Elementor Marketplace Just Hit the Web Templates Market

Website builders are much of a fuss these days.

Both website owners and web developers are searching for all possible ways to cut expenses and development time.

This is where drag’n’drop builders like Elementor or WPBakery page builder come handy.

FYI, at TemplateMonster marketplace you can find WordPress themes compatible with both of these builders.

What you don’t know is that we’ve opened a new section in our marketplace dedicated to Elementor builder assets solely.


If you think that this section contains just a few WordPress themes, you’re wrong.

First of all, let’s get into the prehistory of this section.

In the last few years, Elementor builder gained immense popularity, which in its turn was a great impulse for its rapid development. Elementor’s early versions will not amaze you with some outstanding features (comparing to what it is right now) but its potential could be sensed from the first moments after the installation. Now you can get not only Elementor compatible themes, but also templates, and plugins.

Elementor Marketplace is the only spot in the digital space where you can find most powerful Elementor builder assets.

So we won’t confuse some terms let’s clarify the meaning of a few Elementor notions: Elementor theme and Elementor template.

Elementor theme - is ANY WordPress theme that is 100% compatible with this builder, with its help you can create all possible and/or impossible layouts, that are not limited by the functionalities of the builder itself.

Elementor template - is a set of building blocks, that are modified with the help of Elementor builder. The template can be added to any website built with Elementor builder. These templates can differ in terms of design and can be altered without modifying original theme files.

What's out There at Elementor Marketplace?

Elementor WordPress Themes

elementor marketplace

The day I wrote this piece there were 204 Elementor WordPress themes in our inventory. These themes are provided by top-vendors of our marketplace thus ensuring top-of-the-line quality and lifetime support.

All these themes are backed by lifetime 24/7 support and are complemented by some awesome things you can find when you add any of these themes to the cart.


Elementor WordPress Plugins

elementor marketplace

If you visit Elementor plugins page, there you will find nine items that will help you edit your website like never before. These plugins will give you total control over your website's headers, footers, widget areas, product pages (in WooCommerce websites), also these plugins let you create other things you never thought you could do with Elementor builder.


JET, PRO & Pure Elementor WordPress Templates

elementor marketplace

Another cool thing is the Elementor templates, if you’re not sure that you want to replace the theme of your website, you can easily add a few pages that will perfectly complement the looks of your site. What’s more important you won’t have to change theme files because these items will be available inside your template library in your website’s admin.

elementor marketplace

At our Elementor marketplace, you will find three types of Elementor templates: JET, PRO, and PURE. If you're good at riddles I think you can get an idea which type means what.

To be fully functional:

Like I said, if you're good at riddles this logic is pretty clear.


Elementor Marketplace is great, but it also includes Elementor themes, templates, and plugins. Another thing is ONE subscription service which comes with a more advanced set of web products. This collection contains more than 8,500 items including Jet plugins, WordPress themes, graphics, HTML and eCommerce templates, presentation templates, etc.

ONE service costs $19/month and enables access to all of the elements available inside the package without limits. Those who follow MonsterPost blog will be pleased to know that we’ve prepared a special bonus for them. It is a 5% discount on the subscription you can get by applying promo code BecomeThe1 to your shopping cart.

Where Else Can You Opt for Elementor Builder Assets, & Why You Shouldn't?

When I was browsing through other marketplaces it was quite difficult to figure out which one contains enough assets for Elementor builder.

As it turns out neither of them has transparent categorization which can present you Elementor WordPress themes. Here’s an example, when I came to MojoMarketplace I used site search because search filter in the left side of the page doesn’t have Elementor reference.

The search itself showed 33 items.

elementor marketplace

Let me say that again, we have more than 200 Elementor themes, plugins, and page templates.

Let’s consider another example.

ThemeForest has the same problem as Mojo, there’s no Elementor reference in the search filter, the search itself found 271 item.

elementor marketplace

Unfortunately, I’m not able to estimate the quality of those Elementor assets, but as I already said I’m not a supporter of independent developers cause marketplaces like Mojo or Envato don't provide product support and if I need help, I'll have to address those developers directly, and what's worse they offer limited support for their products (6 months top).

Let’s say some WordPress theme from ThemeForest seduces me, and I’ll buy it the same day. If I build a website on its basis, I won’t be able to get support from theme's provider in less than 7 months, cause it will expire already, but if I use TemplateMonster marketplace theme for my website I will get both lifetime updates and lifetime support for any product I get there.

For me, this feels like a helping hand that taps my shoulder while I’m dragging and dropping layout blocks (years after the purchase.)


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