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Fox Illustration one way of Making Your Life Colorful

  1. Kinds of fox illustrations
  2. Use of fox illustrations
  3. Inspiration
  4. Creating digital fox illustration

We subconsciously choose things with beautiful and attractive illustrations, as we are all kids inside and we adore pictures. But have you ever thought of the functions of the illustrations and how the world might look without them? Imagine a gray, boring world, where you know nothing about creativity. Illustrations are the tools which help us support our thoughts, to color text and even products, and make things clear and easy to understand.

fox illustrations

These days, a huge number of various illustrations have been created to satisfy each customer. The number of illustrations is really large. Some picturesque illustrations are extremely helpful as they suggest dozens of various illustrations grouped not only by genre (art and painting supplies, autumn, birds, etc.) but also with the style (vintage, using watercolors). This website can suit any person and his/her preferences. For instance, as it is now autumn, why not choose a set of autumn illustrations connected with this beautiful season?

Humanity is concerned about the environment and nature, so pictures with animals are the most preferred. However, it is surprising to find that among all animals the frequency of using fox images is really high. Why is that? Maybe it’s because the fox is an interesting and unpredictable animal, which can also be cute and dangerous at the same time. This contradictory characteristic helps the fox stand out and be welcomed among customers. So this article will be devoted to fox illustrations. In order to make the information comprehensive we suggest a brief plan.

  1. Kinds of fox illustrations
  2. Usage of fox illustrations
  3. Inspiration
  4. Creating digital fox illustrations

Kinds of fox illustrations

In order to suit every personality and situation there are many different kinds of fox illustrations. It is possible to find a retro fox illustration, a red fox illustration, a cute fox illustration, a vintage fox illustration, a fox face illustration, and a lot of others. All these kinds depend on the aim of your illustration as there are various classifications depending on the appearance, background, additional elements, and other features. So let’s find out a few of the most popular kinds of fox illustrations searched on the internet.

The first one is of course retro fox illustrations. They differ from others by the additional elements especially ornaments and an extreme closeness to reality. That is why the retro fox illustration looks like a real fox with all the right proportions of the body (long tail and body, while head is small). One more noticeable feature is that they look like the pictures from fairytale books created in the last century. So if you are interested in this kind of fox illustration, at the end of this article you will learn how to create digital retro fox illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.

WordPress birthday

Similar to the retro illustration is the vintage fox illustration. Here, foxes are presented mostly in their habitat (forests, fields, near their burrow) and also in the process of catching prey.

Cute fox illustrations are no less popular than the two previous, and at the same time completely different from them. The animal looks more like a fake character from cartoons, but at the same time it helps to break stereotypes that this animal has only antagonistic characteristics. This group definitely involves pictures from retro and vintage fox illustration, as there is no strong boundary between cute and scary pictures. As for the characteristics, we can find that the mouth together with the eyes is bigger than usual and it looks like the combination of the dog and the cat to create the atmosphere of kindness. To get that atmosphere different extra elements are used. For instance, characters can be dressed in clothes, or surrounded by vegetables and fruits (to pretend that they are not predators). By using a cute fox drawing you can find a lot of funny, interesting, and somehow childish pictures, samples of how to draw them, and ready templates for coloring.

Fox face illustrations can also be cute, vintage and retro.

It is extremely important that you not think that the illustration is only about what you create (whether you draw a part of the fox or a full body, whether it is cute or retro), but also how you create. There are two main types of tools used for digital illustration: bitmapped (also known as "raster") and vector applications. The main difference between them is that raster graphics are composed of pixels, while vector graphics are composed of paths. So “vector fox illustration” can be entered in a browser search line.

So just think of what you need and with the help of the internet you can find almost everything. But what if you do not know what you want and need? In this case you need to find inspiration.

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

Use of fox illustrations

Illustrations can be used for numerous purposes and in different areas. We can find them everywhere (in children’s books, advertisements, book covers, newspapers, in supermarkets, etc.). Using illustrations helps to attract people, to make gray and boring text colorful and appealing, and helps the audience to understand the gist of the story.

Additionally, fox illustrations can be used in icons and logos. There should not be disagreement in saying that the most famous and recognizable brand which uses a fox illustration is Mozilla Firefox. A lot of other companies use the picture of the fox as an emblem of their company. Despite the fact that people used to believe that foxes were treacherous, sly, and sneering, they can also be creative, thoughtful, and charming. Everything is related to the manner, style, and general way of presenting the fox.

So to simplify the process of searching for a good vector fox illustration we need to know the purpose for it (for example, you would not use a cute fox illustration in scientific text), the style, and maybe the origin. Some say that the origin does not matter, but cultural factor can also play a role. The easiest sample is a tea fox illustration, which came from Japanese mythology and can be incomprehensible for the rest of mankind who know nothing about Japanese myths.


Inspiration is a beautiful word, but contains dozens of difficulties behind it. We have already prepared some useful websites for you to find some ideas (a key to success).

The first and well-known platform is free png, vectors fox illustration. Here you can find various fox illustrations with different quality.

One more interesting suggestion is ideas for drawing tattoo fox illustration. of course it sounds a bit strange, as the associations caused by the word “tattoo” create only black and white images in our heads, but indeed they can be various from cute, tiny fox faces to the strange and scary predator with a prey in his teeth.

If you need an illustration of a fox in different positions, like sleeping, playing, or relaxing, this link is exactly for you sweet fox Illustration. Here you can find either a collage or single big pictures of a small, funny, kind fox.

If you looked through the two previous links and still have no idea, maybe this will help fox vector illustration. These 1190 fox vector illustrations can at least give you a hint of what to look for.

The last, but not the least, popular platform is Pinterest. Here you can find a large number of fox illustrations. Also, you can choose any category that will help you find the one which inspires you to create something like that on your own.


Creating digital fox illustration

So you know a lot about fox illustration, where and how to use them, and you even know what you need exactly, but the final question is where to take them from. Without any doubt you can download them from the links above and use the ones made by other people. But also you can create your own unique illustration. Great idea, isn’t it? But what if you know nothing about how to paint and design illustrations?

First of all, you have to choose which tool you want to use to create a perfect picture. You can either draw or create it on your computer. The first option is not difficult as it is an ordinary way of doing sketches. Making it with the help of PC, you might face slight difficulty. Here is a link to the website illustration tutorials, where the procedure of creating a brand new fox illustration is carefully described for beginners. The whole body of the fox can be created with a help of only five stages and three more that help you design a background and decorations.

Such precise guidelines suit an ordinary person who is not a great cyber tech and he/she can easily create their own illustration using carefully illustrated guidelines with all the necessary information. Taking everything into consideration, please do not be afraid of challenges. If you need fox illustrations just use the links above. If you want to create something special, use fox illustration tutorials. Everything in this world is possible!

I hope you enjoyed this article.

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