A List of the Quickest and Free Drupal Online Training Ways

We are often asked, “How to learn Drupal online?” To respond to questions raised about this topic, we have decided to conduct a roundup of tips on where to get started and where to find information that would help you in your work, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro.

In this list today you will find not only the official Drupal page but also a number of other useful free Drupal online training resources that share recommendations and video tutorials of different levels of complexity. So, let’s get started.

Determine Your Goals

First, figure out the goals that you wish to pursue. If you are a web developer looking for some helpful advice on how to convert from, say, WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS to Drupal, then you will need to get started in a different place than someone who is new to this subject. What is good about this roundup is that we have collected online resources that will be of use to both newbies and professional web developers.

Next, decide on what is the best way of learning for you. To put it more clearly, think what methods of learning suit you the best. Will an e-book work or do you prefer video tutorials, step-by-step guides or only practical training? For many of us the last option is the preferred one. Through trial and error you can gain more than just programming skills but also invaluable experience that hardly any book will give you.

Drupal Websites & Blogs

Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine of your choice will help you find hundreds or even thousands of various web resources offering valuable knowledge on different aspects of Drupal. What we offer for your consideration today, is a selection of 5 websites and blogs that have gained the biggest popularity among web users.


When searching for Drupal knowledge, the official Drupal hub is the best place from where to start your journey. The website contains different sections for different types of information that may be of the greatest interest to you. For instance, you can read and participate in hot discussions in the forum section, read detailed documentation about the platform in the Drupal Handbooks block or watch online tutorials in the Drupal videocasts.



SiteGround is a content-rich online resource that provides answers to any question you may have, including Drupal hosting, installation, modification, optimization, modules, and more. There is a separate block with Drupal tutorials that provides step-by-step instructions and examples on how to manage your Drupal site.



DrupalDump offers Drupal tricks, hacks, modules, templates, and loads of other useful information. The resource was developed specifically to provide users with a rich selection of handy Drupal tools to make their web development stress-free.



Drupal Dojo is a group for developers and experts who want to increase their proficiency in the field. Here you will find hot discussions, tips and tutorials on how to write your own modules and themes, case studies, Dojo documentation and guidelines, and much more.



DrupalBucket offers an invaluable collection of Drupal snippets submitted by others. You will find a handy snippet for almost any purpose here. So, you’re welcome to discover plenty of useful stuff that will save you a lot of time and effort while working on your next project.


Drupal Books

The right book depends on what you’re going to learn. Below we list 5 electronic books that are among our favorites. For a more expanded list go to drupal.org. Here you can search for books by the Drupal version you are using, your audience and book format.


Building Your Blog with Drupal 7 provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a blog with the help of this CMS. Together with detailed instructions and recommendations, the book includes screenshots for better visualization of each step you will take.


If you are new to Drupal and want to get familiar with the platform, then Beginners Guide to Drupal will help you take your first steps towards it. For a more detailed insight into different aspects of Drupal, this electronic book contains direct links to other online tutorials and reading that might be of interest to you.


Although Drupal is not that easy to start learning from scratch, How to Use Drupal in 7 Hours will help you to familiarize yourself with the platform much faster. In an easy-to-read manner its authors will introduce you to the mysterious and vast world of Drupal, explain technical stuff in an easy-to-understand manner, and finally teach you how to make your business go public faster.


High Performance Drupal is a comprehensive guide that provides best practices, examples and in-depth explanations for solving several performance issues. Covering Drupal 7 and 8, the ebook will teach you how to apply coding techniques to Drupal internals, web servers, databases, and more. If you have a basic understanding of Drupal, then this book is ideal for you.


Building e-Commerce Sites with Drupal Commerce Cookbook will take you through the process of installation and customization of your Drupal Commerce site. The book contains clear practical recipes, with plenty of screenshots and tips showing how to install and configure your Drupal shop easily.

Drupal Video Tutorials

If learning by watching is your preferred way of training, then the following 5 most popular online resources will be of use to you.


Drupalize.me is a great learning resource for those of you who want to start investigating all aspects of Drupal. Together with premium classes, these guys offer free videos for your consideration.



GotDrupal is a site with Drupal videos, all about the evolution and development of this platform as well as reviews on how to code your own module.



NodeOne is a Drupal learning library featuring an online training course on any aspect of Drupal you wish. To facilitate browsing, you can filter all tutorials by Drupal versions or search for the desired content by tag.



Code Karate offers valuable knowledge on site building, development, module development, and more for free.



Learn by the Drop is one more awesome resource rich in training videos about Drupal. Here you will find a series of free videos on how to install and work with Drupal 7.

learn by the drop


Other no less popular resources of Drupal video tutorials of which you may possibly be aware are YouTube, Lynda, OSTraining, BuildAModule, and DrupalCamp24x7. Pick the one to your liking and get straight to Drupal training.

This is not an exhaustive list of free Drupal online training resources that will help you learn Drupal faster and at no cost. We have handpicked the ones that we thing are worthy of your attention. Choose resources that fit your learning style perfectly and get ready to dig deeper into the world of Drupal.

If you enjoyed this page, bookmark it for further reference.

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