Everything You Did Not Know About Certificate of Completion Templates

  1. Intro to Certificate of Completion Design
  2. High School Diploma vs Certificate of Completion
  3. How to Get a Diploma Having a Certificate of Completion
  4. Certificate of Completion Samples
  5. Certificates for All Occasions
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    2. Work Achievements
    3. Blank Certificates
    4. Sports Achievements
    5. Participation Papers
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Certificate of completion template. If you are interested in certificate of completion templates, then at least you have something to offer for completion, be it educational institution, courses, training, etc. And it’s very true of you that you pay attention to the need for a certain record that will certify the achievement of your student or client. The more evidence of achievement, the higher self-esteem.

Now the pace of life is too fast for us to fix everything we want. We strive to mark the most important milestones of our education, career, and professional development. But sometimes there are so many of them that memory refuses to project what we would like to remember and relive. That is why we need something that can remind us of an important period of life.

Certificate of Completion Templates

Certificates of completion are truly valuable in a personal and professional environment. They may be evidence that a person or company has passed a certain training course, and this may affect their future fate. If you can provide them with evidence of this, you and your customers will benefit. People are happy to have confirmation of the value of the time spent, and you can well get new customers who see the name of your company on a friend’s achievement paper.

Nowadays, such documents are issued in electronic format. If they are provided in your course, then at the end of it, the “graduate” can download this document in the format you provide and easily show it to friends and colleagues. If you are just thinking about introducing a system of issuing certificates of completion, then let's take a short excursion into what benefits they can give your students.

Intro to Certificate of Completion Design

While we have not lost yet in the labyrinth of research on the features of different achievement documents, we will consider a classic design example of a conventional certificate. Despite the fact that in most cases different organizations prefer to vary the appearance of such papers, it is necessary to remember the most important information, without which the document will not have value and can even be considered fake.

So, all these documents usually have a standard structure and mandatory sections:

  1. They should mark some achievement, and this is the first thing that must be indicated. It is actually the main reason why a document is issued, and not to point this reason means completely depriving it of any meaning. Appreciation, recognition, quality—all these are variations that can be created based on the template.
  2. Do not forget about the addressee—the one to whom the document is intended. This can be the name of a specific person or the name of the company if the training took place in a collective format. If the name is written with a pen, then it should be made as legible as possible so that there is no doubt about who the document is issued to.
  3. The following is a brief transcript of the achievement, clarification of what the document certifies. In fact, this is an extended description of the first paragraph, possibly more specific course title, the number of lecture hours, confirmation that a person has done some work, etc.
  4. The last mandatory section is the details of the main training parties (directors, rectors, managers, etc.), their signatures and the issuing date. With this part, the mentors certify that the document is genuine and that they have really transferred certain knowledge to the person receiving it.

All other information on the completion certificate is optional as well as the visual design. Template Monster offers different certificates of completion templates with a wide variety of designs that can be used for any purpose in any training, work or business institution. These editable and printable certificates help you to reach a new level of recognition for your business. More effective than promotion flyers and online advertising, they earn loyal customers in the long run. True story.

High School Diploma vs Certificate of Completion

People often confuse these documents. It is believed that they are made according to approximately one pattern. Some confusion arises from the fact that at the end of high school a student can receive any of these documents. It all depends on the region.

Getting a diploma is not so easy. To do this, you must comply with certain standards adopted in your area. There is a specific program, credits, exams—all this affects the likelihood of obtaining or not obtaining a diploma.

Unlike a diploma, a certificate of completion does not confirm academic credentials and is in no way associated with the implementation of graduation requirements. This is just evidence that you graduated from high school without complying with any state standards. That is why it is most closely associated with the documents that we receive, for example, after the end of special professional training courses.

How to Get a Diploma Having a Certificate of Completion

If a person is still interested in obtaining a diploma, they can do this in several ways:

  1. Return to high school and pass all the necessary exams to obtain a diploma.
  2. Get a diploma of general education, which is a full-fledged analogue of a high school diploma.
  3. Perform a remedial term paper at technical or similar college, where one can go without a diploma. This paper will help to overcome all the gaps that prevent a person from getting a real diploma. After that, anyone will be able to enter a professional college without even having a diploma.

Certificate of Completion Templates

Since we have already examined what parts the document under consideration usually consists of, let’s look at specific examples. If you think that knowing the location of the sections, you can get by with one option and apply it constantly, we are forced to upset you (or make you happy)—this is not true.

Certificates do not have to look the same. The better and more creatively you customize them, the more likely they will stand out from the general mass of similar documents. You have to come up with a design that people would hang on a wall, put on a table and generally show to everyone who appears in sight. Template Monster gives you the opportunity to choose and customize just such a document that will long remain in the memory of everyone who has seen it.

Rechar Achievement Certificate Template

Rechar Achievement Certificate Template

Choose a laconic and concise template with formal design if your brand voice is low-key and serious. A simple style can also be unique. The main thing is to find the optimal combination of visual factors. An editable certificate of completion gives complete freedom to your imagination.

Memphis Award Certificate Template

Memphis Award Certificate Template

Informal style is a godsend for companies not afraid to declare themselves more loudly and fervently. Creative design with geometric elements is not only perceived as evidence of another achievement, but is also pleasing to the eye. Who can resist the temptation to show such beauty to anyone?

Each template is easily downloaded, printed and edited in PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc. Yes, you’ve heard right, you can edit the completion certificate template in Word. Awesome bonus: you can additionally order the service of creating text content for the template, developing a unique logo and taking the opportunity to upload another fifteen images in addition to the graphics included in the kit.

Certificates for All Occasions

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of issuing special award documents. Important events are erased from memory over time, and it is the these papers that will help to restore them. Seeing the result of your efforts is a great motivation for further achievements. Therefore, if you think that certificates are not for you, look at the list of possibilities for their application and think again.


School, university, training courses—it can be anything, and it is vital for people to have a training completion certificate confirming that they spent many months or years of their life not in vain. This document is the pride of your ward. Therefore, be sure to provide all your graduates with it to motivate them to receive new knowledge further. Hundreds of training certificate templates are at your disposal.

Work Achievements

Workaholic people who put their careers first in their lives will perceive the award paper in their beloved profession as manna from heaven. The best employee of the month, the person who closed the important deal, the top manager, or the clerk who puts all their energy into the work: they will all take the document as a recognition that they are really needed in this company, and business can’t do without them. Do not lose the opportunity to reward the most diligent employees: various certificate of completion templates allow you to personalize the document as much as possible for each employee.

Blank Certificates

A blank certificate of completion is a great opportunity to create your unique design from scratch. Elementary and intuitive editing that does not require art and design skills, simple personalization and many settings will help to create exactly what you want.

Sports Achievements

Rewards for an athlete are not only encouragement, but also part of their career. Therefore, here we are talking about an urgent need, not just motivation. Depending on the sport, you can choose a suitable template of editable certificate and provide your athlete with a kind of green card to move to a new sports level.

Participation Papers

Now a large number of different events are being held in which people participate with great pleasure. If you want the participants to remember your event for a long time and repeat the experience next time, provide them with bright memorable participation papers. Maybe they’ll even bring friends with them at your next event.


Motivation, encouragement, reward, incentive, approval—synonyms that accompany the phrase “completion certificate” can be continued for a long time. And instead of a certificate for you for reading this article, we will remind you where you can get hold of high-quality design templates for such documents: this is an exclusive collection from Template Monster.

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