Digital Painting Free Photoshop Video Tutorials

Digital Painting Free Photoshop Video Tutorials

Creating digital painting in Photoshop is not an easy task yet it's possible to master it using the following set of easy Photoshop tutorials. Just follow the step-by-step guides explaining the essential techniques. Apply these tips to practice and the success will follow. Even the world-known artists need to master and practice new skills. Test your own knowledge with the following free video guides.

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How to Paint Graphics onto a Face

See the tutorial showing how to "paint" a graphic onto someone’s face, such as a flag or a sports team logo.

How to make Shoe Paint Splash

A truly creative tutorial revealing how to add a paint splash to a show using Photoshop CC.

How to Make Caricature from a Photo

Have some fun learning how to create a caricature manipulation and putting smooth photo effects.

Golden Skin Effect

The tutorial shows two different methods how to get the golden skin effect.

How to Create Any Cloud Shape

Learn how to create any cloud shape that you want in Photoshop so that it looks organic with the rest of the image elements.

How to Create a Custom Pattern

Discover how to create a custom pattern in Photoshop for your custom design.

The Power of Grass Brush

In this video guide, you will learn how to create a custom grass font using Photoshop's grass brush.

Realistic Painting Effect

Turn your image into a realistic painting using Filters, Filter Gallery, then we'll hop into the camera raw settings to do some final adjustments.

Face Abstract Art

Advanced Photoshop Tutorial, which shows some tricks to create this cool artwork using brushes.

Advanced color full digital painting

Blue Hair - Painting a Digital Portrait

The tutorial reveals an easy way how to turn a photo into a colorful digital painting.

Digital artwork and painting

This is how a digital portrait of a guy with blue hair is made.

How to Make Photo Look Like a Painting

Use layer mask and learn how to use smudge tool learn more about filter and adjustment in Photoshop CC.

Smudge Oil Painting for beginners

Learn about how to make a photo oil painting smudge effect with Photoshop using a special brush with texture supporting smooth colors.

DEADPOOL Digital Painting

This is how to recreate Deadpool digital illustration using Photoshop.

Photo Realistic Digital Painting Using Mouse

The following tutorial reveals how to create a photo-realistic digital image using Adobe Photoshop CC & Mouse.

Crash Course: Using Color in Digital Painting

One more cool step-by-step video tutorial showing how to recreate your favorite movie characters using Photoshop.


Here is how to make a perfect combo of colors and lights in your digital paintings.

Digital Sketching

You can skatch on-the-go using some mobile softwar. Yet you can sketch in Photoshop as well. Here is how it can be done.

Digital Painting Hyper-Realism

Check out this video to see how to create hyper-realistic digital paintings in Photoshop CC.

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