How To Design Coloring Mandalas

  1. Meaning Of Mandala
  2. Creating A Mandala
  3. Mandala In Design
  4. Conclusion

Meaning Of Mandala

Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. It is an abstract diagram with a concentric pattern having one recognizable central point from which emanate symbols and forms. This symbolic sketch is usually used for meditation and some sacred rituals. Mandalas may be drawn using either geometric or natural forms and explain the connection between the inner world of the person who is creating them and the external reality.

Creating a mandala is a unique way that people express themselves. They can create mandalas either on paper or stones or cloth or even threads. These symbols are widely used in art therapy, since they can help make the inner world calm and steady. Having become popular in modern life, mandalas can be found in coloring books that are offered at online stores.

Creating A Mandala

One of the advantages of a mandala design is that you are absolutely free to choose any shape and color that would express your view of reality and approach the process with all the creativity you have. To get started with abstract graphic designing, all you need at the beginning is a pencil, paper, a ruler, and an eraser. For further coloring you may choose either colored crayons, or watercolors. To get started with drawing, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you have a square piece of paper, using a size that may be one you like, but the bigger the square the more space you have for details.
  • With ruler and pencil put a dot right in the center of the paper.
  • Next draw a series of circles around the center dot. With the help of the ruler, measure out ½” (or more, depending on your taste) from the center dot, then measure out another distance e.g. 1.5”. Do the same for all sides.
  • The next step is to connect the dots with vertical and horizontal lines.
  • Put another series of dots at the same distance from the center at a 45 degree angle, so you will produce an x-shape.
  • Again connect the dots with the lines and then connect all of them into circles. Do not be afraid to make a mistake. Drawing a mandala is not about perfect circles.
  • When the scheme is ready, you can start with the design for your abstract image using colored pencils, ink, plain pencils, whatever you want. You have the freedom to choose shapes you like, there may be loops, raindrops, triangles etc. Yet make sure the pattern is repeated.

Your mandala may be plain or colored, it is all up to you. To understand the whole process in depth, see the schematic below.


Now you know the basics of mandala drawing, so you will be able to try different designs and colors each time you create a new diagram. If you prefer digital methods, try logo creator kit.

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Mandala In Design

If you are a designer and want to impress your clients, experiment with mandalas in your project. It can be used in logo or web design templates and will surely add a personal identity to your product. Here are some extraordinary graphics found in design communities and assembled for your inspiration.

Print Design

Judah And The Lion have been printed for the show at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN.

Mandala posters as they are and as prints on T-shirts for WLH2 (We Live Here Too) store.

Printed emblem for Sherpa Power Tea. The Mandala used for this emblem was developed based on multi-level terrace farming terrain that can be found in Nepal. Each emblem symbolizes a certain flavor.

Sherpa Power Tea

Logo Design

Aliment logo has been designed for a restaurant as part of its rebranding.


Yogi Yak is a logo developed for a wellness program at YY HQ.


TEC Emblem is a design for an Experiential Company being built up from a hexagonal template. The emblem is a perfect symbiosis of the Mayan calendar, Mandala arts, Aztec, Illuminati, clockwork and a manhole cover.

Logo for the Yama Yoga center including Mandala (telling about the universe) and Floral Shapes (consisting of rotations and reflections) concept.

logo templates

Other Resources For Mandala Use

Graphic and web designers are able to use a Mandala graphic when building logos, emblems, cards or any web and print design. There is a collection of free Mandala vectors which are scalable to any size that can be downloaded and used either for digital or print projects. You are welcome to choose among the following:

  • Mandala logos set which comes in 9 style logos and badges and is offered in 3 individual PDS files and in color, black and white, and dark background colors.
  • Wedding invitation design is perfect for those who want to develop professional-looking unique invitations.
  • Boho style business card collections with Mandala design.
  • Banners with an ornamental pattern.

If you need more ideas for your current project, see the full list of free Mandala vectors.


Designers who are not afraid to experiment and are looking for new ideas for their projects usually achieve their goal and develop exceptional masterpieces. By using a unique Mandala concept with an ornamental pattern in your works you will be a step ahead of your colleagues. Thinking outside of the box and experimenting with different options will make you successful.

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wordpress themes

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