100 Free Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop is the top software of choice for millions of artists worldwide. You can do wonders while using the advanced toolkit and settings. Whether you simply want to edit a picture from your new photoshoot or you are a creative photographer/web designers, there are so many things that you can achieve using this program. We have decided to discover the endless possibilities of the software in a series of 100 free Photoshop video tutorials.

We have split the showcase into 5 blocks each featuring 20 free Photoshop video tutorials covering specific topics.

The covered topics include:

  1. Photoshop photo manipulations >>
  2. Photoshop text effects >>
  3. Photoshop digital painting >>
  4. Photoshop animation >>

We'll start off with 20 free Photoshop video tutorials revealing multiple effects that you can apply to images thus making them more impressive, dramatic, captivating or whatsoever. The choice of the photo effects is influenced by the final results that you would like to achieve with a specific image. So, let's get straight to the educational part. or in the meantime, you can check out our PSD templates.

How to Achieve Retro Instagram Effects with Levels or Tone Curves

This Photoshop tutorial shows how to create your own retro effects with just one adjustment layer using a technique called Channel Contrast. You’ll also learn how to use Channel Contrast to analyze the color grading of other photos and use them on your own.

How to Add Film Effects to Any Photo

You’ll learn how to create your own film-like effect with just a tone curve and hue/saturation adjustment. This two-layer technique can be used to create nearly any film effect and, in addition to Photoshop, the skill can be used in other software such as Adobe Lightroom, Phase One Capture One, Adobe Premiere and a lot more.

Crow dispersion effect

The tutorial reveals how to use the layer mask and how to give dispersion effect in Photoshop.

Brush Effect Portrait

Learn how to make watercolor effect portrait using Photoshop CC.

Frost Effect

See how to create a FROST on your images. Using this technique, you can freeze basically any object you want.

Rain Effect

Check out how to create a rain in Photoshop and make your images even more catching and realistic.

Dispersion Effect

In this fun tutorial, you will learn how to create a dispersion effect in Photoshop. The technique can be used on a variety of images to create an interesting and fun result.

Ultimate Double Exposure Effect

Learn how to create the double exposure effect in Photoshop, using a regular photo.

Beautiful Watercolor Portrait Effect

The Photoshop Tutorial reveals how to easily apply a watercolor portrait effect in a simple way.

Grunge Portrait Effect

See how to create an eerie grunge portrait effect in Photoshop. You will need to use some grunge brushes to reach the desired effect.

Newspaper Photo Effect

The tutorials shows how to create a newspaper photo effect using free stocks, adjustment layers, masks, textures, gradients and more.

Unique Glitch Effect

The tutorial covers how to create the effect by using filters, working in the filter gallery and other Photoshop tools. This is a fairly straightforward guide that is rather easy to follow.

Dreamy Glow Effect

This beginners Photoshop tutorial reveals how to create a soft glow dreamy effect. You will need to work with adjustments, free brushes a, d your other basic tools.

How to Create Transparent Logos

Learn how to transform your regular logos into the transparent glass-like logos.

Color Double Exposure

See how to create color double exposure effect using Photoshop. That's a pretty simple photo effect that even beginners can achieve.

Create Sick Duotone Effect

The tutorial reveals how to create Spotify and apply music style duotone effect in Photoshop.

How to Create 3D Mobile Effect

The tutorial reveals how to create 3D illusion and make it seem that objects are coming out of mobile.

Funky Extrude photo effect

See how you can use filter gallery to transform a regular photo into the artwork that can be used in a lot of different ways.
You will also learn how to mask things so that we can have effect in only the area where we need it.

Transparent Clothes Effect

See how to achieve the camouflage photo effect to make a t-shirt look transparent.

LUMA Color Fade Transition Effect

Learn all about the Ultra Key effect in Premiere Pro CC to create a cool transition effect for your videos.

The covered topics include:

  1. Photoshop photo manipulations >>
  2. Photoshop text effects >>
  3. Photoshop digital painting >>
  4. Photoshop animation >>

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