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Hexagon pattern. People form judgments about everything around them with the snap of a finger, and a website is no exception. A recent study found that within 50 milliseconds after the first screen appears, the average user evaluates the quality of the website and decides whether to give it a chance or not. Of course, we are not talking about the quality of the content - it is the overall design of the website that matters in the very first moment. Today we will talk about geometry in design and hexagon patterns in particular.

Hexagon patterns.

Modern brands tend to maximize the interactive user experience. Therefore, the design of the website should convey emotions. If you want to make it high quality, good photos are not enough anymore. Today’s technologies allow web designers to use non-standard shapes and experiment with geometry in design. The whole concept has to be connected with a certain emotional background, and hexagonal website designs convey emotions rather effectively.

The presence of hexagonal designs in various colors greatly brightens the overall layout, making it unique and creative. As statistics show, users love the websites that are designed this way. Beautiful collections of ready-made graphic patterns are available in a variety of assets for any web project. Let’s dig into the topic and get a better understanding of why hexagon web design is so successful.

  1. Unlimited Downloads of Hexagon Patterns
  2. Psychology of a Hexagon as of a Geometric Shape
  3. How to Use Hexagon Patterns in Web Design
  4. Hexagon Pattern Design Generators
  5. The showcase of the Best Hexagonal Website Designs
  6. Final Thoughts

Unlimited Downloads of Hexagon Pattern Products

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Abstract Hexagonal Backgrounds Corporate Identity Template

Abstract Hexagonal Backgrounds Corporate Identity Template

Psychology of a Hexagon as of a Geometric Shape

A hexagon is a special figure which has no analogs. This geometric shape is often found in nature: honeycomb, the structure of some complex molecules, etc.

It has characteristics that are not repeated anywhere else so vividly, functionally, and expressively. The figure has a strongly marked center. In this aspect, the hexagon is similar to a circle. It definitely has its own ideology, unity, and integrity.

The hexagon can very easily be combined with others of its kind to create a mesh net, which is continuously multiplied. You can use the term “multiplication" or "cloning" to describe it. It must be so exciting to get expanded endlessly and build the world according to your plan and shape. Some kind of matrix system, agree?

People and businesses with corporate spirit love this geometric shape. Sure thing, the incentive to succeed is also there. Financial incentives, attributes of power, and a sense of self-importance will leave very few people indifferent.

The white hexagon dynamically strives for the future, easily finds alternatives to its cloning, attracts partners, and employees. The yellow hexagon, as well as the orange one, will add positive activity and levity. The golden color is all about prestige and confidence - no doubt about it. The success of the brand is guaranteed! The scarlet hexagon is active and impulsively attacking the environment. Although the dark red hexagon is deeper and more balanced, it still maintains the corporate competitive spirit.

From the point of view of psychology, a hexagon is associated with beauty, harmony, abundance, and freedom. In my mind, these are absolutely great associations to evoke from the website visitors.

How to Use Hexagon Pattern in Web Design

Hexagons in web design can be seen both in the common state and modified, imitating different shapes. Beautiful geometric shapes and patterns that decorate websites are becoming even more complex and intricate.

Hexagon website design can be observed in:

  • foreground or background of the design
  • permanent fixtures or animations
  • the hexagon as a geometric shape can be empty, filled, or partially filled
  • the figure can also serve as the basis for other elements in your design: fonts, photos, logos, icons, and so on.

A few more cases are mentioned below.

Play with overlapping shapes

overlapping hexagons

Just take a look at how complex and creative this overlapping design looks. Two overlapping hexagons are part of the logo in this case. Do not be afraid of experimenting!

Use multiple colors to add life to the layout

Use multiple colors

This home page represents its main navigation elements in the form of colorful hexagons grouped together in a grid. It is a strikingly creative design that contains many colors and links.

Create a better look on your web page with a geometric background

geometric background

Geometric elements as a background draw the user's attention and emphasize the brand identity. This is especially true if the same figure is used for the logo of the company. Use hexagons to make your layout catchy and stylish!

Represent the website content in the form of a hexagon

form hexagon

A visually attractive website is all about the components that catch the eye of the visitor. These are colors, shapes, photos, fonts, backgrounds, and overall visual balance. People like to look at beautiful creative things, and if there is a choice, they will always prefer an interesting approach to a neutral one.

Attract your visitor’s attention with a bright hexagon icon

bright hexagon icon

Well-thought accents on the site will help designers and marketers to capture the attention of the user and direct them to target actions. One of these tools is an icon. Here you can see a bright shopping cart icon that definitely attracts users’ attention.

Make sure your CTA is eye-catching enough

CTA is eye-catching enough

Your CTA should be short, clear, relevant, and of course, effective. It is just great if it is different from the color of the main elements of the site. In addition, a good CTA button has some space around it - this point increases its independence and highlights all the content.

Use your imagination to create even better ideas for using hexagon patterns in your web design.

Hexagon Pattern Design Generators

Despite the fact that a clean design is rather trendy, you may have noticed that most websites with a modern design have some background design. A background pattern is still in demand and opens interesting new possibilities. Today, any designer can find a lot of tools for automatic selection of color schemes, as well as services for creating patterns. Each of these tools helps to save a lot of time and increase productivity.

With the help of so-called geometric pattern generators, you can make exactly the same patterns with a few clicks. SVG patterns are the perfect choice when you are thinking about something besides a flat color as a background or design element. SVG patterns and illustrations are very popular as they are pleasant to work with and easy to customize. Let’s run through a few popular vector pattern generators to create cool hexagon patterns with little to no effort.

This is a great gallery of free SVG background patterns and designs. You can easily click and test any of these to choose the best option for your web project.

Hero Patterns offers a beautiful collection of repeatable SVG backgrounds for you to use on your web projects. A huge number of pretty pattern backgrounds will make your web page unique and stylish.

This is a great tool to generate low-poly backgrounds, textures, and vectors. Bookmark this seamless pattern generator to create and control color, size, and other values in the pattern.

If you cannot find a good pattern image in any of the online pattern galleries, use Patternify to generate your own. Cool graphics are here with this convenient system.

The system allows you to customize and apply backgrounds fast and efficiently. There are 30 base patterns with customizable colors and opacity that will not leave you indifferent.

The Showcase of the Best Hexagonal Website Designs

Meet some inspirational examples of hexagon websites and leave the boring layouts aside. Various niches, color schemes, and design styles will give you a boost of creativity. Enjoy!


This is a great example of a hexagonal website design used for personal sites. A visitor will be able to focus on what is important for the website owner.

Anet Design

What do you think of this colorful and catchy design? Colorful hexagons set the mood and inform visitors about the services he may use.


MyPoorBrain uses hexagon shapes as an informational block that floats above the image. It is rather unique and stylish.

Passeig de Gracia

This is a Spanish resource that offers such informational blocks as Magazine, Guide, Culture, Shopping, Eat and Sleep, History, and Events. I love this hexagonal website design.

  • Apicula

Apicula, an eco-design studio, is passionate about design and materials, functional, and beautiful things. Pay attention to the creative use of hexagon elements and overall design feel and look.

Growth Marketing Werks

This web resource is all about simplicity and minimalism. The company creates dynamic media plans, accelerates client growth, and positively impacts the media landscape. One shape is used in the design throughout the website layout.

Johan Glans

Pair fully-colored hexagons along with photography to be used in the design of your home page.


This is quite a simple and minimalistic website design that features hexagons in the center. Website visitors will be able to easily choose which website section to select.

Built By Buffalo

This plain but modern design is implemented for the website of a small web design and development agency based in Brighton, UK. Navigate the website to see how much they love hexagons.

Simone Marcarino

You can see a couple of geometrical shapes with a hexagon included in the design of the website. Animated details make this resource interesting for the user.


Final Thoughts: hexagon pattern

Think outside the box and use hexagon patterns for your web projects. Hopefully, you have found this post useful to boost your inspiration. What do you think about this hexagon trend in general? Is it a long-playing one? Will you bring balance and unity to the feel of the website? Share your thoughts in the comments section. Your opinion is important.

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