Case Study of TemplateMonster Customer and Affiliate Partner from Ukraine

You cannot achieve the desired result unless you have patience for new discoveries and a goal that you pursue. This is the lesson that a new TemplateMonster customer case study teaches us. Our client base is truly vast. It's hardly possible to find a place on Earth where our themes haven't been acquired. Today, we are happy to introduce you to an interview with our client from Ukraine - Artem Kruzhalin.

His company is not large yet promising. A team of 7 web developers, managing tasks from around the world. Modules development and sites creation are in the focus of their attention.

: Artem Kruzhalin
Occupation: programmer.
Audience: the whole world.
Location: Ukraine.
TemplateMonster: Tell us a bit about yourself and your studio. Where are you located? How big is your team? For how many years have you been in web design market?
Artem Kruzhalin: I’ve been working as a programmer for many years. Mostly, I was in charge of the back-end for various CMS and frameworks. Then I started to develop modules and plugins for WordPress and Magento CMSs, and worked with the clients from Europe and the United States.

In 2016, we've decided to focus on creating our own modules. Of course, we are creating template-based websites, which we adapt and combine with our modules.

Our dev team of 5 people resides in Ukraine. Two more guys are in Florida, the USA, they are engaged mostly in sales.

TemplateMonster: How did you get immersed into web development? Who or what inspired you to create your first website?
Artem Kruzhalin: My first website was a website for our school. I made websites for all of my friends who had ever needed a personal page on the Internet. I studied programming languages by myself and gained experience and knowledge while working in various companies.

TemplateMonster: Do you commonly use ready-made website templates in your work or create custom designs as well? In case you develop custom themes, in what cases do you opt for ready-made solutions?
Artem Kruzhalin: There are no designers in our team, but sometimes we involve some remote specialists to introduce some small edits or create an individual graphic element.

Our priority is the back-end development. In most cases, we use ready-made templates.

TemplateMonster: What influences your choice of a ready-made theme?
Artem Kruzhalin: First of all, it is a nice design. It should be "Simple and clever" (the slogan of Skoda) and totally fit the topic of the site.

Another important thing is the customization. Sure, we buy a turnkey solution, but we would like to have a possibility of some small customization.

TemplateMonster: When your customers refer to you, do they commonly know what their future website should be like, or it's you who provides them with suggestions on the possible variations of the look and feel of their web project?
Artem Kruzhalin: It’s not always the same. We don’t have a designer on our team, and very often clients come with a ready design or a template. However, sometimes the client doesn’t know what he wants and just gives us examples of the websites of their liking. We offer them 10-15 templates and provide the full service of installation, customization, and programming of the site according to the requirements and business processes of their company.

Here are several examples of sites we've created using themes by TemplateMonster.

Custom Controllers for Gaming Consoles


(site built with Tennis Accessories Magento Theme)

Ukrainian System Integrator


(site built with Communications Responsive Joomla Template)

TemplateMonster: How much time does is normally take you to create a website based on a theme? How fast do custom-made projects launch?
Artem Kruzhalin: One doesn’t need a lot of time to create a website based on an existing template. Usually, it takes 4-10 working days. The time to completion depends on many factors: whether the client already has the site structure in mind, whether they have all the content ready to be published.

It may also take some additional time if a client needs to develop some graphic elements (logo, banners, etc.)

TemplateMonster: What's an average bill for a theme-based website creation? How much does it cost to launch a custom-made site?
Artem Kruzhalin: This is a complex point, and it depends on many things. Price can be estimated after a client answers our questions regarding the project.

TemplateMonster: How did you get to know about TemplateMonster?
Artem Kruzhalin: Some time ago, I saw your website and noticed that you have the biggest collection of templates on the web.

TemplateMonster: How long have you been with TemplateMonster? How can you evaluate the results of our collaboration? What do you enjoy the most? What should be changed/enhanced?
Artem Kruzhalin: We have been using your website templates for several years, or even more.

TemplateMonster: What is your audience? What niche do you target? Do you target foreign markets or prefer working with customers from your country only?
Artem Kruzhalin: Whatever country you live in, whatever business you have — it makes no difference for us since we are professionals. We can discuss all the topics and solve all the issues via email or any messenger (Skype, Slack, etc.)

TemplateMonster: How do you attract new customers and keep them coming back?
Artem Kruzhalin: This is quite simple. We do our job well, our clients recommend us to their customers, and then they come back to us to introduce some new modifications or create a website for their new business.

TemplateMonster: Have you ever considered participating in TemplateMonster's affiliate program as a means of boosting your company's revenue?
Artem Kruzhalin: We are doing our first steps with your affiliate program on the domain

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