7 Powerful Reasons for Starting Facebook Messenger Marketing

Email openings are going down right now. If you want to ride the Third Wave of the Internet and be on top of it, you have to adapt to changes, learn new things and discover the new marketing trends. And one of them is using Facebook Messenger in marketing strategy. Have you ever thought you could use it this way? No?

Just look at the statistics. You’ll be even more interested.

Facebook is overwhelmed with giveaways. People often participate in different types of them. However, not every business owner is sure what kind of Facebook giveaway is most suitable for their business. Which variant can allow you to get the most out of your ideas? Turn to these 20 amazing Facebook giveaways examples that should inspire you. Such case studies allow taking a look at the most engaging ideas. In addition to this, you will find out why they turned out to be so successful. In general, there are several key aspects you should keep in mind while preparing your Facebook giveaway.

  1. Make sure that the prize has something to do with your brand. It will increase the number of people who will take part in your giveaway.
  2. Your Facebook giveaway should be engaging and vibrant. Focus on visuals and impact the potential contestants with their presentation.
  3. It will be nice if you devote your giveaway to a special event or holiday.

If you are interested in looking through some specific examples, do not forget about a link on the top. You will be able to get familiar with the real-world ideas that give guidance and inspiration.

The growing popularity

More and more marketers are starting to focus on Facebook as a high-rate conversion channel.

According to Ofcom Communications Market Report 2017, more than half of the total mobile audience used Facebook Messenger (61%) and half used WhatsApp (50%) in March 2017. Both properties are owned by Facebook.

facebook messenger marketing

Moreover, Facebook is the second most popular destination (after Google-owned sites and apps), by time spent (611 million hours), including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

facebook messenger marketing

Different perception

Facebook inbox is a new way to reach your ideal audience. There are lots of reasons why the clients prefer to communicate with a brand by messages. For example, it’s a convenient way to get the answers to questions or some kind of usage instructions.

facebook messenger marketing

Getting connected with people through messaging services is a direct, fast and preferred channel for most users. Push notifications can undoubtedly be helpful, but some users find them annoying. Clients also ignore e-mails and spend a lot of time on social networks. And it’s highly recommended nowadays to include Messenger as a marketing tool.

These are the benefits you can get by incorporating Messenger into your marketing strategy:

  • Your post will reach more people in the newsfeed, therefore your organic traffic will increase.
  • Questions are answered immediately and create an amazing experience (for example, after submitting an issue people don’t need to wait until it has been processed as in a ticketing system).
  • You get the feedback directly from your prospects.

Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots

Generating the stream

How can you generate this new income stream? You’re able to use different types of interaction:

  • Discounts or sales for limited time periods
  • Coupons or promo codes
  • Questions to your audience
  • Free trial offers
  • Surveys
  • Online orders
  • … and much more!

How can you let people know about you? Just give them your code! It looks like this one:

Messenger code works like QR code and delivers you right to the page. Minimum effort, maximum efficiency.

The Key to Any Successful Business

The process of converting visitors into customers is the key factor of any business. With FM it can be simple and effective.

facebook messenger marketing campaigns

Let’s discover this process, and divide it into four steps:

Step 1. Create a Facebook post. It should be:
  • with an eye-catching image
  • with CTA (we want the comments to be able to reach out to them and provoke a response)
  • related to what you are going to promote via the Facebook private message

Viral images also work well (better with a CTA overlay).

Step 2. Drive traffic.
  • Some of the existing fans of your page will see the post in their newsfeed. Don’t forget to send messages privately to increase your reach.
  • Use ads (even if you have a small budget). Facebook charges a lot when you source them off Facebook, but for internal ads, it’s extremely cheap.
  • Email your list and link to your Facebook post.
Step 3. Set up Discount, Sale, Coupon etc.
  • Decide on the objective of your campaign
  • Open the line of communication with your offering (discount, limited-time sale, campaign, etc.)
  • Set up the necessary steps (e.g., choose a winner if it’s a giveaway, etc.)
Step 4. Send private messages to your prospects.

Use the list of people who comment on your Facebook posts, or open profiles and send messages to establish a process of communication.

You can also embed Facebook chat widget into your website (for example, WhatsHelp Widget is pretty nice and super easy to implement), and let the visitors connect with you directly without leaving your web page!


Messenger is becoming one of the most effective methods of converting users of the mobile app into customers. And with the help of chatbots, it can be the most powerful tool to interact with the customers.

rules for facebook messenger marketing

There are services allowing you to create chatbots and apply lots of scenarios, automating the communication process and making it super-fast and easy. One of them is ManyChat. Just try it to see the benefit. The basic tutorials are here.

By the way, you can scan Messenger code above, click ‘Get Started’ and see what will happen!

Reasons to use Facebook Messenger

rules for facebook messenger marketing

As you can see, this channel has lots of advantages. And the main are:

  1. It’s a direct line of communication. One-on-one interaction is awesome for closing hot sales (the backbone of any business).
  2. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, it can be applied to any business.
  3. Personal responses will give you a significant boost in income.
  4. Trust really boosts conversion. Building trust is important for any business.
  5. Automated level of interaction with customers.
  6. Has 100% inboxing rate (3x open rate compared to emails).
  7. Increase your Facebook page responsiveness score.

Aren’t you using it yet? Just give it a try and the results won’t be long in coming.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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