TemplateMonster Customer Testimonials [July 2015 Edition]

It's become one of our good traditions to share our loyal customers' reviews monthly. This time let's see what TemplateMonster buyers enjoyed the most in July.

First and foremost, we want to thank everyone who has ever bought a website template from us and shared his/her opinion about our products. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks to your honest reviews we can learn how to become better with every new release. You teach us to pay attention to detail by putting emphasis on the aspects that are of the biggest value to you as our loyal customer.

We appreciate you sharing your feedback with us and we don't leave any review without a reward. By telling you this we are making a commitment that everyone who reviews a product that he or she has ever bought from TemplateMonster will get a reasonable discount for the next purchase.

So, let's get straight to the 12 most helpful TemplateMonster customer reviews.


1Reggie and Vicki Byrum, 5stars

Simple, Clean, Easy to Install and Manage

We were recently commissioned by a client to come up with a new design for his outdated website. They sketched some custom designs, but nothing seemed to satisfy him. We did a search on Template Monster and found Gitex WordPress Theme #54794. We were impressed by the professionalism, cleanness, and simplicity of the template. For my client's particular business, this template seemed to fit like a glove.

The client agreed. He was immediately impressed and stated that the theme was exactly what he had pictured in his mind. As a result, we are left with doing little to no customization on the template - he wants it exactly like it is.

It was important the design was simple and clean and not cluttered. Gitex WordPress Theme #54794, fit the bill to the letter. Plenty of white space and the elements on the page was laid out perfectly for what the client needs. The template had to be responsive, and this template is very impressive when viewed on a tablet or mobile device - one of the best I've seen on these mediums.

We are a small, family-owned web design and development firm but with the amount of projects we get in monthly, simplicity is the key. We don't have time for a steep learning curve on how to modify or develop a template. Gitex WordPress Theme #54794, is as simple as it gets. In just a few minutes the theme was installed, working perfectly the first time, and ready for content. Any designer remotely familiar with WordPress would not have any problems working with this template.

The bottom line is our client, who sells phone services mainly to non-profit organizations, is entirely pleased with his new look and that makes us look good. He is going to be a good referral for us and we have Template Monster to thank for that. This particular project did not require a lot of resources and the job is being completed in record time.

In short, there is not one thing that I could suggest that would improve this template. The designer covered all the bases and I can't think of one improvement that is not already a part of this template.

I have a couple of memberships out there with different theme developers but I'm seriously considering cancelling all of them. Most of the "new templates" they put up (and it is usually only one new template per month), in most cases, I cannot use for every day business sites. I've yet to visit Template Monster and not find the template I needed. Why waste your money for templates you can't use? I've learned my lesson. Going to Template Monster first and save myself time and money.

Reggie and Vicki Byrum,

Co-Owners of Pro Image One, LLC and NC Web Pros

On: Gitex WordPress Theme #54794


Ron P., 5 stars

Best Charity template there is with great support and service

Hello, Normally I'm a designer/webdeveloper at a company but today I'm a volunteer for a charity organisation. I'd heard a very sad story from a mom who had such a hard time with the birth of her twins... They were going through a hell (because of several events) and she doesn't want that other peoples must walk the same way... For this people she wanted to start this organization. The story led me to the heart so I decided that I wanted to help her.

Together we've spoken about the organization and how I could help her with the website. She told me what they wanted to have and I adviced her to look at TemplateMonster for a design. She looked and told me this template was exactly what she wanted so I've arranged it.

The template offers us a very professional look, positions for sponsors, position for highlighting donation, nice way to display stories of other people and more.

On the moment we're building a great website for the organisation www.stichtingliva.nl and hope we can serve much people with it.

Before I had ordered this template I've contact the TemplateMonster support and Marketing department (They know) with some questions and they've helped me very much. We so appreciate it and will rate them with the highest rank we can give!

The only thing I can say about TemplateMonster and the products is: Great company, much humanity, great products and best service and support!

I will always come back for purchase products. Go further on this way!

On: Orphanage Donations Joomla Template #52178


Paulo M., 5 stars

Excellent design and ease of instação

A friend referred me to Template Monster as a reference in quality templates. I had searched many websites to buy templates, but all are very confusing, very bad support and quality not very good. The Template Monster is the only company that has excellent templates for both Joomla, and for OpenCart, which are the two platforms that currently use.

The price and their promotions are always very interesting and I could already enjoy in my last purchase.

I am Business Consultant and Web Designer for over five years and buy the templates have greatly facilitated my life, because the time required for creation was reduced to zero, requiring only make the translation and typing of texts and sometimes exchange a few photos, of which in most cases it is not necessary to change any image.

The templates are so full that I hardly use all pages and is very simple disable in Joomla, for example.

My customers work in the most diverse areas, from trade clothing, paint stores, coffee shops, restaurants, companies providing electronic security services, a ballroom, broom factories, machinery plant and equipment, sales representatives, computer stores and much more.

All my clients are finding incredible sites. With the excellent combination of colors and perfect design.

Some sites that used the templates of Template Monster are:

  • www.piscinaelazerrio.com.br
  • www.protecgold.com.br
  • www.detalheson.com.br/loja

For ease of creation, they are emerging many new customers and the younger Templates are available to buy better, to save you having to repeat a template for my clients.

I've contacted support because I thought something was wrong, but the resolution has always been very simple and fast.

I am very satisfied with the Template Monster and always will use the company to create the sites for me and my clients.

On: Toys Store OpenCart Template #49308


Crystal L., 5 stars

A great design for the novice user!

First consideration I made when I bought this template was the fact that it was made specifically for mobile phones, which is my business. The second thing that went through my mind was the layout, and since I'm a person that is all about user interface and user experience, the layout of this template fits exactly that bill. Thirdly, the use of colors immediately stood out to me. I know these could be changed, but it's a bonus when the job is already done for you and it looks great.

Plus, I do not have any technical skills in terms of web designing or developing, therefore, it is essential to me that this website is made ready for use.

I plan to use this for selling mobile phone accessories, so the design structure of this website is perfect as it displays the phones in categorical sense, which makes it easy for my customers to browse the website, again, user experience comes into play.

I am very satisfied with this template because to me it seems to be one of a kind from many other templates I browsed through. I'm sure my customers will also enjoy it as much as I do.

Although I find this template to be near flawless, I would suggest to the creator to make the text slightly larger, particularly in the sub-menus. They are a little hard to read and even possibly slightly distracting from the design itself, however, that is just a minor issue and it can be easily edited, so no biggie.

Before purchasing, I used live chat on Template Monster, and they were helpful as usual. I must say, there is not one time that I do not use live chat on this website when buying my templates. Their customer service is just impeccable and they are always available when you need them.

The domain link is zcreens.com

On: Responsive Mobile Store Magento Theme #44977


5Ricardo, 5 stars

an excellent subject to work

We are a web agency, we work in customizing themes of template monsters, always seek the best theme to start the idea that our client is to achieve, then adapt and customize the theme to stay with the face of our client's company.

The choice of theme we try to find niche market of aspects of our client along with it try to see attractive points of their own theme structure which are beautiful and well today because the issues evolve over time and it is always important to stay up to date the visual part.

Working on this has been easy because as I had various attributes related to the hotel and my current client is a hotel, the adaptation was little, only apply the visual identity of the client's brand.

The site is not yet in the air and not yet finalized for lack complete textual parts souls who our customer is developing, so I will not be able to give a preview to you, but I assure you it was a very good job.

This my client is extremely concerned about their guests, the care and accommodation of them should be flawless, then the site of refinement required a little more of us, all the details have to be in place.

The theme itself was easy to install and customize, we can implement it all alone without the support of template monsters, but of course, whenever they need are 10 in service and problem solving.

Finally, buy many topics every month and the template monsters makes me more and more satisfied with their job, my congratulations.

On: Hotels Responsive WordPress Theme #49248


6Mark Z., 5 stars

Technology Cripple is healed!

As a mature guy, just turned 60, I was not part of the 21st century computer, digital virtual age that my children have known. When someone asked me if I knew HTML...I responded no, does he work here too? However...I then discovered TemplateMonster. I knew the value of a website for business an branding but didn't have the technology skills to produce a quality product and have a web presence that everyone could see.

I attempted to produce a marketing website that represented me as well as my programs but it lacked some professionalism in appearance and functionality. What I produced was cookie cutter simplistic and generic web pages that didn't represent me well and didn't do the things I wanted it to. I found a TemplateMonster website and template that rings out professional and credible branding for me and my entrepreneurial company. Now the consideration is to develop three more TemplateMonster sites for my other supporting websites. Although I still lack the specific skills produced from experience and a coding education, I am evermore capable when considering installation of the templates for my use. I have employed your technical support when stumped and find it well suited to newbies like me. I am about to launch my most valuable website that is the cornerstone of my web presence and branding stature.

I love my new website, Business Bureau WordPress Theme #53014 MarkZupo.com and what it represents and how I am now confident and empowered because I am trusted as an authority because my TemplateMonster website delivers a professional face.

Thank you TemplateMonster.

On: Business Bureau WordPress Theme #53014


Ji C., 4 stars

newbie likes templatemonster

I am totally new in ecommerce and have been looking for an attractive website with great product descriptions as well as easy to modify.

I have spent much time searching for the right template with all the features, and eventually chose templatemonster.

The most comparable factors are the professional quality and visual attraction. I've been working as freelancer web & graphic designer for 3 years, and I found templatemonster has all sources I would add to my clients websites. Also, as a newbie in ecommerce, I realized that how template monster can change my website more efficiently, professionally and easily. Still have some work, I assume everybody can do effortlessly. Their customer support are great but only one thing I suggest to them, is video tutorials with sound. My eyes are getting tired to look into the tutorial^^

I definitely would recommend template monster to anyone who wants to start their website and although basic knowledge is required, it is a game changer. Don't spend too much of your time just get a template from them.

And just a reminder, you need to install first before building your website. They may not transfer all your work, so you need to start from scratch or ask them first.

Thanks for providing awesome templates and I will definitely buy again, it is worth it.

On: Fitness Store WooCommerce Theme #53495


8Mehdi A., 5 stars

We think this can be our key for hitting target

Top reasons of choosing this template, four of them are general for all of my choices from TemplateMonster.com

  1. Cherry Framework
  2. Responsive Design
  3. (Real time + Life time) support
  4. Modern International Style Design
  5. In this case, style of demo data that made easy homepage design for us

I am a web design freelancer since 2010, but I know about e-commerce and web since 2005. Also I know coding in some OOP languages, but using WordPress platform as a fast food solution for my general clients.

I used this template for a Parliament election candidate in a small city. My web design teammate in this case is a civil engineer that have middle level experience in WordPress and SEO. I added "MotoPress Content Editor" making relax content publishing for him. Before me someone else used WordPress with a Weblog Style Theme for him. I changed it to premium template from TemplateMonster.com.

This is our client's URL: http://dalghpoosh.com

Now (July-2015) we started designing site and still 8 months remaining to election and we believe that will surprise others with this special design theme, But we must try and stay until election on Mar-2016 for final result. I like tell you about our experience and (we wish) success.

I suggest TemplateMonster because of their confident support. You will have no stress while they are ready anytime you click on Support Chat link.

I am member of 4 multi theme WordPress Theme Vendor sites but I often use TemplateMonster.com for my special designs.

In this case I rate them 100 (from total 100)

On: Political Candidate Responsive WordPress Theme #48674


9Jennifer A., 5 stars

Great Theme and Great Customer Service

I used Theme 48188 for a commercial real estate client and it turned out wonderful! You can check it out here: www.lpcommercial.com

My client is very happy with how it turned out! The functionality was perfect for featuring the various types of properties (office, retail, industrial, land, etc). The slider is very nice and works great, the font is modern looking and the overall look and feel is very professional and modern. I changed the light orange to a bright orange throughout but other than that I used the shades of gray, with just the pop or orange.

As someone new to web design (this is only the 3rd one I've done with no formal training) ... the team at TemplateMonster is amazing. They are SO helpful and patient with my questions. Their online chat team alone is hands down why you should buy your themes from TemplateMonster. Thank you TemplateMonster for INCLUDING your amazing customer service without charging anything extra for online chat! (For full disclosure, I actually did pay a small amount to have their team change a bunch of colors for me BUT the price was very reasonable) and well worth it!

Overall I am 100% satisfied with Theme 48188 and I have ANOTHER client who wants the same theme! So, now I've purchased it twice and am working on another website with the same template. It's so much easier the second time around!

On: Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme #48188


James-R-Burns (#10)James B. (web developer), 5 stars

I am a freelance Web Developer. Template Monster is for me and my clients a tremendous resource. They off outstanding design, layout and the latest and most updated code in a variety of formats. What's not to like?

The designers that work with Template Monster are the truly elite designers who are refining their craft daily. More than following trends, they set trends. This resource allows me to concentrate on functionality and developing my client's Website into a productive marketing tool that contributes to achieving company goals and objectives.

The cost of an outstanding template is less than the cost to purchase image rights for the necessary stock photography of a from scratch custom design. Browsing through the enormous selection and narrowing the choices allows me to give my clients opportunity to see a finished Website. It lets them see beforehand, which is superior to imagination, which we know is fraught with challenges.

In addition, all components can be modified, deleted or added to, in order to precisely meet client expectations.

Template Monster provides an excellent service, which I hope continues well into the future.

Template used: www.newjerseystructural.engineer

On: Civil Engineering Responsive Website Template #52975


11George Koukas (Software Engineer), 5 stars

I recently purchased template 47608. I chose this template because it had all the features that suits to my client's needs.

The theme was very easy to be configured and lots of plugins were available so I could modified the template to completely suit my client's requirements.

It was very easy for me to complete the purchase, download the template and install it in my web server.

Also Template Monster is a firm that I'm very pleased and I trust it. In past I have bought some themes for me (free lancer) or my company and I did not ever have problems. On the contrary when I needed support from Template Monster, the support service was very quick, accurate and gave me solution. In one word excellent!

So a key factor for me to keep purchase themes from Template Monster is the excellent support. Also the quality and professional appearance of the template was a deciding factor for my selection.

I would recommend (and I have already done this to several colleagues) template monster to anyone that wants to setup a professional website!

Finally, I have not installed the theme yet, but I’m going to install it in following URL http://www.tzianetas.gr/ in next few days. Right now there is the old site that also I have developed it in past.

Thank you in advance,
George Koukas

On: Car Repair Drupal Template #47608


12Anil, 5 stars

I've tried many - by far this is the best site

We are a multinational company with offices in India, Singapore and UAE.

I admit that we are not good at website business because our business is translation.
We purchased a theme from Template Monster and without any knowledge of wordpress, we are able to create shandubai.com. AMAZING.

We got stuck in a few areas, and a lady named kate attended to each problem with care to the extent that it was becoming embarassing how much time we were taking to understand.

Then we decided to go to another supplier for our shansingapore.com. We paid for two templates from two other suppliers and had to ask for refunds. NO SUPPORT was the authors comment.

We have now bought another theme from templatemonster and are able to finalise our second site in just about 1 day.

Excellent documentation, fantastic support and WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST WEBSITE COMPANY.

ALSO COMPLIMENTING THE THEME WE SELECTED Interior Furniture Store WordPress Theme, which was easily converted to a translation website. excellent work by the author of the theme and will always buy from template monster.

On: Interior Furniture Store WordPress Theme #53391

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