61 Awesome Free Resources Every Designer Should Use

When it comes to being an excellent designer, you will always have to stock up on stock photography, graphics and fonts. You also have to rely heavily on other useful tools to do your work successfully and efficiently. The good news is that there is a plethora of design resources on the internet. Moreover, most of these resources are free.

From choosing the ideal typography to finding the perfect visual assets, there is an immense wealth of free design resources out there. You can use these resources to make your project shine and stand out from the rest. Whether you are looking for some free Photoshop brushes or vector files to improve your project, it is incredible how many graphic design resources are out there. You just have to access and use them.

It is hard to survive without having timely access to these critical visual assets that can help add visual appeal to your designs. The following free design resources will help bring you everything you need. They will allow you to save money while meeting your deadline.

1. MasterBundles


As you can figure out from the name, Masterbundles provides you with any kind of bundles you need. From watercolor to vector, from icons to animated photos. The team creates top sets at an affordable price. Nonetheless, from time to time they offer their bundles for free so that you can try and see yourself how awesome they are!

2. Inky Deals

design resources
Inky Deals is the world’s most sought-after deals site for designers, photographers, and freelancers. You will find a lot of free resources on Inky Deals for your design needs. It also curates awesome design and photography deals that help creative professionals with products for a way lesser price. This site has products ranging from $0 to $149. Inky Deals products span from Vectors, Backgrounds, Stock Images, Photoshop Overlays, Lightroom Presets to Graphic Design software, Cloud Storage Solutions, Hosting plans, SEO Software, Courses and much more!

3. Pixeden

If you are looking for a lot of free graphics as well as web resources all in a single place, then Pixeden is for you - it is a great graphic design resource which has a bit of everything. Pixeden has that many web design and graphic design templates, vectors and icons that you will be spoilt for choice. The focus of this resource is on icons, prints, vectors as well as graphics resources. Although you may join for free, if you are looking for a little extra, there is an option to upgrade to any of their premium plans as well. Unlike many stock websites, this resource has sufficient content to help you develop an entire site.


Pixelo.net is highly recommended by creative professionals. It offers awesome premium and free design resources. Pixelo’s goal is to provide top-quality design materials that won’t break your wallet. With its awesome free resources and massive design bundles, you will never feel short of your design arsenal!

5. Behance

Behance is one of the most renowned names among designers. It is a great online community where individuals like you share their work and portfolio, hoping to get the attention of clients. Behance is not only a platform to show off one’s portfolio, but it also includes a variety of design freebies. Just a little digging would turn up templates, free fonts, and a lot more.

Also, keep in mind that the designers on Behance are usually more than happy to share their skills and knowledge as well as any external design resources that they’ve linked to their work. And given the huge fan following this platform has, Behance is an excellent source for people who want to know and get familiar with what resources and tools their favorite designers have used in their work.

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6. Design Bundles

Design Bundles is another great graphic design resource and has both free and premium content, with incredible giveaways (most giveaways use a business license, which allows for commercial use). Their enormous selection of freebies includes mockups, SVGs, icons, backgrounds, templates, textures and royalty free images. You will even find a crafting area with incredible monogram, embroidery, and scrapbooking elements. You may also sign up and receive a free goodie in your inbox each day.

7. Dribbble

Dribbble is an incredibly popular website with a freebie tag linked to it. However, a lot of good designs do not have this tag. Therefore, you need to look carefully to find gorgeous designs as they might not feature tags.

Not only is Dribbble a fantastic place to get inspiration for your graphic design project, but it is also has a vast archive of various free design elements. Also, if you do some searching, you will dig up a variety of free fonts and vectors from Free Goodies for Designers. You will also find free storyboard illustrations that can make pitching your next design project so much easier. You can’t ask for more!

However, keep in mind that Dribbble restricts searching for just the past two to three months’ worth of designs. This may not matter a lot, as Dribbble updates new and amazing designs almost daily. Dribbble, without a doubt, has some of the best quality when it comes to freebies.

8. Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha is popular and has an extensive collection of both free and paid design resources. You will find everything in a single place for your next web design project. The immense selection of freebies on Pixel Buddha ranges from animations and icons to sketches, textures and effects. This feature is great for both amateur and professional designers. In addition, they have an extensive section of interviews and tutorials. You can use these resources to stay up to date with the most recent design trends.

9. Coolors


With Coolors, choosing the chick and sleek color scheme for your website is simple. The tool gives you access to more than 700K color palettes designed by its users. Most importantly, it lets you create your color palette and export it in a couple of clicks. The free trial of using this tool is 3 months. So, you’ll have enough time to enjoy using it free.

10. Material Design Palette

Material Design Palette.

It’s widely discussed that material design sees its comeback this year. You can hop on the bandwagon by using this comprehensive material design color scheme generator. Choose two main colors, and it will provide you with a ready-made material color palette. Simple as that and free!

11. Gradients.io


Gradients are a reliable visual tool of modern minimalist design. If you aren’t a master of coming up with gradients, achieve the desired look with the help of Gradients.io website by Luke Davis. On this webpage, you’ll find a number of ready-made gradients with their HEX values provided. Just copy the values and add the needed gradient to your website, background or image.

12. The Noun Project

The Noun Project.

The Noun Project brings you tons of curated icons and other graphics free of charge. You can browse best icons or search icons by keyword. What’s more, you can recolor and adjust any icon prior to downloading in a couple of clicks and download them after that.

13. Icons8


icons8 team brings you as much as 64K icons at no cost. Choose among the most popular sets, search to uncover something special, recolor your icons in 1 click and download them gratis. All this is possible thanks to the great icons8 online free icon library. Icons8 also have their own Windows App, so you can use it in case you wish.

14. Canva Font Combinations

Canma Font Combinations.

Designing a website you can’t hit it home with just one font. You’ll have to find a couple of fonts that match and serve well for your website’s visual hierarchy. Font Combinations is a free tool that saves your time in this regard. Choose any font, you’d like to use on your website, and the tool will suggest the fonts that pair best with the given one. This is a simple way to save some time and uncover the fonts that play best together.

15. Bitable


Explainer videos are hot this year. They’ll do a great job explaining what your company does in a simple way. Having created one, you may showcase it on the front page of your website, as well as on social media and your YouTube channel.

Bitable is the simplest and most comprehensive tool for creating explainer videos. What you’ve got to do is to choose the video template, add your custom content, choose a soundtrack and go for further customization in case this is necessary.

16. Snappa


Snappa is an infographics maker that’s aimed at non-techies. You won’t have as much control as the more complicated designer-oriented tools give you. On the other hand, creating appealing infographics would take 10 minutes or even less.

Thanks to presets and ready-made infographics templates, you’ll jump-start your effort and achieve an amazing result in a snap. On top of all this, Snappa features a drag-n-drop interface and offers you thousands of high-res free photos to enhance your creations. With the free plan, you can create and download up to five infographics per month. If you’re after exceeding this limit, you’ll have to upgrade to Pro.

17. Venngage


With the comprehensive Venngage tool, you can create infographics free of charge and use them in your posts. It takes just three steps to design a great piece of infographics for every topic and business niche.

First, you’ve got to choose an infographic template that will fit your needs. Then, you add charts and visuals from the library. The final step is customizing the infographics, e.g. changing colors, fonts, shapes and more. After this, you’re done and can generate a traffic boost with professionally-looking infographics.

18. Paletton


Paletton is an iconic color picker tool that’s loved by many professional web designers. It gives you a variety of options in terms of color schemes and lets you generate your dream color scheme, no matter how complex it is. You can pick one, two, three or four colors to generate the color scheme of your website or another project. By choosing these shades, you’ll be provided with a complete set of shades you need to make a cool color palette work.

19. PSD Repo

PSD Repo.

UI kits, app designs, stunning mockups, free website templates, icons, imagery, fonts and more –you can find all this on the minimalist PSD Repo website. Take your time to discover the brightest highlights, and it can be the case that the next one will inspire for your new project. You’re welcome to sort the freebies available by category, freshness and popularity.

20. Fribbble


Dribble has a section called “Fribbble”. Here you can access all the freebies that are available on Dribbble. These free files were created and uploaded by Dribblers. The main freebie categories are Free Fonts, Mockups, UI Kits, Icons, Website Templates and Patterns & Textures.

21. DFB


Thanks to DFB, you don’t have to browse the huge collections of resources on Behance and Dribble to find the free ones. On DFB website, you’ll find more than one thousand recent freebies, including stock imagery, backgrounds, fonts, icons, templates, UI kits and more. DBF sports a convenient left-hand category menu that lets you easily find your way through 2K+ free items.

So, dig deep into their collection of free resources on Dribbble and Behance with this site, and you’ll find the one that’s perfect for your project. Most noteworthy, they have a separate Backgrounds section that lets you save up a lot on stock imagery.

22. Fontspiration


Fontspiration is an exciting free app with a value in it. This app lets you create cool fonts, use premade fonts created by the community and download the fonts for your purposes. With it, you’ve got a chance to not only experiment with 963 free fonts to add flair and motion to your fonts and backgrounds. You can animate every caption and piece of text you input to the Fontspiration app. To disappoint all the Android lovers, the app is iOS only.

23. Visme


Visme is a free online platform for creating infographics and not only. Visme is a comprehensive and free tool, which lets you generate infographics, presentations, charts, graphs, documents, printables and social media graphics. All Visme tools are easy-to-work-with and quite intuitive.

Moreover, Visme has its collection of free stock imagery, icons, photos, data widgets, flowcharts and templates. Using these items you can significantly upgrade and promote your web presence. With a Free Visme plan, you can accomplish up to 5 projects per month and have limited access to templates and other assets.

24. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog.

Link building and analysis are quite important for a thriving website. With Screaming Frog, you can analyze up to 500 links on your website free of charge. In fact, it’s a great tool both for internal and external link audits.

To use Screaming Frog tool, first, install the SEO spider to your PC/Mac and run a checkup. Firstly, you’ll see a list of all the links you have. Optionally, you can switch to see broken links only. There are also other Screaming Frog capabilities that you may find useful. The ‘Inlinks’ field shows you the number of internal links that point to every page of your website. The ‘Levels’ field helps you additionally access navigational links within your website.

25. UXPin Material Design Library

UXPin Material Design Library.

Material design doesn’t seem to lose its popularity. That’s why you may be looking for a free material UI toolkit. Material UI Design Library by UXPin is a gorgeous freebie, including the ultimate collection of the elements you need to create Android and web apps. With this UI kit, you’ll create an awesome app or website, meeting the guidelines of Google.

This free toolkit includes a complete library of Material elements. All the high-quality elements are detailed, well-thought and eye-friendly. These elements are neatly organized into categories for Cards, Navigation, Buttons, Banners and more. Moreover, the UI kit meets the needs of different screen sizes and devices.

26. Creative Tim Material Kit

Creative Tim Material Kit.

There’s another great free material UI package, Material Kit by Creative Tim. This freebie by an established web designer offers you over 60 premade Bootstrap4 elements, which will be helpful in developing web pages and interfaces.

For your convenience, you also get the elements grouped into 3 sample pages. All in all, this Material Kit introduces the latest material design concepts and implements them with the latest technologies, such as Bootstrap4, Sass and Sketch Files.

27. AbstractFonts


If you’re looking for creative free fonts on the web, drop by the minimal AbstractFonts website. Here, you’ll find more than 1000 free fonts. Download any of them free of charge. You can also use “Search” window to find the font or font family you need within the repository.

28. Pinspiry


As a web designer, you should bookmark Pinspiry website, as they have awesome weekly freebie releases. Moreover, Pinspiry offers you sizable collections of free fonts, mockups, templates, graphics, photos and others. Pinspiry website is also just a great place to explore with featured web design “Inspiration” and hands-on tutorials. Don’t hesitate to drop by this minimalist free resources site!

29. DesignLazy


On DesignLazy website, you’ll find a number of cool free resources, such as website templates, mockups, UI kits, etc. This website is a project of a multi-disciplinary web designer Ishmam. There, he and his fellows create and curate sharing resources with the global audience. You can find a bunch of awesome modern resources here, which should boost your next web projects.

30. 365PSD


365PSD website is the place where you can download tons of PSD templates and vector graphics free. The PSD and vector files available are carefully sorted into thematic categories, which makes it easy to find the right resources for your project. 365PSD is a huge repository with over 5,5K PSD templates and 55,2K vector files available.

31. FontSpace


FontSpace is a well-established free fonts platform, which is out there since 2006. They offer you 62,000+ well-organized fonts, which are legally licensed and perfect for your design projects. You can sort out the newest and most popular fonts to find something original for your website or project. You can also use the “Search” box to find the fonts that possess certain qualities.

32. BeFonts


BeFonts is a repository of more than 5,000 signature fonts for web designers. Here you can find beautiful display fonts, scripts and brushes. You can sort fonts by popularity and categories. You can also find a font by its name. Use free BeFonts items to create captions, logos and hero texts, and take the websites you create to new heights.

33. 1001 Free Downloads

1001 Free Downloads.

All sorts of free graphics and web design resources are also available on 1001 Free Downloads website. This online repository contains thousands of royalty-free graphics, which you can use both for personal and commercial purposes.

The team of 1001 Free Downloads scours the best resources across the web to bring you the most exciting freebies. They readily offer you thousands of vector images, backgrounds, gradients, styles, fonts, patterns, textures and clipart. The only limitation on this website is that you can’t download more than 50 freebies a day, which is luckily quite a lot.

34. FDR


FDR (which means Free Design Resources) is another website sharing best freebies across the web with you. FDR brings you best free fonts, mockups, templates, add-ons and graphics from different corners of the globe at no cost. You can use all the resources shared on FDR website royalty-free.

35. Canva


Canva is, perhaps, the leader among free online graphics editors. You can use it to create any kind of graphics, including backgrounds, logos, graphs and digraphs, images, etc. The library of Canva includes tons for free or inexpensive mockups and templates.

You can customize each Canva template. For example, you can adjust text and fonts, change backgrounds, add custom elements, etc. If you use Canva, you can download your project free in PDF, PNG or JPG formats.

36. Fribly


Fribly is an online web design magazine with design resources and inspiration. Most noteworthy, Fribly has its collection of high-quality freebies. Here, you’re welcome to download mockups, website templates, backends and dashboards, etc. I can’t say that new Fribly freebies are published quite often. Nevertheless, they are definitely worth checking out for their quality.

37. Cerpow


Visit this minimalist website, where Voicu Apostol, Romanian front-end designer and graphic developer, shares amazing free mockups, landing pages, apps, players, sliders, animations and graphics. All the free materials available on this website are modern and easy-to-use. So, don’t hesitate to save them in a click and use for your future web and mobile projects.

38. Dreamstale


On Dreamstale website you can read web-design articles, Photoshop tutorials and other premium posts. At the same time, navigating to the “Freebies” section, you’ll find a place to download textures, fonts, icons and backgrounds. There are more than 100 web design resources you can use free with Dreamstale.

39. MockupFree


A professional mockup is an awesome tool for graphic designers and marketers. You can find a lot of high-quality mockups on MockupFree website. The majority of mockups you find on this website are free. Inexpensive premium options are also offered to you along the way.

All MockupFree items are designed by professionals and easy-to-edit. They are well-layered, ensuring that you can customize every mockup element in Photoshop. Moreover, you can add or delete mockup elements to best meet your vision. So, by downloading free PSD mockups here, you get a chance to make your brand more popular and your business more successful.

40. FreebieSupply


On FreebieSupply website you can find thousands of free products for web and graphic designers. Here, you can download PSD mockups and designs, Sketch mockups and UI kits, fonts, vector images, as well as Adobe XD, Figma and WordPress themes.

Moreover, this website is awesome in terms of finding free presentation resources. For example, FreebieSupply offers you a number of PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote templates.

41. Perfect Pixels

Perfect Pixels.

Another website with high-quality free mockups, Perfect Pixels offers you 15+ free mobile and PC mockups that you can use for the purposes of your project. The templates are available in PSD format and can be easily customized in Photoshop.

42. UI Space

UI Space.

This website is full of all sorts of free stuff for boosting the user experience of your site or mobile app. UI Space is a modern online magazine, sharing with you tons of freebies, such as Photoshop themes and mock-ups, versatile fonts, all sorts of icons, Adobe Illustrator designs, Sketch templates and free scripts. At the same time, UI Space website is easy to navigate and clean, allowing you to quickly find the free item that you need.

43. Freepik


Freepik is a giant of the free vector graphics niche. They produce and publish hundreds of free vectors daily, and you can use any of them for your projects. Freepik is meant to help you find vector art free, including illustrations, icons, PSD and photos for all types of projects.

Freepik vectors and photography can be downloaded in EPS, AI or SVG file formats. At the same time, the designs shared on Freepik website always stick to high standards of quality and incarnate the latest web design trends.

44. Sketch App Sources

Sketch App Sources.

Are you a fan of using Sketch for graphic design purposes? Then, you should drop by Sketch App Sources website from time to time. Here you can find a huge catalog of free Sketch materials, including more than 2K UI element design, almost 1K icons, as well as wireframes, mobile templates, web assets, logos, buttons and more. This website will also be useful to every Sketch lover as it contains tons of shortcuts, video-guides, tutorials and libraries.

45. Flaticon


Flaticon is a well-established reference point if you need free vector and raster icons for your next project. Flaticon brings you over a million of free vector icons. You can download the icons in a number of formats, including PNG, EPS, SVG, PSD and others. Moreover, whatever type of a vector icon you’re after, you’ll likely find it on Flaticon. Here, you can also find exciting sets of free social media icons that meet different purposes.

46. H69.design


You may not have heard of this freebies website, but it’s definitely worth checking out for the awesome vector graphics and PSD mockups you can find there. On H69 website, you’ll also find landing page design inspiration and materials in case you need them.

47. SlidesGo


With this website, you get an amazing chance to boost your Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations without spending a dime. On SlidesGo website, you’ll find hundreds of presentation templates for different audiences, niches and businesses.

SlidesGo website lets you quickly find the Google Slides/PowerPoint template that you need. Use the Categories menu to see the templates under Recent, popular, Education, Business, Marketing, Medical and other categories. Moreover, you can use the live search bar in the top right corner to find something more specific.

So, whenever you’re mapping out your next presentation, drop by SlidesGo website to grab a high-quality free template to deliver a presentation that sticks to listeners’ minds.

48. Vecteezy


If you’re looking for Freepik alternatives to find vector graphics, Vecteezy is the website you should check out. They share with you more than 10K free vectors for all purposes imaginable. As the database of Vecteezy vector art is so voluminous, you’ll likely use the live search to find the vector art you need. What’s more, it’s quite convenient that you can quickly access trending items and categories thanks to the shortcuts you see under the search bar.

49. BrandEPS


If you need to quickly find a logo mockup or vector icon free, BrandEPS is your destination. On this website, you’ll find over 10K vector logos and 3K vector icons. So, it’s an awesome place if you need a free logo for any purpose. You can download any BrandEPS freebie in such formats as SVG, JPG or PNG. You can also customize the logos within the graphics editor that you prefer. If you’re not sure, which logos or icons you’re after, you can also browse the collection of the latest arrivals.

50. Piktab


If you need free vector art and web design resources on a daily basis, Piktab Chrome extension is a convenient thing to use. It opens a new-tab gallery in your Chrome browser with tons of recent free resources. This service brings you the freebies from different platforms, ensuring that you can access any of them without spending extra time on surveying a number of free vector art websites. All the free graphics resources presented in this Chrome extension are easy to customize using popular graphic editors.

51. HackingUI


HackingUI is a clean and modern online magazine, which shares with you podcasts, masterclasses, as well as free web design resources. On this website, you can find tons of resources for web developers and designers, including application backends, icons, imagery, UI kits, plugins, applications and more. All the resources you find on this website have been pre-tested by HackingUI team and deliver you the features and experience they advertise.

52. Symu


Symu is the company behind an online editor and a prototyping tool. And they also offer you a large collection of free PSD templates for any purposes. Among their freebies, you’ll find high-quality mobile app templates, Figma and Sketch mockups, icons, website PSD designs, etc. So, don’t hesitate to drop by Symu collection of resources if you need a modern and well-thought freebie.

53. Vexels


Vexels is a huge database of over 50K downloadable backgrounds, vectors, icons, editable templates and more. All of the free graphic files are available both for commercial and personal usage. Sometimes, you’ll have to pay for a commercial use license though. All the Vexels vectors are neatly organized, which makes finding the needed vector graphics simpler.

54. Retro Vectors

Retro Vectors.

With retro and vintage vectors you can always design a creatively looking website or web project. If a retro image, typeface, icon or other free materials feel right for your project, feel free to download them from Retro Vectors website. On this website, you can hunt for something specific, choosing the years your asset will be inspired by. Also, take your time to drop by Inspiration section for more retro-inspired web design ideas.

55. Colormind


Colormind is a great AI-based color palette generator. This color tool uses deep learning to read color schemes from photographs, movies and popular art that you can upload to this site. With Colormind, you can generate a good looking color scheme with each click of your mouse.

To adjust the scheme you get, lock the colors you like and experiment with the others. With the unlimited number of color combinations and the power of deep learning, you’ll soon get a color palette that will be ideal for your next web project.

56. Palette Generator

Palette Generator.

Why would you invent color palettes? Instead, you can extract them from photos and images with k-means algorithm and this free Palette Generator. This tool is designed to “see” the predominant colors of any given image or even of a series of images! Then, the web app distills this knowledge into a color palette wheel with all HEX values provided. Most excitingly, this generator is completely free, so you should definitely check it out and use it in your art projects, website designs or even home decor.

57. Unblast


On this resource, you’ll find 2629 graphics that cover different themes, niches and needs. This website features only selected graphics, made by the world’s best designers. Unblast brings you only the quality free graphics, thus saving you tons of search hours.

58. Interfacer


Interfacer is another platform featuring 300+ high-quality resources for web designers. These resources were all created by the world’s most experienced designers. The graphics, icons, fonts, illustrations and mock-up presented on this website meet the latest web design standards and help you beat online competition despite being free.

59. MockupWorld


MockupWorld is the place you should visit if you’re looking for modern free mockups. This website features a rich collection of mockups for all sorts of purposes. You can use “Search” to find the mockup you need or look for the item inside the well-thought MockupWorld website categories.

60. Unique


Do you want the fonts you use on your website to be really unique? Then, you can create them in 3 steps with the easy-to-use Unique prototyping tool. This comprehensive font creator uses the latest algorithms to generate fonts and offers you the greatest variety of fonts possible.

Creating a font, first, you should select its purpose, e.g. normal text, heading, caption, logo, etc. Then, you make the font your own: pick custom thickness, slant, etc. The last thing to do is to download your custom font and using it for your next web project.

61. UseAnimations


We live in 2019 when user engagement is a pretty important thing. With the cool minimal and clean animated icons by useAnmations you can achieve higher user engagement on your website. Here, you’ll find popular icons for alerts, notifications, navigation, different actions, toggles, boxes, preloaders, social media and others. All icons are animated with Adobe AfterEffects, Lottie and Bodymotion Libraries for an extremely cool look.


Occasionally, every designer may need a push. These valuable design resources are an excellent source of inspiration, as well as for enhancing your knowledge. Use these graphic design resources to add some flair to your next design project. You can set yourself apart from your competitors.


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