How I’ve Built My Business with TemplateMonster: Customers’ Success Stories

Just yesterday we've posted a blog entry dedicated to the 10th birthday of TemplateMonster Company with the infographical presentation of our major development stages. Today we would like to offer you several success stories our loyal customers submitted to us. We value our close working relationship with all of our customers, and well... hearing kind words from our clients is something that we can never get tired of.

TemplateMonster's team is really happy that our templates have become a special tool to shorten the path to success for so many of you and your businesses. We hope that these stories will encourage you and will serve as a personal invitation to continue your work with TemplateMonster.

My business model is designed for small businesses. Small businesses need a professional looking website hopefully at a much lower cost than the huge design houses. Thanks to, I can 100% of the time give my customers what they are looking for. Usually, my TemplateMonster templates are my top-of-the-line templates. They are very professional looking with great Flash menu features which are a WOW! when there are customers first look at the site. I love TemplateMonster for their diversity of designs, their customer support and their professional way of doing business. Thanks for 10 great years. Keep up the great work!

Bob Wunderlich


When I started cooperation with TemplateMonster, I knew exactly what I wanted from it. It was easy to make a choice as the company proposes not only templates but real online projects with subpages, all well done and organized. Finally, I created several projects based on TemplateMonster’s templates.

I am into web design business. Usually, it’s not an easy matter to develop a website for a small company, as they don’t have a logo and know only the fact that their website should be beautiful. So, the process becomes complicated and expensive, as you can make multiple layouts with no appeal. With projects based on templates, I can make thousands of choices in various styles and select the one perfect for the content and suiting customer’s expectations. I save much time on layout designs preparation and have the ability to focus on attractive content presentation and SEO optimization.

Today our process of creating websites is SIMPLE QUICK AND EASY

For most of the projects we need only 4 people:
1 to pick up a template and discuss all matters with the client;
1 to create a custom template and convert it into html;
2 people to develop the website.

We divided the process in order to make it not so tiring and to give each person more time for arranging content pages.

Now it takes us one day to develop a small site of 5 pages. Follow this link to view the projects performed on the bases of TemplateMonster’s templates.

Thanks to David Braun and TemplateMonster’s team!

Sandro Souza


How I Built My Business with
I am Valery Zhugan, manager and owner of web studio “ATAKA”, Riga, Latvia ( Recently I’ve got an e-mail from TemplateMonster’s team with the request to write a testimonial for company’s anniversary. A testimonial usually consists of 2 or 3 standard phrases similar to the following: “…templates are superb…”, “…service is perfect…”, “…customers are satisfied…”, bla-bla-bla… How can I cram 8 years of cooperation into 3 lines of text? How can I tell about more than 150 websites development in a few words? How can I thank the team of this wonderful resource for their diligence? Stop, no “dry” testimonials. I would like to tell you the story of my business, built completely on cooperation with TemplateMonster. It’s not a testimonial, but my words of gratitude and appreciation.

It was in distant 2002. I worked as a programmer in a small product company and made some money on the side developing websites. Unfortunately, I lack artistic abilities and all websites were not very beautiful. The customers were satisfied, but I wasn’t. As I was first-time web developer, I could draw the customers only by competitive price. Of course, I couldn’t even think of hiring a professional designer.

On such terms I have been working nearly two years. In 2004 I accidentally stumbled upon During the first ten minutes I understood that it is exactly what I need! This is the missing link which will let me build my business.

I left my job, bought a design for my own website and 6 more templates for marketing purposes and started to work. I should admit that those days Latvian web development market only began to form, and surely, there were plenty of amateur developers. Each of them considered himself not only a web master, but a genius artist. This led to appearing of clumsy, dreadful websites, very similar to mine. But unlike the others I understood that a website is a product, like a car, for instance. And it can be executed on the principle of labor division. That is, I will build up a website from various details. I will develop a coding part and TemplateMonster will deliver the design.

Such approach justified itself. Firstly, I managed to reduce website cost at the expense of low design price. Secondly, I cut the development time as the design is ready-made. And finally, I got the opportunity to show the customer what his future website will look like before taking the fee. The last point is very appreciated by the clients. To be completely sincere, in 2004, there was no possibility on to show design to the customer without disclosing the direct link and I was forced to buy the designs at my peril. Looking on a thumbnail picture, the customer is not able to estimate the quality of design. But this let me won the customer’s confidence, as he saw almost finished website before making an advance payment (I showed the home page).

One more point that helped me achieve success is proper templates implementation. From the very beginning I had my own program website foundation; I never used the one, coming together with design package. It simply wasn’t suitable for me. I always made coding from the start, but striving to save the design as close to its initial appearance as possible. It is of utmost importance as each design was created by the professional designer and a lack of any element may destroy the whole concept. It’s my strong belief that preserving of design integrity is one more reason of my success. Look at one of my latest works - developed on the bases of the following template #31341.

For 8 years already I and, at present, my company work with TemplateMonster. The projects become more and more sophisticated, but I am always sure that there won’t be any problems with the design, thanks to my reliable partners from

Thank you guys, for your job!

Valery Zhugan


We are glad that TemplateMonster's themes helped to develop, update and improve websites of a great amount of clients. Our team would like to thank once again all our customers for their trust in our products and services and we still encourage more of your feedbacks, so let us know how TemplateMonster affects your lives and workflow.

Alex Bulat

Writing a blog post or building a micro niche WordPress website is something Alex can do bare-handed. You're welcome to contact him via Telegram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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