  I love the musical 
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Diplomatic Immunity by the DiplomatsDaft Punk and Frank Sinatra are usually on the same playlist. EDMSelena QuintanillaPrinceGibbzHans ZimmerCastlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 OSTKanye West (before he lost his mind), Bobby Womack the list could go on and on. It will also depend on what mood I’m in. There will be moments sometimes where I’ll just listen to the same thing for days, sometimes weeks. Currently, I’ve been listening to a lot of 70’s Disco and synthwave music.
TemplateMonster: What gadgets do you think are indispensable for a web developer? Which ones do you use?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: Even though I do have a website, I’m currently developing a website for my job, and I’m kind of familiar with HTML and CSS coding I still wouldn’t consider myself a web developer. I wouldn’t consider myself a web developer because I am not an expert in this field. I still have to research too much. Another thing I like about Adobe Muse are the widgets that the application comes packed with (you can find a large number of widgets for Adobe Muse.) Although most of them you have to pay for, if you’re like me balling on a budget, you can find very useful ones for free. You’ll just have to search some sites for the widget to your liking.


TemplateMonster: Tell us about your projects? What products/services do you provide? What is your audience? 
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: At the current moment I do have some projects I try to complete. From hosting video game competitions (most fighting games, but open to different types) writing game reviews, doing videos for the game reviews with a little humor within. I'm trying to stream on twitch on a regular basis and also trying to start writing a book about events in my life and maybe how they could benefit other people, but because I’m currently back in school there isn’t much time.

The project I am working on the most is the blog portion of the website. I focus on the blog portions are the struggles I have being a Muslim American living with PTSD and depression. I am very serious about school and spend most of my time dedicated to that. Notice how I didn’t mention anything about a social life.

TemplateMonster: What templates did you purchase? What were the key factors that influenced your decision-making?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: I was very skeptical about purchasing a template. I had looked at a large number of free ones and even tried to work with those, but it still wasn’t enough. I purchased a club party theme which may seem weird since the focus of the website I was going for was going to be about video games and stuff of that nature but it seems to be a working out so far.


TemplateMonster: What features of the chosen templates do you value the most? What should be changed/enhanced?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: One of the most important features I wanted was the ability to change and alter anything in the template. There are tons of CMS’s out there, but they are limited. I want complete access to everything.

TemplateMonster: What tools do you use to power up your site's back-end?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: Adobe Muse and Photoshop CC for the most part.


TemplateMonster: How much time did it take you to create and make your site live? What aspect of the site's creation was the most time-consuming for you (customization of the theme, content editing/creation, etc.)?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: After I've bought the template, to make the website live, it did take a couple of days until the website was functional, but there is still much I have to add. I’m not sure which aspect took the most the time. It did take a significant amount of time for the customization, but it also took a considerable amount time to write the articles, making the YouTube playlists.

TemplateMonster: What are your recommendations for other users who are just planning to launch their site?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: My recommendation is to take your time, and don’t rush. There are tons of templates out there. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions from the chat team. They were very helpful.

TemplateMonster: Are you an active social media user? Don't you mind providing links to your social media profiles that our readers could follow?
Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed: I honestly try not to go on social media that much.  There was a quote I heard a while ago that went “you are what you read” I see that at my job often where I will notice students will just stare at garbage on the computer or their phone for such a long time.  I just wish they knew they are limiting themselves mentally.

Especially now I can’t go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram without just reading something and going “……what?”  Even 9gag which used to be hilarious to me, now it’s just depressing. I can’t imagine how many people out there are just that closed minded, materialistic and to be blunt just dumb. I'm trying to post things that are positive, informative or at least funny. I don’t like social media, but to make connections you have, you have to use social media. I am very introvert. I go through great lengths to not have conversations with people in person.

Are you eager to let all MonsterPost readers know about your hobby, project, plans or whatsoever? Do you want a wider audience to become familiar with the services you offer and the products you develop?

Then don't hesitate to reach [email protected] for an interview.

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