Create Your Own Online Business in 7 Weeks with TemplateMonster

We are happy to announce the launch of the 7th marathon from TemplateMonster: “Build a Web Studio in 7 Weeks”. The results of the previous one inspire us, so we decided to keep going with this project.

Everyone who is striving for new horizons and success is welcome to join the marathon.

After registration, we will send you a confirmation and all necessary information.

The most creative and ambitious will be chosen for participation.

The admission is free. The start is on 17th of April 2018.



There are no restrictions for the applicants, but a desire to create something great and work hard is a “must have”! The main rule of the marathon is to follow the terms. Every week you will be provided with the key to each of the lessons on one condition - only if you complete all the practical tasks relating to the previous lesson. Otherwise, you leave. Yeah, the rule is strict, but you have to be prepared for the deadlines if you plan to work in a web design studio. You must understand that the marathon is a unique educational project developed by our specialists, not just a non-professional life hack guide. All the secrets of running this business will be revealed to you during seven weeks. Don’t forget the fact that it’s free!

Take seven steps to your dream. In only 49 days you will be able to:

  • create websites;
  • build your own web design studio;
  • choose good freelancers;
  • be the best employer;
  • plan a budget;
  • get along with clients;
  • sell your products/services.

The winners will be rewarded with special partnership relationship with TemplateMonster. Only participants will know what exactly is waiting for them.

Online Business

Well, moving ahead, we want to assuage your concerns about the fact that the web development business is very hard. Sure, there are difficulties along the way, but we will teach you how to handle them. And now, talking about the benefits of online business, we hasten to tell you that it is one of the most profitable kinds of business nowadays. Firstly, you can handle it anywhere in the world and make international partnerships with overseas buyers and suppliers. Secondly, to get it started you do not need to invest a vast amount of money. One computer is enough initially 🙂 Moreover don’t be in too much of a hurry to hire staff. In the early stages, you will be able to work on your own.

All you need is patience and self-reliance.


Come on!

There is no time to think - enroll now! Follow your dreams!

The start is on the 17th of April 2018.

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Brenda Hills

Hi! I'm Brenda writing for the TemplateMonster blog. Once responsible for the launch of the first TM marathon, I also enjoy writing about web design.

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