9 Ways Your Ecommerce Website Development Can Help You Get More Business

Online stores need to boost traffic and conversions. Putting together a stratagem that is effective can be quite tough.

In the second quarter of 2015, U.S. retail online sales smashed $83.9 billion (which includes 6.6% of total sales in the country).

With 110,000 eCommerce websites in America, running a virtual store looks like one easy option. However, 97% of online businesses miss the mark – generally due to terrible website development and management.

How do you build a successful e-commerce website that can help you get more businesses? Continue reading further to find out.

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These 9 tips should assist you in enhancing your profits if you execute them in your e-commerce approach.

9 Ways Your E-commerce Website Development Can Help You Get More Business

1. Focus on Catching Email Subscribers

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective networks your e-commerce store can use to enhance sales, build trustworthiness, produce repeat customers, and keep customers involved.

Many top e-commerce development companies now use email marketing since it has been proven to make major revenue contributions.

Emails provide you with the opportunity to provide a tailored and enticing message to your customers.

To begin with email marketing, actively provide the lead magnets, and promote your newsletters and blogs to achieve as many subscribers as you can.

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2. Implement Yandex Metrica to Your Website

Yandex Metrica is a really good free analytics toolkit for your e-commerce website development company or that you can use on your website yourself in order to enhance your conversion rate.

Yandex Metrica analytics takes it a step further than Google analytics with its thorough reports such as heat maps, user session recordings (to watch how customers are involved with your site), and many more.

3. Integrate Instagram

Instagram now comprises over 500 million active regular users. Instagram is one of the leading social platforms around–connecting customers, influencers, and brands.

With high-quality photos and videos, deliberate use of hashtags, and scheduling posts at the right times, you can build a huge Instagram following of people who are fascinated by your products or services.

How do I get involved with my Instagram audience?

You can try offering competitions or going behind the scenes to feature your product or services. Build shoppable Instagram posts to provide your followers with a direct track to buy, which can assist in enhancing your online sales.

4. Launch a Facebook Store

While Facebook has experienced a number of changes, it remains a feasible platform for social media and e-commerce marketing.
It is easy to start increasing sales through your Facebook store. Better yet, your Facebook store can integrate directly with your Shopify store so you don’t have to keep separate inventory.

5. Use Re-Marketing

Using re-marketing can radically enhance your sales because you are able to display an ad to a customer that may need one more push from you to buy a product.
Re-marketing enables you to create highly engaging personalized ads to website visitors and consumers based on certain actions they have achieved on your website. Leading companies such as Nike, Amazon, and Wal-Mart use this strategy.

6. Create Product Reviews

Product reviews are a great advantage when trying to build customer confidence, boost your conversion rate, and generate more sales.

Product reviews are a form of testimonials. Your visitors will check your reviews to see what people are saying about the product that they're considering for purchase.

Some top Magento web development companies will ask for product reviews. They have created a page committed just for reviews; this motivates customers to submit their feedback as well.

7. Have a Mobile Friendly E-Commerce Store

By 2022, more than 50% of all online shopping is anticipated to occur on mobile devices, as per the Statista. Thus, optimizing your store for mobile means more than just having a responsive design.

It means you’re creating your site with mobile visitors in mind from beginning to end.

Maybe you have a larger “Add to Cart” button on all mobile product pages, making it easier for the visitor to add products to your cart. You might also present your images in a diverse format, making it faster for mobile visitors to load product images and easier to zoom in to get a better look at the products.

8. Optimized Product Pages

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the practice of optimizing your website for on-site conversions and enhanced sales. Practicing CRO assists you in finding problem areas on your site.

Where are you losing sales? Who’s dropping off and why? What can you do to catch those lost opportunities? This process is completed through both qualitative and quantitative research, thus you get a complete and balanced view of how conversion-oriented your site is.

Once you’ve shown your research to recognize challenges and opportunities, you can build hypotheses and tests to see which approaches produce the most sales.

9. Reward Loyal Customers

Paying attention to customer retention is an affordable way to grow online sales. Return customers make up a good part of revenue for shops. Return customers are also proven to buy more over the course of a year.

One way to benefit from trustworthy customers and big spenders are through a consumer rewards program. There are numerous ways both your customers and you can benefit from a rewards program.

Provide customers with an extra incentive to buy and they will keep your brand top-of-mind. You can do this through automated reminders provided to them via email or a mobile app.

You choose how to reward consumers, how often, and for what actions.

For example, you might have a point-based program, which has its own point-based currency that can be converted for discounted products, free delivery, or free gifts.


Choose the right e-commerce platform. An e-commerce platform is a great web solution for online store hosting and maintenance.

It can be a well-thought-out template, like a type of blueprint for your website. Such platforms are every so often referred to as “shopping cart software” since they enable users to select and buy the goods from your catalog.

There are two options out there: hosted and self-hosted e-commerce platforms. If you’re not good at calculating, you’d better use a hosted platform such as Bigcommerce, Weebly E-commerce, or Shopify.

These services offer ready-to-use mobile themes, commercial apps, drag-and-drop goods’ management options, as well as full-time web support.

Entrepreneurs who want to have more control over an online store should consider using a self-hosted (or on-premise) platform. Magento, Open Cart, and WooCommerce are the finest examples of such software.

However, self-managed platforms need some detail and a great understanding of the coding process; the software increases e-commerce website functionality and development options.

Secure socket layer (SSK) is one of the major components of any web store.

The technology encrypts credit card numbers and other personal data, turning online shopping into a captivating and 100% secure experience.

While cloud platforms (Shopify, etc.) ensures data security by default, e-commerce store owner who chooses on-premise solutions should find a dependable e-commerce development company, track every order, and require customers to generate strong passwords.

Don’t avoid mobile users. In 2014, 50.3% of e-commerce website traffic in America was derived from smartphones and tablets. In order to keep mobile users on your website and transform them into leads, you should offer a flawless experience, diminish the page loading time to 3 seconds, and offer coupons.


Even though an e-commerce development company acknowledges the point that written content often prevails over graphics, the influence of design must not be undervalued.

Users form their opinion on your website in less than 50 milliseconds. Here’s what you can do to catch the clients’ consideration:

Offer customers with wide-ranging first-rate photos of your product. About 85% of users remember what they see and not what they read; how might you possibly keep them fascinated? Use light background colors. Also, your photos must be taken from diverse angles.

Zoom choices are very welcome. Until you have a good camera and (at least!) basic knowledge of digital photography, hire an e-commerce website development company with the best retail portfolio.

Easy navigation is essential. The faster consumers find what they need, the better your sales will be. “New Arrivals” and “Recently Viewed” are the two magic tabs that will improve the customer experience and enhance your ROI.

Amazon, one of the world’s largest and most lucrative online vendors, extensively executes these features (as well as drop-down lists) – for customer assessment and continually increasing revenue. Create an outstanding “About Us” page. Write a small, yet eye-catching story, and offer several testimonials.

The images and videos you opt for should be flawless and perfectly define your product and services. Graphics with a social message (Yellow Leaf Hammocks, for example) work best.

Use sliders/separate web pages. FYI, it's a great way to show associated items seen by users who search for similar products or services.

Highlight an excellent return policy

If you were on the wall about buying, what’s the one thing that would instantly make you feel better about making a purchase?

A great return policy

Great return policies are seen as a symbol of quality customer service.

They show that you value the customer experience and that you're confident about your product, so much so that consumers can send it back for a refund if they don't like it.

Return policies straightaway decrease the potential risk your consumers accept when they purchase online.

If you offer free returns within thirty days, with no questions asked, people will be a lot more eager to buy from you.

It is better to hire a Magento development company that can help to achieve wide-ranging e-commerce website development services.

Build relationships through content

Content is an influential tool for connecting with new users who have no idea who you are, providing you with an opportunity to slowly familiarize yourself with them without being too assertive.

Blogging frequently can show that you’re capitalized in your business, your organization, and your customer's glitches, which is always a good sign for customers.

Choose and hire a WooCommerce developer that offers a full range of Magento website development services.

Content can also assist consumers in getting more acquainted with your brand, especially if you share stories and develop a different brand voice.

Both of these things will show the performance behind your brand and assist people in feeling like they really know you and can trust you.

This is further assisted by promising discussions that allow you to connect with people.

However, if users only leave a quick comment, this provides you with a great opportunity to discuss it with them personally, establishing a personal association through their screen and inviting them to go back to the conversation all over again.

Content marketing is also an excellent way to show your know-how. If customers see that you, as the store’s owner, really know your stuff, they’ll believe in the quality of the products or services you offer.

For content marketing to be effective, you should offer high-value, high-quality content every day.

It is always recommended to hire an online website development company or a Magento website development company to get the best e-commerce website designs.

Use an FAQ page to address buying concerns

A strong FAQ page can accomplish a lot

It can respond to user questions about both your brand and your products, reveal your proficiency, provide product information, and show customers how you run your business.

This is just another way for users to get more familiar with your brand and more comfortable with buying from you.

Get in touch with the best WooCommerce development company who always offers excellent development services that will guide you step by step.

Ask for feedback. The approach is similarly advantageous for both e-commerce website promotion and design. Make use of simple feedback forms to ask whether users like your website or not (and why).

Ask customers to leave reviews (nearly 80% of users read the comments written by ordinary people) and offer social media tools to share them.

Consider fine-tuning the feedback button the way it would be available at any time during a user session. Better to hire a WooCommerce development company that will assist in providing comprehensive e-commerce services.


E-commerce is an encouraging IT domain that offers massive opportunities for financial development. Yet, small businesses always fail to repeat the successes of companies like eBay and Amazon.
Website development is a thought-provoking task for every company. Coding issues, poor design, and the lack of marketing strategy result in underwhelming sales.

That’s why it’s so imperative that you come up with a new idea, dedicate much time and energy to website and application development, and promote your store through plentiful networks.

Now the better option is to hire Woocommerce experts that can offer the best e-commerce website development services at very affordable prices.

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