Easy To Use WordPress Themes 2019 for a Smashing Project

Imagine this: you’ve been in a traffic jam for more than an hour already. You counted every single minute. You never managed to get to the work meeting, your cell phone seems to be a useless piece of metal and plastic - there is no way it could get you closer to the conference room.

You’ve passed all the stages of anger: the stage of denial of the traffic jam, bargaining for a piece of pavement for illegal sneak with your car, you’ve passed the stage of anger at everyone in front of you and even bigger anger at everyone behind you. You’ve calmed down and your mind just went blank. And after the 5 stages of anger management and 7 hard hand hits on your wheel, you’ve entered the next stage which is not on the list. You’ve started noticing things around you. Actually noticing. Through a deafening and physically tangible wall of car horns and drivers’ swearing, you’ve dropped into a quiet world of a spectator’s state.

Your car got traffic-trapped near a bakery. You see a baker boy loading the loaves of shiny golden bread into a car, and a pretty girl near him laughing with him. A couple minutes after an old lady comes into the bakery, and from behind you can see her greeting a staff representative. Seems like they’ve known each other for years, their smiles are those of old friends. A young mother with a child cautiously enters the bakery - apparently, she hasn’t been there before - her look is gliding with curiosity all over the room. She might have just moved to this area and just googled “bakery near me”.

Okay, Google.

Just wondering who owns the bakery. The name is obviously the last name of a family, so is that a family business or not…

Funny, is that smiling guy with a croissant the same angry guy from a car in front of me? Impossible. But wait a second, that’s him.

About us”, okay… founded in 1986, wow. That was a long time ago. 3 generations of bakers… Their recipes must be quite time-proofed.

I should have left the car closed, the bakery aroma is way too appetizing. My gym coach wouldn’t approve…

10 minutes later:

- "… and a latte, please."

Because some small things lead to greater things - small talk leads to a greater friendship, spending a little time on the website leads to a greater number of customers in your business, small buns from the bakery lead to a greater…ekhm.

Anyway, let me show you some easy-to-use WordPress themes which could help you build a great brand and tell the world the history of it. Or, by launching the website, start the story of your brand. So, if you have a question if WordPress easy to use - it is.

These are 10 WordPress themes which are responsive, easy to customize, have a 24/7 lifetime support and lifetime updates.

And one more thing: all of them were released in 2017.


1. Car Protect

Car Project

Demo | More Info | Hosting

In which cases should you use a green or blue color palette? When you need to make your brand look trustworthy, especially if it is related to a diametrically opposite concept - bank loans, accident insurance etc. Using a template like this will help your business get to the hearts of your customers sooner.

2. Guillermo


Demo | More Info | Hosting

This template includes 2 great features all at once: it has a Parallax scrolling and flat design. For those of you who know the value of the features, this template can become a great option. ]

3. Apollo


Demo | More Info | Hosting

Image sliders are those small but significant details which attract a viewer’s attention instantly. Welcome your visitor by a full-screen hero image and invite her to slide the photos to get familiar with your company better.

4. Magic

Demo | More Info | Hosting

If you are not willing to be limited in your design, enjoy the diversity of this template. Use a wizard plugin, 4 ready-to-use skins, lucid and engaging layouts and 7 homepages when working with this template.

5. IntraBrand


Demo | More Info | Hosting

If the project you need to create is related to any kind of writing, you may consider using this template. The rich flat design makes the design elements look more tangible, and a website visitor might play with the hover effects on the images for a while. Get them engaged in your website activity.

6. Bizacumen


Demo | More Info | Hosting

How easy is it to use wordpress? Easy enough if you have a template like this. A strict design of this template looks business-like and a little bit fun at the same time thanks to the combination of lots of negative space and blue-and-violet gradient.

7. Dynasty


Demo | More Info | Hosting

In case you’re in search of an easy-to-use medical website, have a look at this one. It will look perfectly well on any screen size, gathering your future customers from all types of devices.

8. Prestige


Demo | More Info | Hosting

This design is a bold solution for projects which position themselves as playful brands. A website built with this template will be a hit especially if you audience is young people. Don’t question yourself how easy is wordpress, just get a WordPress theme and see it for yourself.

9. FashioNIA


Demo | More Info | Hosting

This is another example of designs for young people. Flat bright design which looks a little bit cartoony and plastic, makes it look fun and flirty.

10. Espero


Demo | More Info | Hosting

Let me finish this list with a massage salon WordPress theme. Not only the massage is relaxing, but also customizing this template - keep in mind that at any stage of your customizing you’ll be able to contact a live chat support and have them answer your question and help you out. Even if you are a beginner and you have no idea how to use a wordpress theme for your website, they will take you through all the steps so that the next day you can proudly say: I set up my WordPress website myself!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this list of easy WordPress templates. If you have any comments or propositions - please feel free to tell it in the comment section and we will promptly respond.

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