Top 5 WordPress Events Plugins 2020: When and How to Use Events Management Functionality on WordPress Sites

  1. How to find an efficient event planner calendar
  2. What are the benefits of such plugins?
  3. The best event planner calendar plugins
  4. Social Media Integration Plug-ins

When launching a WP webpage you will get a rather limited spectrum of services. You can buy optional event planner calendar extensions in case your project requires an ability to administer performances.

The standard WordPress set of tools does not contain any mechanisms to sell tickets via the webpage. Also, it does not allow listing the activities. Therefore, a business owner may think of buying relevant plugins to make such options possible.

An efficient event planner calendar will organize all your current, future, and recurring activities in a suitable way to attract new potential clients through Google traffic. This software extension enables business holders to place and track any types of activities in one place (meetings, conferences, games, or a combination of several issues), to promote and administer them.

How to find an efficient event planner calendar

Choose one out of more than 2,300 themes that WordPress introduces to the clients and use a suitable plugin to broaden the scope of available means to advertise performances.

Step 1

Before selecting relevant software, answer the following questions:

  • What kind of activities will the WP page promote?
  • Do you need a list of several activities or an all-in-one event calendar?
  • Does the enterprise work mainly with unpaid or commercial performances?
  • What data do the customers need?
  • How ambitious are the events and what assistance do you expect?

This data enables customers to limit the range of existing software and to take the most efficient.

Step 2

Decide whether you prefer to apply a free version, a paid solution, or a freemium.

To do it, analyze the finances your project or company has and the demands. A moderate budget will lead you to unpaid plugins with a range of simple tools, whereas a premium package will bring an opportunity for a return on your investment if you are going to distribute entry cards for the performances.

Also, a complicated webpage with a wide range of paid activities will probably require an extended event planner calendar including more functions, while a page for a free workshop will fulfill its need with free software.

In case of doubts, business owners can examine a freemium version. A free and restricted version of a plugin is a good way to study and assess how it works and what elements that could improve website efficiency are underdeveloped or do not exist. Later, entrepreneurs can change to a commercial account.

Step 3

Finalize a list of existing event planner calendar plugins and inspect them thoroughly.

Check and examine the major parameters:

  • the catalog of operations and the extent it matches the demands of the business;
  • prices and the flexibility of the available budget;
  • rankings and reviews other users place about it;
  • compatibility of the add-on with the WP release the company uses;
  • the support that the developer brings to their customers.

What are the benefits of such plugins?

You have the ability to insulate information about the occasion from blog posts, products description, and other contributions on the website. It allows owners to easily add data about ticket prices and venues to the activity card.

All-in-one event calendar. This service will show all occasions in one place. This will help site visitors monitor activities more suitably without searching through several pages. With one click, they will find information about the occasion that has attracted their attention.

Ticketing and registration. People will most likely visit the shows and workshops if they can register or purchase tickets via the website. Depending on the plugin, businessmen can assign and grade prices.

Moreover, some software extensions enable performers to track and manage the partakers or scan the entrance cards.

The best event planner calendar plugins

The Events Calendar

This add-on suits for WordPress Versions 4.7 or higher and PHP Version 5.6 or higher. It is free to use for different types of businesses.

The extension creates an opportunity to:

  • quickly design an event that could be viewed from any type of gadget (mobile, tablet and desktop)
  • opt from a list of saved organizers and locations
  • add the activity search option, event ticketing, Google Maps, and a set of next performances
The Events Calendar
The Events Calendar
Developer: The Events Calendar
Price: Free

My Calendar WordPress Plugin

The add-on suits for WP Versions 4.4 or higher and PHP Version 5.3 or higher. It is free; however, more options are accessible via the premium My Calendar Pro extension.

The tool offers:

  • a convenient calendar grid, as well as it enables owners to see the list of activities' views
  • an opportunity to place a mini-calendar, current and upcoming occasions as a widget
  • integration of the events calendar recurring events plan
  • Email notification and administration of venues

Events Manager

This software can be applied for WordPress Versions 4.3 or higher and PHP Version 5.3 or higher. The add-on is free of charge and has a premium version with advanced services.

This event planner calendar enables business owners to:

  • enter single-day, long, and recurring activities
  • administer booking procedures
  • trade multiple tickets
  • assign the time zone, location and event categories

The plugin is compatible with the BuddyPress Event add-on.

There are two more interesting services that are free and could be useful for smaller web pages and enterprises with modest budgets.

BuddyPress Event Plugin

This add-on suits for WordPress Versions 4.0 or higher. It is free and helps owners design, modify, and withdraw activities. More options are available with its premium BuddyPress Simple Events version.

The interface integrates with Google Maps and Google Places to manage the occasion location. It will provide a tab on members' profiles to modify them accordingly and an opportunity to add a widget. The plugin employs WP templates. It does not support ticketing and recurring events.

BuddyPress Simple Events
BuddyPress Simple Events
Developer: PhiloPress
Price: Free

Social Media Integration Plug-ins

Collaboration with social platforms becomes essential for every event planner calendar. However, there are several add-ons designed to import Facebook events to WordPress.

These extensions support web pages with an opportunity to transfer activities from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and several standard calendars (Google, Outlook, Apple) to a webpage developed in WordPress. They also can provide a widget for WordPress Facebook events.

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