Top Design Disasters that Kill Your SEO Effort Completely

Time has made websites race for higher speed and better mobile compatibility. Web designing has gained momentum with the rise of desire for 10-second sites and the love affair between websites and smartphones. In fact, the companies are focusing more on designing than development. However, what people often overlook is the series of errors which the need for speed and mobile compatibility bring forth.

The time has arrived to face the fact that most of the web designers know nothing about SEO template. Yes, they know the design details, but, when it comes to optimization details, they have nearly no information.

First Design Error – Font Too Small

What baffles a lot of SEO experts at Joel House is the fact that – what the designers think when they design a website with small fonts. Well, this is a question which will leave your jaw dropped as well when you try to view such a site using your smartphone. You would have to strain your eyes, shade out the light and bring the mobile phone inches away from your face just to read the text.

In case, you are into web designing, pay attention to the size of the text. Think about the people who will be checking it from their 5-inch mobile screen and not from the desktop. You get the idea, right?


Second Design Error – Black Background

Though it might seem like a cliché, you will still find websites, featuring valuable information on black background. You have no idea what a shock a reader goes through to find such a website. This is the fastest way to chase traffic away from your site. The SEO professionals say with humor that – between information and eyesight, people always choose the later, this is the designers’ tragedy.

Third Design Error - Pop Up’s

They pop up, but, have you ever considered what happens to them after they pop up? People close buttons with as much hatred as they can muster in a single click. Well, don't even try to imagine what happens to the crawling pop-ups that invite the visitors to chase with the cursor. These ads hardly do anything but to annoy visitors. SEO is not about bringing traffic only. It is used for the sake of conversation as well. If you design a website which irritates the visitors, they will never come back for more later.

Fourth Design Error – Background Music

While there is nothing wrong with background music, you need to consider one important fact – you have no way of knowing who will end up visiting your website. Taste varies depending on background and education level. This is why you cannot foresee your visitors. Therefore, it would be better if you don’t put any music on your website as some might consider this is unprofessional.

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Fifth Design Error – Improper Media Size

A slow website is the most significant turn off which will never let a visitor become a customer. This is why the fetish for the 10-second webpage is rising. However, this is not just the work of the developers any longer. Even designers need to put their hands together to make the fast website dream a reality. Sizing media to suit the preferred loading time is too critical. This is why you need to pay attention to the images which your website has featured.

Ideal format is essential, no matter what you are uploading to your website, a video or an image.

Sixth Design Error – Header Image too Large to Load

Header images are beautiful to have around. However, it is essential that you understand which image would be suitable for your website and which image will slow it down. A large picture will dramatically reduce the website loading time which will create a problem as it will chase away traffic.

Seventh Design Error – Bloom of Color

This is a bit like the second design error, only there it was black background, and here too much color spoils the appeal. It is harmful to the eyesight as well. Besides a riot of color will dominate the most important aspect of your website – ability to drive attention of the visitors towards the selling aspect. This creates a problem in conversion. Try to turn the focus on the most crucial element of the website, like to the buy button, if you are running an e-commerce website.

Eighth Design Error – Confusing Navigation

This design atrocity has been on the rise in the 2000's era. However, it still finds its way into the modern era. Frequently, SEO professionals get burdened with the optimization task of websites that displays everything on a single page. From content to advertisements, everything gets served together. It is like getting an entire buffet spread on a single platter. People run away faster than a mad stallion from such websites.

The errors mentioned here are common, yet overly used. With the right help from experts, the chances of making these mistakes will certainly reduce.

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