How to Create a Customer Success Manager Resume

  1. What does the client success manager do?
  2. What are customer success manager skills?
  3. Systems that every Customer Success Manager should be familiar with.
  4. Is a cover letter needed for the customer success manager? Sample.
  5. What should be included in a success manager resume? Sample.
  6. TOP customer success manager CV templates

Customer Success Manager Resume. The customer success manager is a new occupation. Some people can confuse it with customer support. This confusion can be easily solved. You need just to read this article to be kept informed.

What does the client success manager do?

To begin with, the customer success manager (CSM) is a representative of the company, whose main responsibility is to contact clients and predict their concerns about the product, support or billing. Their aim is to get the best possible satisfaction of the product by the consumer, which will result in keeping and even expanding clientele.

The very first responsibility of CSM is to keep up to date with current customer needs and their challenges. The most important objective is the support of the profitability and growth of the company. The only way to achieve it is to have a customer pleased and simplifying the customer’s way of getting the maximum advantage of the product or service they have bought. A customer success manager cooperates with such departments as technology, marketing, and sales. They also work with data, adopt the company’s policies and campaigns to achieve their goal.

One may ask, “Isn’t customer success manager and customer support the same?” Actually, they have the same goal—to satisfy customers, but customer support mostly troubleshoots the arouse issues, while CSM predicts these problems.

Customer Success Manager Resume.

What are customer success manager skills?

While looking for the competent customer success manager an employer needs his future employee to have some skills, which is essential in this work. Below is the list of the abilities which are recurred for CSM.

 Ability to stay calm and self-organized in a stressful situation

Working as CSM means being surrounded by people all the time. It is often followed by stress, that is why the ability to listen, understand is of great importance.

Ability to be thoughtful

In other words, it is recurred to think beforehand of the consequences of the words or the actions. This also includes such traits as problem-solving and decision-making. Here we can also include having strategic thinking.

Ability to persuade

This is needed not only with customers but with co-workers as well. For enlarging the clientele, it is your obligation to persuade the internal team that changes are necessary.

 Time and project management

Such skills cannot be avoided as everything should be organized especially will customers as you are the face of the company.

Communicative skills

While dealing with customers having such skills is inevitable. You should communicate in a clear and simple way to have the best output.


Employers value their workers’ experience, as experience shows the level of a worker’s proficiency.

Tools that every Customer Success Manager should be familiar with. 

In the world of extreme development of technology, it is impossible to apply for any position without knowing at least basic things about needed applications and software. Below is a list of top apps that CSM can use for simplifying the work.

Baremetrics for MRR

This app is needed to observe our MRR, ARR, LTV, Churn, etc. In other words, it introduces us to information about the income of the company, the number of customers and the flow of the customers.


This app is a chat box, which helps CSM to be familiar with main customers’ concerns and quickly react to the questions. Moreover, it simplifies the way of communication with the customers as chat is used instead of the e-mails. Also, it can be linked to the admin panel.


This will help you to understand the customers as this app allows you to see traffic, the most frequently searched keywords, etc. It can be used not only for SEO but also for figuring out both competitors’ and customers’ traffic.


This app shows you the screen of the customer, where you can manipulate with the mouse and help them with searching. Moreover, there is no need to download it as it can work online.


This is a video tool used for online video conferences. Even though there is a paid version, the free version can satisfy all our needs.

Printable Resume Templates

Is the cover letter needed for the customer success manager resume?

In some cases, it is needed as it is important for employers to find out the personal reflection of the applicant. In this letter, a person should carefully describe his/her abilities together with experience. It should be well structured, comprehensible and relatively short. It is needed for you to choose the most essential skills for this particular position such as communicational one. Also, it will be great if you include a description of your ability to ensure repeat business opportunities.

In the sample, you can see that the structure is not different from the general letter. It should cover approximately one page in A4 format and contact information like the mobile phone or e-mail address should be included.

What should be included in the Customer Success Manager Resume?

A resume is needed for every candidate and almost for every position. The customer success manager is not an exception. HE\she should include in the CV such rubrics as professional competencies, key achievements, professional experience, education. Like any resume, it should correspond to the requirements of the employer. Also, it should be well-structured and coherent. There is no need to add an explanation to every skill or experience. It is perfect when the resume is laconic and informative with the contact information. You can find the sample here.

TOP customer success manager resume & CV templates

Name Description Key features Price
Graphic Designer Resume Template If you are looking for a fashionable and unusual way of presenting your skills and experience to potential employers, this resume is exactly what you are searching for. This template was specifically created to satisfy all web professional needs. There is everything needed to be unusual and catch the eye of the employer. Besides, it is completely user-friendly, as the only required thing is to fill in your information. Moreover, as a bonus, you may receive cover letters and business cards.

So, if you want to get a dream position, you will need an unusual resume.

  • A4 Standard Size
  • Easy Editable
  • Fully Print Ready
  • Well Named Organized Layers
  • Free Google Fonts used
Liza Brown - Human Resources Manager Resume Template  Don’t you want to quickly fill in the template without struggling with modifying and misunderstanding of functions?  If yes, so this resume template is definitely what you are looking for. Valuable things such as business cards and 2 design options are available together with this template. Furthermore, if you want to look modern in the eyes of potential boss QR code will definitely not be a drawback of your CV, which will also simplify the way of contacting you. One more interesting option is an availability to save this paper in 4 formats PDF, PSD, EPS, and AI.

So, just buy and enjoy the result.

  • A4 Standard Size
  • Free Fonts Used
  • Fully Print Ready
  • Industry-optimized
John Nolan - SEO Specialist Resume Template  To be distinguished from the competitors, you need an unusual resume as it is the very first thing that an executive discovers about you. That is why it is essential to create a remarkable CV and SEO Specialist Resume Template will be of great help. With this template, you can create the CV either with or without your photo. One of the advantages might be the usage of free fonts.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about how to adapt it to A4 format as it has already been done for you. One more thing is that it includes MS Word (.docx), which is convenient to use.

  • QR code
  • Easy editable
  • Archive features EPS, PSD, PDF, AI
  • Printed ready format
  • Quickly to customize templates
Hunter Williams - Human Resources Manager Resume Template  This is a template with the design, which can be fully and easily edited. You also have a choice between a template with and without a photo. The main feature of this template is that it helps the prospective employer find only needed information, which will be presented in a unique way for you to stand out from the crowd. A useful thing might be the ability to use QR code as it will make it easier to contact you. Apart from all the things mentioned above, you do not just get a resume template, but also a free business card. Also, here your personal information can be subdivided by categories like languages, core competence, technical skills etc., which makes your CV structured and attractive and comprehensible.
  • Print-ready
  • Quick to customize
  • Fully layered PSD Files
  • Only free fonts are used
Smith Mards Word Resume Template  If you want to stand out from the pile of similar resumes this resume template will serve all your needs. Here you can find a good structure that helps with a full understanding of the information. In case of some modification required, it is completely no problem as you can change the design, structure, and typography in AI, EPS, PSD and DOCX File you want. What is more, this template is optimized for printing as it is designed in A4 size. Besides, this template includes a cover letter as a bonus. The only thing needed is your desire to be employed.
  • Dark Color versions
  • Fully Editable
  • Bleeds, Guides, Included
  • Free Font Used
$ 9

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