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15 Clever Color Combinations that Make Your Presentation Professional

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Presentations have been used wherever people convey ideas, present projects, and propose innovations. They have existed since Microsoft’s creation in 1987. PowerPoint presentations have changed the game in which business is conducted. It has also become a more powerful tool for teachers, professors, instructors, and even young kids attempting to convince their parents to get them a pet dog. No matter which PowerPoint templates you may be using, it's essential that you use them correctly.

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PLOS ONE released an essay of a study they completed that tested the Goldilocks Principle, which is quite simply the idea that a “psychological well-being” can be reached when an equilibrium of complexity and simplicity is met. This can go together with the attractiveness of a person’s outer appearance or for example, a presentation. PLOS ONE tested this theory with colors in fashion, attempting to display that people did, in fact, shied away from clothing that matched almost identically and also, clothes that clashed with one another completely. The same idea can be applied when making a presentation that will ‘wow!’ an audience: find the “Golden Equilibrium.”

Also, keep in mind what tone you want to set for your viewers. Ask yourself such questions as: Am I presenting a new idea and need to win over my superiors? Or am I merely wanting to up my game when displaying notes for my students? Think about content: am I talking about biology, economics, or Roman history? Colors have a fantastic way of conveying a setting. To break it down into an easier fashion, there are two types of categories in which all colors are separated into warm and cool, except the neutrals (white, black, and gray). With that, here are fifteen warm and five cool, clever color combinations you might want to try for your next presentation.

You can also browse for more options and play around with our free PowerPoint presentations and PowerPoint templates. They are a good way to learn how to edit and work with such designs, change the color schemes, and convey your thoughts to the viewer with visual content.

powerpoint templates


Cool colors range anywhere from solid greens to fuschia pinks and give off a calm and relaxed impression. Blue and green dominate this group but don’t be fooled. Blue represents intelligence, strength, and importance, while green aids with signs of health, the environment, and harmony. Purple ends the spectrum of calm colors, signifies royalty, and can make a bold statement if used correctly.

Must-Have Powerpoint Color Themes

Infographics Presentation Bundle PowerPoint Template.


Surprise your audience with creative and professional infographic templates, designed by a young team from Bangladesh called PixWork. With more than 2000+ unique compatible files for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Illustrator, it suits to various areas like:

  • Business Presentations;
  • Commercial Branding;
  • Online Advertising;
  • Business Plan;
  • Social media;
  • Ecommerce;
  • SEO;
  • Real Estate and Construction;
  • Portfolio and Photography;
  • Educational;
  • Health Industry;
  • Sports Purposes;
  • The hospitality industry, etc.

Main Features of PowerPoint color themes cover:

  1. ILLUSTRATOR, POWERPOINT, and KEYNOTE functionality;
  2. infographics presented in Pptx, Key, Eps, and Ai;
  3. Bonus slides + icons are in Pptx and Key format as well;
  4. Dark and bright version is available;
  5. It is fully resizable and editable, including text, numbers, icons, colors, gradients and effects, photos, logo, etc.;
  6. 16x9 Aspect Ratio for PPTX and Key available;
  7. The template includes Font Icons and Vector Icons;
  8. It has a master slide layout and drag & drop photo menu.

For PowerPoint and Keynote, this Bundle contains Supper Set, PowerInfo, Amazing Set, Business Set, SpecificMaster, MultiUse Set, and Bonus Slides & Icons. For Illustrator, utilize our well-structured AmazingSet, BusinessSet, TheHugeSet, and 3ConecptPack. 

SAVE 98% and get it only for $19! In comparison, if you purchase each infographic separately, you will have to pay $800+.

Read our PixWork Graphic Designer interview for some great pieces of advice on how to become a professional web developer.

2021 Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Color Schemes Template

It’s another stylish option for your perfect presentation. It is ideal for art projects, exhibition announcements, and online gallery planning, as here you have an opportunity to place your masterpieces in the pre-made placeholders. 

Be Presentation

Be Presentation PowerPoint Color Schemes Template

Are you looking for a gentle, minimalistic design to emphasize your modern art view? Congratulations! You have found the template that will make your project sparkle. Here you can see a soft color palette that looks stylish, eye-catching, and will grab your client’s attention at first sight. 


FORM PowerPoint Color Schemes Template

This template is an amazing option for beauty & fashion industry companies. It has pastel shades, modern image placeholders, fancy accurate fonts. In a word, everything that depicts the contemporary approach to the business and art. You can replace the demo data with yours in a few clicks due to a user-friendly interface and drag & drop feature.


Mezzanine PowerPoint Color Schemes Template

The coffee color scheme of the Mezzanine makes this template look warm and cozy. It has a clear layout, elegant image blocks, fancy fonts, and an overall look and feel. It is suitable for interior and exterior designers, furniture suppliers, and home decor providers. You can share the details about your offers, show team members and the latest statistics with the handy in-built tools.

Roemah - Furniture & Home Decoration

Roemah PowerPoint Template

This layout is a top solution for a resume or portfolio creation. It has a calm and stylish cold color scheme, which attracts the viewers. Due to the various slide designs and their excellent structure, you can organize your speech’s flow, prepare the necessary data, represent all the aspects of your business in a trendy manner. 


Cadas PowerPoint Color Schemes Template

This variant is a great solution for art and photo studios. You can paste your works in stylish geometric frames and emphasize the most valuable information with harmoniously arranged blocks. It breathes with creativity so that there is no doubt your customers will love it at first glance. 


Mellisa PowerPoint Template

Melissa is a calm and elegant PowerPoint template with a soft green color palette. It’s easy to show your brand, team, roadmap and attract new clients with well-structured slide layouts. It will be a great choice for fashion studios, stylists, and beauty specialists. 

First Goal - PowerPoint


powerpoint presentations


For $18, this slick but bold blue template could be the turning point for your presentation. It utilizes different shades of blue to hit off a cool but important look. It agrees with Goldilocks’ Principle by making sure the colors complement each other. This template also gives you the ability to efficiently break down your topics of choice while also still looking visually pleasing and organized.

First Goal PowerPoint Template
First Goal PowerPoint Template

Mockingbird Pitch Desk Pro - PowerPoint Presentations

 Mockingbird Pitch Desk Pro PowerPoint Template


This theme is an excellent example of using a wave of cool colors to express different tones. It uses a cool yellow, with a hint of green in it, and a solid green and blue to ground the visual look. Because of its wide range of color, any topic can be used on these types of slides. It will be sure to carry over a sophisticated look of significance and importance.

Mockingbird Pitch Desk Pro PowerPoint Template

Minimalis - PowerPoint Presentations

Minimalis Powerpoint Template


This is a beautiful cool color scheme template. It incorporates coordinating blue, green, and cyan shades to each slide in a minimalistic but professional format. It can be best used for business, statistics, or a collection of facts of any sort. Perfect for a first-day lecture as well.

Minimalis Powerpoint Template PowerPoint Template

Multi Profit Financial Company PowerPoint Presentations

Multi Profit Financial Company Presentation PPT PowerPoint Template


This is the best look for any presentation you might encounter. This Business Plan template offers a simple but refreshing PowerPoint look with a monochromatic scheme. Don’t gloss it over though. Blue is a beautiful color that aids each slide in presenting your notes and information to the best of its ability.

Multi Profit Financial Company Presentation PPT PowerPoint Template

21 Easy Tips To Create A Powerful Presentation For Your Business [Free Ebook]

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Warm colors include anything from red-violet to a primary, bold yellow. Red is a wildly identifiable color that represents love, passion, heat, joy, importance, and power. Yellows and pinks aid the scheme with playful, romantic, cheerful, and delicate shades for a more intimate and positive transformation to a PowerPoint. Orange can also be used to give an energizing or a warm tone to a slideshow possibly about health.

Infographic Pack

Infographic Pack PowerPoint Color Schemes Template

This option has a light and dark warm shades. Their combination looks harmoniously, makes it unusual and easy to perceive simultaneously. You can place all the necessary info regarding your company or startup, including statistics, team members, roadmap, and charts.

Danz Creative

Danz Creative PowerPoint Color Schemes Template

Neon style is in great demand among artists, as it is one of the leading trends nowadays. It is catchy, bright, and vivid. It is a perfect match for music producers, designers, and photographers, as this option has everything you need to represent your services at their best.

Start Up

Start Up PowerPoint Color Schemes Template

Another pretty design for the corporate solutions. It has a greyish monotonous color scheme with bright accents. That is why it is easy to highlight the most important information, concentrate the viewer’s attention on these details. You can use it to present your new company project, make reports and collect statistics. 

Provision Creative PowerPoint Presentations

Provision Creative Presentation PowerPoint Template


This is a great, bold presentation template that can be best used when presenting new ideas to a group of people. It uses red as a ground color base for the entire slideshow and utilizes black, white, and gray neutrals as aids.

Provision Creative Presentation PowerPoint Template

Food Vintage PowerPoint Presentations

Food Vintage PowerPoint Template


This beautiful orange template is great for people needing to showcase a portfolio containing a lot of pictures. The warm monochromatic color scheme gives off a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting tone to the presentation that showcases its contents off in the best way.

Food Vintage PowerPoint Template

Layer Infographic PowerPoint Presentations

Layer Infographic PowerPoint Template


This colorful template gives you easy and simplistic access to displaying quick facts and information. Although it contains blues, greens, and some dark colors, its professional layout gives off a more warm and bold visual rather than something more relaxed, which cool colors are known for.

Layer Infographic PowerPoint Template

Miracle PowerPoint Template

Miracle PowerPoint Template


This is a drop-dead gorgeous template that incorporates sunset colors of pink, orange, and red over neutral, black and white backdrops for a stunning display. Its formatting and typefaces are minimalistic to give your presentation that extra dash of elegance.

Miracle PowerPoint Template

Creative Business - PowerPoint Presentations

Creative Business - PowerPoint Template


This darker shade of fuschia, combined with other glorious shades of pink, complete this utopian PowerPoint presentation template. No sharp edges or intense graphics come with this specific choice found in TemplateMonster. It is all one slick, continuous PowerPoint that can be used with any topic of discussion and brings another level of professionalism to the table.

Creative Business - PowerPoint Template

Other Sources Used

Gray, Kurt, et al. “The Science of Style: In Fashion, Colors Should Match Only Moderately.” PLOS ONE, Public Library of Science.

Bear, Jacci Howard. “A Designer's Guide to Understanding Colors.” ThoughtCo, 8 Aug. 2017.

TOP PowerPoint Templates 2020

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Infographics Presentation Bundle PowerPoint Template PixWork Graphics $19
First Goal PowerPoint Template Zacomic Studios Art & Culture $18
Mockingbird Pitch Desk Pro PowerPoint Template IT Templates InfinityVector $20
Minimalis Powerpoint Template PowerPoint Template Brand Of Earth Business & Services $20
Multi Profit Financial Company Presentation PPT PowerPoint Template MotoCMS Financial Advisor Templates $21
Provision Creative Presentation PowerPoint Template InfinityVector Design & Photography $18
Food Vintage PowerPoint Template ZAAS Food & Restaurant $17
Layer Infographic PowerPoint Template Brand Of Earth Business Services $19
Miracle PowerPoint Template site2max Business Services $15
Creative Business - PowerPoint Template Brand Of Earth Business & Services $20

Free and Premium PowerPoint Templates FAQ

What is a PowerPoint presentation?

A PowerPoint presentation is a presentation created using Microsoft PowerPoint software. The presentation is a collection of individual slides that contain information on a topic. PowerPoint presentations are commonly used in business meetings and for training and educational purposes.

What is the PowerPoint presentation template?

A template is a design scheme (colors, fonts, and so on) plus some content for a specific purpose—such as a sales presentation, a business plan, or a classroom lesson. You can choose from a number of PowerPoint templates made in WARM COLORS and COOL COLORS.

Where can I find free PowerPoint templates?

There is lots of website on the web for cool and free PowerPoint Template. One of them is TemplateMonster and a growing selection of templates made in different styles and for different purposes.

How can I style up my PowerPoint presentation?

You can bring a more remarkable design to your project using Food Vintage PowerPoint Template, Miracle PowerPoint Template or other kinds of creative ready-made presentation templates. PowerPoint lets you enhance your presentation with animations, cool transition effects, and beautiful custom-made illustrations.

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