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What comes to your mind when you think about a feminine design? It’s probably something pink, and tender, with a childish look and feels, with flowers, rainbows, bunnies, and other cuties. But how many women you know really like such designs? Humanity has strong stereotypes about all the “girly things,” never mind that nowadays, in the 21st century, gender borders in social life vanish. The splendid gender builds family, and business develops personal and physical skills, takes responsibility for their lives, and isn’t afraid of anything. Today we will talk about feminine logo designs - how they are formed, the rules, and trends, and why people are mistaken in their associations. 

Feminine logo Designs

First of all, you should keep in mind that women are creatures with so many sides, formed by different social, cultural, religious, and budget aspects. The layout that attracts a teenager won’t grab a career 40+ years old woman, so define your target audience before starting your brand concept creation. In this article, you will find the basis of feminine logo design building, the features it should include, and the latest trends to apply to your brand.

Main Features of Feminine Logo Designs

Logos are divided into seven categories, and each of them has its peculiarities.

  • Monogram logos (or letter marks). These are typographic and consist of letters - as a rule, they are brand initials. For example, NASA, HBO, and H&M.
  • Wordmarks. They are similar to the previous ones but have the main focus on the brand name itself. Google and Coca-Cola have such an option. 
  • Pictorial. These are the symbols representing a company, like a bird for Twitter, and an apple for Apple.
  • Abstract. The name speaks for itself - it is something that reflects the sense, but not the form. Pepsi and Adidas brands use such types.
  • Mascots. It’s a cartoonish image of a live being/animal, which symbolizes a company. For example, the KFC logo with Mr. Colonel.
  • Combination mark. The logo combines several types, like Burger King - it has features of typo (wordmark) and abstract circles. 
  • Emblem. It’s a symbol with a font inside. Just remember what Starbucks’s logo looks like and decide if you want to use such an option for your brand.

Depending on which type you choose, you will know how to apply feminine design features to create a logo. Several details add femininity to any form. It is a small set of characteristics that can be combined, replaced, or superimposed on each other.

Pink Color Scheme

People stereotypically consider pink to be girlish because it is associated with purity, naivety, and carelessness. Complementing the design with such a palette will make it softer and more childish. Suppose you aim to grab a more mature and serious audience. In that case, it is better to avoid aggressive or acidic shades of this range - they will not convey the desired atmosphere and will not show your professionalism.

Thin Lines and Accurate Shapes

Tenderness and sophistication are the main companions of femininity. You should execute your design in subtle neat forms not to impart coarseness and sharpness to the pattern. Lines that smoothly merge into one another, roundness, and small hidden details will create the right message and make it clear to your client that he is in the right place.

Nurturing and Sentimentalism

Don’t be afraid to go into the total cuteness and dive into the feelings. Your logo can reflect a happy woman with a child, or animal, doing her hobby, dancing with flowers, or whatever that brings her pleasure. It is okay to feel and show your emotions, and brave girls do it!


Femininity is about inner strength and equality in rights. Therefore, do not be afraid to use neutral designs in your branding - If you have a strong concept idea, then bring it to life and achieve success. Remember that the main thing is to be yourself, and then it will be easy for you to win any client.

20 Top-Notch Feminine Logo Designs


Butterfly Logo Template

This design is very delicate and touching. The author creates such an effect using the central figure’s soft outlines - there are no strict outlines. Besides, in combination with such a color scheme, this layout shines with feminity. You can easily change or add elements, and supplement them with the name of your company. It will decorate any page on social networks and complement your website.

So Flowery Branding Kit

So Flowery Feminine logo Designs

Minimalism is one of the main trends in the world of creativity. In this brand kit, you will have 18 different variants executed in this style. Each of them is unique, and delicate, with feminine elements of berries, flowers, petals, and twigs. It looks great on gift wrapping and is suitable for any beauty business, such as selling cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories.

So Female Branding Kit

So Female Branding Kit

This option is another piece of elegant art. The set includes many different logo options, all of which have a common concept but other goals. There is also the logo of the brand of clothing, cosmetics, bakery, dance studio, and much more. Thanks to such a variety, you can use it even for a chain of stores and subsidiaries - it is recognizable and stands out from others.

Woman Linda

Lina Feminine logo Designs

Legends, poems, and odes are written about female beauty because it inspires any creator to do something beautiful. This logo is not an exception. It depicts a beautiful girl in black and white. Since it has no unnecessary elements, you can apply such a sketch in any direction of your business - use it for branded stickers, prints, or your studio logo. And by adding your name and company symbols to it, this asset becomes a great face of a beauty company and appeals to a woman of any age.

Beautifully Shaped Leaf

Beautifully shaped Leaf Feminine logo Designs

Affection and childlike naivete prevail in this asset, which makes it very cute. Floral inserts complete the picture and create an atmosphere of calmness, serenity, and trust. It always has a positive effect on branding because it is important for each client to feel confident in providing him services. This logo will be a great tool for flower companies, skin, and hair care suppliers, and even herbal and tea vendors.


Delicious - Feminine logo Designs

This design’s name speaks for itself - the assets included in it are really tasty, both from an aesthetic and marketing point of view. These logos are ideal for grocery suppliers, bakeries, pastry chefs, and family cafes. They look cozy and create a family atmosphere while remaining fashionable and capturing even fastidious customers’ attention.

Lips and Tongue Vector

Lips and Tounge Feminine logo Designs

It is a bold design option for companies that provide exclusive products and services. It looks extravagant, sexy, and feminine, so both female and male audiences will like it. Such a logo will adorn the brand of lingerie, sex shop, and any goods for adults. If you need to edit the elements, you can easily do it using Adobe software or order our customization services.

Tree Women

Tree Women Logo Design

Another elegant option for your business. Naturalistic figures such as a tree, leaves, and branches dominate there, and the round shape betrays the image of completeness and integrity. You may apply this asset to create branding for environmental organizations and projects, various women's movements, or a gardening store.

Esport Rebel

E-Sport Rebel Logo Template

The world of gaming has long been open to everyone, and it is stereotypical to think that gaming is a man's lot. There are many women's teams that hold the leading positions in esports competitions. This logo is the spirit of female rebellion and independence, strength, and courage, including play. You can use it as a logo for your team or development team. Made in neon punk style, it will grab the attention of users.

Natural Packaging

Natural Packaging Design Set

Floral patterns are always relevant. They are at the forefront of the creative world, along with watercolor painting and minimalism. Moreover, this is one of the main attributes of femininity. Combined with this color scheme, it looks stylish and modern. Perfect for the design of branded packaging, stickers, and postcards.

Modern Business Card

Modern Business Card

Having a beautiful business card is important for every careerist because it demonstrates your social status, serious approach to work, and professionalism. This option will suit any confident woman because it has fashionable shades with a stylish minimalistic design. You can easily put your logo, contact information, and work schedule, as well as all the necessary details that your potential client needs to know.

Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop Feminine logo Designs

The layout of this logo is very delicate and neat. It depicts a beautiful woman linearly, framed by an elegant script font and a classic Serif typeface. This sketch will be perfect for a women's goods store, beauty products, cosmetics, and accessories. You can replace the background, colors and add accessories to the main image, making it more interesting and thus adapting it to your business’s specifics.

Naturally Beautiful

Naturally Beautiful Feminine logo Designs

Ethnic style always attracts users' attention because it affects our subconscious. We feel awe and trust in such compositions because they cool us to our roots. This logo has several color options, with geometric flowing shapes. It is perfect for representatives of the beauty industry, clothing brands, prints, and postcards.

Brain Light

Brain Light Logo Template

If you want to create a unique and unusual logo, then this template is a great choice! It symbolically conveys bright ideas, new solutions, and technologies. Therefore it will decorate any IT startup, school, or educational center. With such fancy branding, it is easy to promote it and attract new clients! You can replace colors with others and add your name in a few clicks.

Cycle Chain Brain

Cycle Chain Brain Logo

Another stylish option for smart businesses. If you are the owner of a design studio, have a development team, and want to attract new investors, then you need great, vibrant branding to convey your professionalism at a glance. With this template, it will be easy and simple, and you will quickly create a successful brand image and earn a large client base.

Music Wine

Music Wine Logo template

Are you looking for an unusual option for decorating your business? Then we can congratulate you! This logo is perfect for establishments with wine drinks, live music, small shops of exclusive gourmet goods. You can change fonts, colors, add your name, and other products you want to sell. The central figure will remain vibrant and will positively influence the memorization of your company.


COVA Feminine logo Designs

This design is very elegant and graceful. With its warm pastel color scheme and round shapes, it looks complete and complete. It is perfect for a perfume brand, women's accessories. And the stylish font of the Sans Serif family will adorn any classic logo.

Digital Brain

Digital Brain Feminine logo Designs

The twenty-first century is the era of technology and development. Therefore, developing and creating projects in this industry is a very profitable business. On the other hand, there are many companies, and you need to be special in your field to stand out and get your loyal client. With this model, it will be easy for you to impress potential customers and start a successful IT field career.

Fly Bird

Fly-bird Feminine logo Designs

The hummingbird is a fast and quivering bird that benefits the environment. Such a logo, made in a feminine style, looks tender and sensual. You can use these two aspects to create a symbol of the company and build the belief that you do your services quickly and efficiently. It will contribute to your further development and building a successful association with the company.

Hand Care Butterfly

Hand Care Butterfly Logo Template

This logo harmoniously combines graceful elements of femininity, like a butterfly figurine and a delicate female hand. Its orientation also emphasizes the bright pink color. Such a model will perfectly complement the brand book of a beauty salon, distributors, cosmetics, skin, and hair care suppliers.

Summing Up

When creating a brand, you need to understand your target audience. If you are focused on providing women services, your logo should align with the business’s direction. With our collection of feminine logo designs, it will be easy for you to launch a cool and stylish brand that you can promote, distribute and expand.

All designs are fully editable, so you can easily diversify them with your corporate elements. The main thing is to remain unique and strive to convey your idea to customers and not run after money. Women have different taste preferences, but a certain set of rules and elements can make a universal pattern that will appeal to anyone. Get creative, learn new tricks and stay tuned!

Feminine Logo Designs FAQ

How can I edit feminine logo designs?

The editing process might be different and depends on the source file format. There are several options: PSD, Canva (PDF), and EPS. If you face such a task for the first time, you can refer to our PSD tutorials or follow the official Canva design school. To save your time, you may also consider hiring our additional services: we will change the color scheme, font, taglines, personalize the overall layout with our “hire a designer” option. We also offer a custom logo creation service to have your unique branding made in few business days.

Can I register feminine logo designs as an official trademark?

You cannot use it for the creation of the official trademark under a personal or commercial license. To get an exclusive right, you should go for the “Buyout license” offer. We will remove the template from all our directories and never upload it for sale again. To get this option, please, contact us or join our pre-sales chat.

Can I sell my feminine logo designs with TemplateMonster?

Of course! To become an author, read the information on this page and register your account. Then you need to upload your templates for review. This process takes about two business days, and our team will email you with requirements, corrections, and approval notes. You can also refer to our knowledge base and learn how to boost your sales, update your items, and more!

Can I use feminine logo designs for my projects?

Yes, you can use such designs to create a project for the client. Please note: you need a Commercial license to operate legally. You can also join the MonsterONE subscription and get thousands of graphic assets for free unlimited downloads and use any model as many times as you require.


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