Usable Ways to Offer Real-Time Experience to Shoppers

Nowadays online stores are gradually surpassing traditional shops and this fact can be easily explained by such great advantages that provide e-commerce websites as comfort, velocity, and diversity. People tend to get high-level service and make a good purchase saving their time and money. So the online business continues to develop and makes tangible competition to the real analog.

As a matter of fact, demand creates supply, that’s why the level of competition between online stores is growing all the time. Surfing the net, you can find professional and well-structured online stores as well as outdated and improperly done websites. To ride the wave and leave all your competitors behind, you need to improve your online store all the time, because new beautifully designed and extremely functional e-commerce websites appear every day. That’s why we prepared for you some useful tools that help you to be a step ahead. Today we will focus on some real-time options which can advance the usability of your online store and ascend its conversion rates. Here they are:

Now let’s distinguish each option in detail:

Real time shipping

Shipping and delivery terms are the key points for each professional high-end online store. It’s very important for the customers to be sure that they’ll get purchases within a specified time. That’s why it’s really great idea to intensify your store with an option enabling real-time shipping via FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, DHL, and EMS, for instance, and saving the possibility to set your own custom shipping methods either. The price will depend on the number of ordered products, their price, weight, and delivery destination.

Segmentation and filtering

Real-time segmentation helps you pick out and prioritize the most promising users in order to engage them immediately during their visit to your website. Filtering technique based on user’s previous or current searches. Due to it, you are able to offer the items potentially fitting the user’s needs, cutting down his/her time and efforts.

Real time tracking or ordered items

In the final stage of the check-out process, the infinite hours of waiting begin. In this case, it’s necessary to give your clients the possibility to track the order status, so they can see that everything is under control.

Live feeds

Life feeds tell the users about other customers’ experience, i.e.: they prompt which item is the most popular this hour or how much more did other users pay for the selected product at different online stores.

Online text, voice or video chat

One more important tip for e-commerce stores is online communication. During shopping, a user may come across the issue demanding urgent help, which sometimes can prevent the website from leaving without a purchase.

Recently bought items or added items

Showing recently bought or added items can be a hidden unobtrusive marketing move for your online store. You can also display the customer's products purchased by other users in addition to the selected item as their needs and interests may coincide. Advertising is never excess, especially when it comes in such confidential form.

Money Savings

It’s normal when users browse multiple websites in search of the best price for the same product. Surely they don’t want to pay more than the item actually costs. Let them compare, show your clients how much they saved having purchased the product from your website. Such matching will make your customers happy and guarantee they come back to your store for the next purchase.

Live tracking of user activity on the map

This brilliant feature adds action and dynamics to your e-commerce website. The users can observe what is happening on the website they are visiting right now. Actually, they see the map and track the activity of other visitors from different countries, that is, who’s viewing, adding items to wish lists, or ordering them. The feature is rather entertaining and persuades the customer that the store is popular and reliable enough as so many people from overseas also trust and use its service.

Deep real time analyses

Speaking about real-time options that are worth adding into your e-commerce store, it’s impossible to avoid analytical tools as they help you handle large data volumes, web traffic, warehouse data, CRM, competitor prices, and much other information that can be ‘sliced & diced’, and presented for analysis and decision support. This provides you with real-time insight into the e-commerce operation and helps in taking awesome decisions affecting web conversion, marketing success, competitiveness, and ultimate profits. Agree that real-time analytics tracking and audio alerts upon every sale is a cool feature to add to your e-commerce store.

Real time personalized experience for each shopper

Last, but not least, easy to set up tool able to give a personal experience to each customer and increase your sale rates. Here it is – a floating personal footer bar containing brand name, support, site search, social buttons, chat, reward info, and checkout blocks that boost your store and let you automatically offer a real-time personalized experience to each shopper.

Making conclusion, we should mention that in this blog entry we touched on the issue of e-commerce usability only from one angle, analyzing and illustrating some real-time options and their impact on the e-commerce projects. In future posts, we will be considering different issues of e-commerce stores enhancement that help your business to flourish.

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