Coronavirus: How to Keep Your Audience in Touch

  1. What is a coronavirus in plain language?
  2. What sources to check for the most relevant and accurate information?
  3. Coronavirus COVID-19 trackers
  4. Coronavirus free infographics
  5. Coronavirus free illustrations

I guess, every person who has access to the internet has already typed in the browser search bar “what is coronavirus?” at least once. The new virus is discussed in social media, news channels, and private chats. Despite it is not causing a disastrous illness – it still scares people and they want to know what is it and how long does coronavirus last. The topic causes such a huge hype that calming your beloved audience a little will be a great idea. There’s not really much to panic about. Let me answer a few most frequently asked questions for you and offer a big list of pictures, infographics and tracking apps that will help you to keep your readers in touch about coronavirus.

What is a coronavirus in plain language?

Coronavirus is a virus that could cause illnesses in animals and humans. The one everybody is talking about is a novel coronavirus, which means it wasn’t registered ever before. The disease it causes is called COVID-19. The most obvious symptoms of COVID-19 are tiredness, fever and dry cough (it looks just like flu, yeah) but if you have those – it doesn’t necessarily mean you caught coronavirus, it could be an ordinary flu.

What sources to check for the most relevant and accurate information?

  • World Health Organization specialized page about coronavirus. You will find FAQ and the latest news about COVID-19 researches there.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coronavirus page. CDC will not only tell you about different coronaviruses (COVID-19 too, of course) but also show how do they look like under the microscope. Tracking statistics are also there.
  • National Health Service website COVID-19 page will give you all the necessary data if you are a citizen of the UK or are planning to visit this country in the nearest future.

Coronavirus COVID-19 trackers

Here are the three best trackers of the coronavirus situation I found. They show maps of disease spreading, the number of people who got ill, recovered from the illness and died because of it. The data you see there could be used to inform your audience and generally understand the situation with COVID-19.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)

Worldometer COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak

KFF COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker

Coronavirus free infographics

COVID-19 Coronavirus DataPack

Coronavirus at a glance by Johns Hopkins Medicine

COVID-19 infographics by ECDC

Coronavirus infographics by Zhanna Markina

Coronavirus infographics by Susil Behera

COVID-19 financial impact infographics

Info graphics & Flyer on Coronavirus

Coronavirus Awareness Banner for University of Virginia

Coronavirus free illustrations

Coronavirus epidemics

COVID-19 Mona Lisa

COVID-19 virus

Coronavirus poster


Coronavirus illustration

2019 novel coronavirus

Dragon Coronavirus


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