Change Your Affiliate Links. TemplateMonster Shifted to HTTPS

TemplateMonster has gone even more secure. We want to protect you from the fraud of any kind that can leak through HTTP, so we have changed all links to the site and all TemplateMonster’s programs. Are you one of our affiliate partners? Then you need to hurry up to shift for safe links.

What caused the change?

In one of our earlier posts, we have already highlighted the key reasons why millions of web projects worldwide considered buying the SSL certificate. With an HTTP site, you cannot feel safe about your online security, with all personal and business data being left in free access to hackers. With HTTPS, one may feel secure that any data that is being shared online will be safely delivered to the destination point, excluding the possibility of any hacking attacks.

Why SSL?

  1. With the SSL certificate, any information that you send on the Internet from one computer to another becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server, to which the information is being sent. Thus, SSL certificate makes it inaccessible for hackers and identity thieves.
  2. SSL provides not only encryption but also authentication. This means that while sending any information from your PC to a server through several computers linked with one another, you will not reach an imposter trying to steal your data.
  3. SSL provides trust seals. When reaching an HTTPS page, a web browser will reveal a lock icon or a green bar to make sure that connection is secure.
  4. SSL is required to accept credit card payments on your websites. If you are not complying with PCI standards (Payment Card Industry), you will not be able to pass certain audits.

Affiliates, Time for Changes has Come!

Are you one of TemplateMonster’s affiliate partners? Then you should better hurry up to change the links on your site for the new, more secure ones. We are more than sure that you care about the virtual safety of your clients and want every step they take on your site take them to the right destination point.

So, double check all affiliate links on your site and change them for the new ones. Just in case you have any questions or need assistance, you may feel free to contact your affiliate manager. A team of professionals is always ready to come for help.

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