Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads? Which Advertising Platform is Better for Business Specific Objectives?

Marketing and advertising are among the major pillars of carrying on an online business. The internet population is increasing day by day to pursue their interests. Some are searching for a product or service, while others may be finding different ways to make money. The interest and inclination of users categorize them into different target audiences, which the advertising agencies and platforms are highly in search for.

The advertising platforms like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn have different approaches to promotions because they were developed for varying causes. For example, Google is a search engine that specializes in collecting information about websites, whereas Facebook is an entertainment forum. It simply means that every business should recognize the nature of an advertising platform and plan a campaign accordingly.

When to use Facebook?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads? Which Advertising Platform is Better for Business Specific Objectives?

Facebook is primarily a social media channel where every user signs up for entertaining posts. The purpose of this platform is to amuse the users rather than showing the ads explicitly.

If you intend to advertise on Facebook, you have to add an element of fun to the posts that do not seem to be clearly promotional. Once you have a wider audience on this platform, you can make yours posts viral and reach thousands of users.

You can try implementing different strategies to increase the followers your Facebook. Using their targeted ads is one way, whereas most of the websites use social login to allow customers to sign-in via social networks.

For example, a number of eCommerce websites use social logins to facilitate users in easily creating and signing in to their website. You will need to install a plugin for it, just like the way you do in WordPress to add an option. The Magento Facebook login is a recommended extension for store owners who are having Magento as the core eCommerce application.

Being a social networking website, Facebook has accumulated loads of user information that includes their name, date of birth, gender, nationality, education, profession, interests, and the city or country they belong to.

The possession of such an enormous data about users makes the Facebook is worth considering the option for B2C advertising. You can run a campaign by narrowing the audience whose share a common interest with that of your products or services. You are suggested to advertise on Facebook if you aim to

Offer something distinct – People are browsing their news feed in search of amusing images and videos. Reaching them with routine products is not a good idea. If you are something unique to bring to the table, they will surely have a look at it; else they will keep on scrolling down the page.

Reach direct consumers – Facebook is a populated by individuals. The businesses are identified with separate pages that are kept quite distinct from the user profiles. If your business model is targeting the direct consumers, this platform can prove fruitful for your promotional campaigns.

Has a limited budget – Start with as low as you afford. Allocate a maximum per day budget, select your audience and go live without spending lavishly on the billboards and banners on top-rated blogs. Your budget has a defined yield in reach and page likes.

Sell fun products – The requirement of offering fun products is sometimes considered a must for Facebook advertising because they are only attracted to the posts that are pleasing and entertaining. You can always add fun to the way you display products.

Generate qualified leads – The users may not react to your Facebook ads instantly, but they would like to follow your page at least. It is a token of trust that they are interested in your products and that they might convert into customers at a later stage. These leads are lazy but rewarding.

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Who needs to try LinkedIn Ads?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads? Which Advertising Platform is Better for Business Specific Objectives?

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. The companies, small to medium and corporate level, ensure their presence and expect professionals to follow, interact, and apply for jobs. While using LinkedIn, you may have to follow formal and ethical practices, because your target audience is educated and highly skilled.

The possession of an educated and business community makes LinkedIn an effective and powerful tool for B2B advertising campaigns. This platform is housed by more than 380 million professionals who have an adequate knowledge of technology and its use. The small, medium and large enterprises have a strong presence on LinkedIn to acquire talented individuals as well as to grow their affiliation with industry giants.

Who should advertise on LinkedIn?

As discussed earlier, LinkedIn is populated by working professionals. If you are something to offer to companies, employees, self-employed individuals, or the upper-level management, you can easily reach them.

For example, the employees are browsing LinkedIn to find more career prospects. You can reach them with motivational books and seminars, professional development courses, a workshop for soft skills, etc., whereas, the corporate executives might be looking forward to partnership programs, growing talent, and startup ideas.

In short, LinkedIn can prove to be a fruitful tool if your target audience is the educated and mature ones. Because advertising toys and gifts for the kids are not going to work here.

Google Ads – who can take benefit of this?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads? Which Advertising Platform is Better for Business Specific Objectives?

Google is among the pioneering digital advertising companies. Every day, millions of people search for their interests, and Google shows them ads relevant to their search queries. The visitors are classified with their regional and linguistic differences, which makes it easier for a business to reaching an audience from a geographical location.

Just like Google, as a search engine is beneficial for users of all ages, genders, and professions, the Google Ads network also suffice the needs of all. It empowers you to find the volume of your target audience by finding business keywords along with its monthly searches and competition.

The Google ads are not for the companies that are promoting something that is not commonly searched. The new innovation in science and technology require an explicit endorsement on educational forums because Google ads are shown only the people looking for similar products.

For example, a user may log on to Google to find a pair of shoes from famous brands, and he expects to view ads of relevant stores, and may ignore an innovative design in shoes by a new or less familiar manufacturer. You can try AdWords for:

  • Getting loads of relevant traffic to your website
  • Expecting a higher ROI for ad campaigns
  • Targeting regional specific audiences
  • Instant presence on SERPs

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Final thoughts

More than 40% of the world population has got access to the internet, which is making it another world operating parallel to the real one. People are searching for products, services, jobs, tricks and tips, educational articles, and lots of other things on different platforms. The advertising agencies are continuously hunting for the relevant traffic.

The Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google are equally beneficial for digital advertising because have an enormous possession of user demographics. Achieving better results for your promotional campaigns depends on the nature of your products, the way you present it on the right platform.

As discussed above, Facebook is an ideal option for reaching the direct customers, whereas LinkedIn is preferred for collecting business to business leads. And, Google seems to be all rounder by owning data of millions of data. Every platform is fruitful in its own domain. The decision is up to you how and to whom you need to endorse a product.

Author bio: Paul Simmons is a digital marketing veteran and has a knack of discussing different advertising tools and resources. He is currently serving FME Addons which is a custom web development company. With industry exposure of more than 9 years, he is now well versed in supervising and managing eCommerce development projects.


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