How to Create a Cryptocurrency Website? One-click Solution

  1. Bitunet Default Skin
  2. Bitunet Blockchain Skin
  3. Bitunet Advisor Skin
  4. Bitunet Crypto Blog
  5. Bitunet Landing Skin

Last year there was a really tense situation when the Bitcoin price started growing rapidly.

People from around the world either started building their cryptocurrency-related websites or bought graphics cards trying to mine some coins. Either way or another they were trying to saddle the cryptocurrency popularity wave. Lot’s of websites have become quite popular, while others either were abandoned or lived out their registration on some cheap hosting.

I’m pretty sure that you know that the cryptocurrency niche is quite sensitive, it’s too complex and nuanced for an average Jo. This is why the pioneers of cryptocurrency website design had to hire web developers who had to build custom functionalities and develop something that never existed before.

Some time passed and there started appearing custom-built solutions that people could use to build a cryptocurrency website.

For you, my friend, this means the following thing, you can get a ready-to-go cryptocurrency website, and to do it today you can use a solution offered by Zemez called Bitunet WordPress theme.

cryptocurrency website

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What’s Inside Bitunet Theme?

Bitunet is a multiskin WordPress theme, those include Bitunet Default skin, Bitunet Blochain skin, Bitunet Advisor skin, Bitnuet Crypto Blog skin, Bitunet landing skin.

Each of these skins is optimized for their specific purpose and has a bunch of cryptocurrencies-related features and functionalities that are powered by some powerful plugins: Real-time Exchange Rates - which shows current prices of the cryptocurrencies as a crippling line, or in a form of a widget, Coin Exchange Calculator - that can convert rates of any cryptocurrencies on your choice, ICO Launching Countdown - that can be placed on your homepage on into a site-wide widget area, ICO Whitelist - that displays current ICOs and their status.

Of course, all these skins are WPML ready, WooCommerce compatible, and were created with Elementor builder.

cryptocurrency website

What's more important, Bitunet themes comes packed with a set of Jet plugins which improve significantly capabilities of Elementor builder.

cryptocurrency website

Now let’s have a look at design peculiarities of each Bitunet’ skins.

Bitunet Default Skin

The first thing you will note (when the theme loads) is the crippling line. I haven’t seen such feature for quite a long time, it reminds of evening news I used to watch someday on TV.

The line is placed above the website’s menu and it displays current cryptocurrency exchange rates.

cryptocurrency website

In the hero area, you will find the presentation of an ICO Launching Countdown.

cryptocurrency website

This feature is quite awesome and it clearly shows the current status of an ICO.

In case you will need a roadmap section on your website you will make use of this roadmap block.

cryptocurrency website

Each year is presented here in a separate tab, by clicking on the number the chosen year’s map will open.

In the next widget, you can find hourly changes in the exchange rate.

cryptocurrency website

By zooming various areas on this graph you can track rate changes up to a single minute.

Further, you can check the token sale table, which is basically a good old pricing table.

cryptocurrency website

And the last interesting section on the home page contains an animated pie chart and an FAQ section.

cryptocurrency website

Among the subpages of this theme, you will find a bunch of variations of About, Services, Cases, and Contacts pages.

cryptocurrency website

All of these subpages contain different content blocks variations what allows you to pick the best option for your own website.

The store page of this skin is basically the WooCommerce product archive where you will find several cryptocurrencies added as products.

cryptocurrency website

Single product page looks pretty basic, but you can easily edit it using one of the supplied Jet plugins - Jet Woobuilder. This plugins allows creating custom single product templates and assign them to different products depending on their type.

Now let’s have a look on the next skin - Bitunet Blockchain.

Bitunet Blockchain Skin

The first thing you will note after this skin loads is a cool background in the hero area. The skin is design in a blue / white color scheme that looks really awesome. In the same section, you will find a block with token same amount equaling in most popular cryptocurrencies.

cryptocurrency website

Another one interesting block is the roadmap. What makes it special is the pulsing animation in the milestones dots.

cryptocurrency website

The next skin is Bitunet Advisor.

Bitunet Advisor Skin

Advisor skin is optimized for a solopreneur, who’s a cryptocurrency pro.

cryptocurrency website

The theme has a bunch of blocks that are enhanced visually by means of parallax. One of the most unusual blocks is the services section.

cryptocurrency website

There’s not only a cool background but also services list presented in tabs.

Another interesting section is a free ebook, the block is enhanced by a countdown which increases the urgency of this offering.

cryptocurrency website

This skin has a store section powered by WooCommerce where one can sell personal video lessons or whatever else.

cryptocurrency website

Let’s move on to the next skin - Bitunet Crypto Blog.

Bitunet Crypto Blog

The blog skin is quite interesting it has a lot of widgets for presenting various categories of your blog posts, as well as other interesting features.

cryptocurrency website

First of all its the crippling line just like the one we’ve seen in the default skin.

cryptocurrency website

Right under the hero area, you will find a cryptocurrency calculator widget.

cryptocurrency website

And a bunch of additional items like market and donations widget.

cryptocurrency website

The whole right sidebar is made a sticky area which follows you up to the pre-last section of the homepage.

Bitunet Landing Skin

Here's the last one skin currently available in the Bitunet pack the landing page.

Basically, this skin is a combination of blocks we've seen in previous examples.

In this skin, you will find another awesome presentation of the Roadmap section.

It goes without saying that all these skins are 100% responsive, and are GDPR compliant, there's an additional plugin JetPopUp, that can help you easily add various pop-up notifications to your website, including the so important today cookies notification, also few more skins will be added in the nearest future.

In a few days, we'll release something interesting about this theme, stay in touch.

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