How to Market Your Business for Free with Pay with a Tweet

Would you like to be able to advertise your products and grow a new audience lightning-fast and for absolutely no charge? Sounds great, doesn’t it? There is quite an effective way of doing that. “Pay with a Tweet” plugin is an ultramodern and powerful solution that can be incredibly useful for site owners and bloggers. Well, let’s get down to business.

This plugin allows you to sell any downloadable product for the price of a tweet. In other words, your visitors get access to your content once they post about you on one of the social networks. In this way, you can generate as many leads as possible in the short run, without wasting thousands of dollars on commercials and developing a unique product promotion strategy. It is one the most effective free ways to advertise your business online and go viral. Of course, you are going to need some good content to offer, as it ensures more people visit your page.

How it Works

Pay with a Tweet works like a pyramid system when users download a product and share this news on the timeline. Their friends and followers see that news, follow the link and the process goes on and on. Hence, your potential customers find you by themselves and you do basically nothing, except watch your business grow.


There is no surprise that this approach has become quite a popular trend in modern business. It allows you to save about $5000 in your social marketing budget. Let your customers work for you without paying a dime for advertising. You may say that it sounds mean and unfair, but there is nothing deceptive about it as you offer some good content in exchange for a tweet. Eventually, everyone is happy and gets what he needs.

Features and Functions

Let’s take a look at some features of Pay with a Tweet plugin

  • Customizable buttons
  • Customizable dialog
  • Statistic tool
  • Multiple language support
  • Inbuilt shortcode
  • Widget

This is not the complete list. There are a number of other options and tools that help you manage your content more effectively. Besides that, no coding skills are required, so even users who don’t know a thing about HTML can process the extension quite quickly.

When Pay with a Tweet is installed, you should create a button with the offer. For that you are going to fill in a short form and embed the code into your website. This is pretty much it. Now visitors will be able to see the offer and download your music, videos, books or whatever in exchange for promotional tweets.


So, now you know how to market your business for free . Go ahead and benefit from this awesome extension. If you have designed a similar kind of plugin or found another one like it on the Internet, feel free to contact us and we will add it to this post.

Alex Samoylenko

Alex is passionate about all the things related to WordPress and Elementor in particular. At MonsterPost, you can find a handful of cool tutorials shared by him.

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