Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Social Media

As a business or an entrepreneur, your presence on social media is of utmost importance. Being it a face of your business, your social media profile should be real and authentic.

Your social media presence helps you to drive organic traffic to your business website, generate leads, convert them into customers, and spread your brand awareness.

So much pressure on social media, isn’t it? Yes, it is. And, at times, this much amount of pressure results into doubts and fears of social media. Doubts are uncertainties that result in continual stress; whereas a fear is a normal emotion induced by perceived danger or threat which causes stress, anger, and ultimately a negative change in behavior.

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Doubts and fears have a negative correlation with business success and productivity.

No worries; social media is not a dangerous ditch for you and your brand; it can prove to be a ladder of success if used diligently, confidently, and fearlessly.

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

This is how you can eliminate your social media fears and doubts.

  • Eliminate the fear of facade on social media

How will I look in front of others? What if my posts will not get appreciated or noticed by others? These are the most common doubts and fears for anyone in the first place.

This can be tackled by studying your target customers’ behavior. Understand what your target audience enjoys reading and sharing on social media. Know where they mingle online to socialize and where does their interest lie.

QL Tech Tip: To get some technical insights and information about your target customers, visit some forums that are related to your products and services and the industry you cater. This will enable you to gauge where and how your potential customers hang out online.

Eliminate the doubt of which network is better for you


You will find lot many articles on the Internet saying that Facebook has better engagement rate compared to Twitter and vice-versa. Here, not only you but anyone can get confused regarding the choice of the social network. You may start wondering that only because you are not active on the right platform, you are not getting the estimated or required traction.

Various platforms are known for varied reasons, for example:

  • Twitter: Best for conversations
  • Facebook: Best for advertising
  • LinkedIn: Best for business networking, recruiting and sharing
  • Instagram: Best for sharing images and LIVE stories
  • Google+: Best for creating a social media community

QL Tech Tip: Rather than having a low presence on all channels have a strong presence on selected one or two dedicated social networks to create a consistent brand. A stable engagement in line with your brand has more significance over the number of channels you own.

Eliminate the fear of posting irrelevant or wrong


There is no point of having Figs after Easter. And similarly, you can’t un-fire a gun. Then why to worry? Of course, you should be pretty aware and cautious of what all is going to be there on your feed. For this, you can create a content calendar and share accordingly. Whenever you reply to someone, do check for grammar as well as the relevance of your content.

And, in case if any of post creates controversy, handle it with a complete positive approach. If anything is wrong from your end which has upset others, do apologize. And, if there is anything which you don’t agree, present it in a pleasant and soft manner. Communication should be very careful, be it technical or usual. The gist of the story is you should not get diverted from your ultimate goal of social media marketing. Keep traveling your journey with a focus on the ultimate goal of visitors and conversions.

QL Tech Tip: Have pleasure with the social media marketing campaigns and related communication. Just entertain your followers with fresh, relevant, and appealing content.

Eliminate the fear of public comments


Social media provides ample benefits at a very low cost to any brand. But, it is a double-edged sword too. At any time, you can be praised and at any time, your leg can be pulled. There is a strong level of fear in people of public comments and negative feedback. But, it all depends upon your quality of content on social media. So, don’t restrict yourself by a fever of social fear and never stop yourself from posting on a timely basis. The only care you should take care is of your posts. They should be compelling and engaging. Handle all sort of feedback gracefully and stay active on social networks.

QL Tech Tip: Avoid uninspiring content and a lack of innovation to earn positive engagement. Never let your fear snatch the advantage of social media power from you.

Eliminate the doubt of investing time vs. wasting time


Once you get your foot on social networks, time starts flying like anything. It may happen that you have not made a single post but when you look at the clock, already hours have been passed. Conversely, in a couple of minutes, you can post more than one posts and can even earn good engagement too.

So doubt here is are you investing your time on social media or just wasting your time on it? Well, this too can be eliminated by having decency in what you do and how you do. Whenever you feel like posting anything, look at the same content from brand’s target audiences’ point of view. Is it worth? If yes, then only invest time to share.

QL Tech Tip: Never post or share any random content on social media just for the sake of daily posting. Prefer to be consistent, not constant.

Eliminate the fear of losing network


Once you open social profile, surely you will start getting followers. Some of them would be relevant and some won’t. Those who are not relevant will automatically leave following you. And those who are relevant to your industry will stay with you to enjoy the tips, strategies, images and other content you post. This is an absolutely normal case with anyone.

However, fear crops up of losing relevant network. What if any influence who was following you have run away? How to deal with such scenarios? How to bring them back and what should be done to retain other dedicated followers?

Remember that the people that unfollow you or unfriend you are the ones whom you don’t need. The entire concept of social media is identifying the like-minded people that are interested in your brand. If they need something from you, they will surely follow back you.

QL Tech Tip: Proactively engage and interact, not only with your existing audience but also with the prospective customers.

Closing thoughts – now no more fear or doubts

Hope after reading these tips, you now no more hold any sort of fear or doubt. Social media is an awesome ocean for you to dig pearls called website visitors to whom you can convert into leads. Approach social network with proper care and analytical intelligence and start reaping benefits of social media presence.


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