Don’t Click If You’re Hungry: 48 Free Restaurant & Food Fonts. Too Delicious To Resist

Food font. Crispy, aromatic, tickling your nose, newly-baked bread no, not bread.

Bread package font.

Food-package font.

Coffee-cup font.

Meat fonts, wine fonts, beer fonts, pizza fonts!

Yes, they all exist, and they all taste different.

Every font has a story behind it.

Food Fonts Examples:

Food font Example #1:

This font sweeps you off feet with its seductive coffee aroma:

coffee cup

And being swept off feet, you look around and realize that you are excellent somewhere in Austria, just about to taste a Vienna coffee.

How come this happened?

Because this free coffee font is strict, like Vienna architecture, and the font is high reminds you of a door into this cafe, near which you are still lying.

Food font Example #2:

Looking at this font, you feel a sweet juicy taste of a chewing-gum from your childhood, which you craved for when spending your long hours doing homework.

you feel the taste

The font is round, curly and playful.

Food font Example #3:

No doubt, your mind has already done the work for you. You recognize the brand which uses this font, although there’s no hint in the text on it.

free fashion fonts

Simple, elegant, chick. Perfect.

There’s nothing else that a free couture font would need.

How Do Food Fonts Establish These Associations?

There are more factors which impact the perception.

Those are some obvious ones:

  • Shape
  • Color of the font
  • Kerning
  • Size


And there are some other factors, which are less apparent to you.

Those are

  • The color of a neighborhood banner (if it's an outer ad)
  • The mood of the customer
  • The food that he had eaten before
  • The music which is playing nearby (or in the headphones of your client)
  • The friendliness of your stuff, etc.

Fonts are perceived in context.

However, there are things which depend on us.

How Should You Define Which Type of Food Font You Need?

The funny thing which you may notice if you try to analyze which exactly font you require for a product - is picturing your typical customers in mind. That requires a very good understanding of your target audience, and this pays off in the end.

So, what would be a typical font for some greasy food?

Imagine your typical customer. Is it a guy who likes beer and is looking for something which would go well with a glass of this beverage? Or is it a family who stopped in a small road restaurant on their way to their vacation destination?

Then your fonts need to have some thick strokes, no design exaggerating.

Your fonts need to remind you of what you sell.

Pizza Food Fonts

The strokes may remind your customers the melted cheese on pizza, delicious pieces of German sausages, round shape of it may remind them of crispy baked onion rings.

To get inspired on how you could apply these fonts, you may check out WordPress restaurant templates.

Pizza Food Fonts
  1. Hot Pizza Font
  2. Mom's Diner Font
  3. Snappy Service NF
  4. Caesar Little SS Font
  5. Skittles n Beer NF Font
  6. Guinness Extra Stout NF Font
  7. Pilsen Plakat Font
  8. Rialto NF Font
  9. Insaniburger Font Family
  11. Buffalo Chicken font

Free Beer Fonts

Beer fonts remind us of fonts for some fat, but so devilishly appetizing food. If you pay attention, you may notice that brewery templates mostly use fonts like these.

free beer fonts
  1. Traditio AH Font
  2. College Block Font
  3. Ring of Kerry Font
  4. Pilsen Plakat Font
  5. Rialto NF Font
  6. Mastodon Font Family
  7. Anchor Steam NF Font

Sweet and Bittersweet Fonts

Are you going to create an online store using Magento restaurant templates, for example, and sell bubblegums and candies? Then your typical customer may be a child (even if he’s a grown up, your customer is still just a child. A grownup child deep down inside. Remember the last time you saw and auto-piloted plane; you may have wanted to play it yourself instead of letting this do to your son). The font should look like the product that you are offering. Round, juicy, reminding us of these gummy bears, gums, or stretched fonts representing delicious gummy worms, giant candy necklaces, licorice twists.

sweet and bittersweet food fonts
  1. Bittersweet NF Font
  2. Apple Butter Font
  3. Chicken Hut Font
  4. KR Frosted Cake Font
  5. Caesar Little SS Font
  6. Soft Marshmallow Font
  7. Breakfast DEMO Font

Free Pastry Fonts

The pastry is an art. Pastry represents the whole spirit of cakes, cupcakes, and pies by your mom or grandmother. They used to decorate it with toppings, designing it quite in a sophisticated way. Pastry fonts are kind, welcoming and delicious.

Free pastry fonts


  1. Advertising Script Font Family
  2. YummyCupcakes Font
  3. Bubblegum Sans Font
  4. Croissant One Font
  5. Rum Raisin Font
  6. Rouge Script Font
  7. Apples Script Demo Font
  8. LemonCookie Font Family

Free Unusual Food Fonts

It happens so, that sometimes you may need something unique, bold and daring because your audience is such. Then you may consider using something like this. If you happen to be looking for Asian restaurant WordPress themes, you may also appreciate this type of font. It's quite unusual, and a text written with it will be noticed.

free unusual food  fonts
  1. Noodle Soup Font
  2. Popular Cafe NF Font
  3. SF Wasabi Font Family

Coffee Fonts

Coffee fonts. Well, that doesn’t even need an explanation. Everything that could look well on a coffee cup would do 🙂

Free coffee fonts
  1. Frenchpress Font
  2. Coffee At Midnight Demo Font
  3. Vonique Font Family
  4. Skinny Late
  5. Mom's Diner Font
  6. Mouser font
  7. Café Françoise Font

Free Wine Fonts

Every font that is related to wine needs to have the most elegant, the most chivalrous and in a way seductive, look. These free wine fonts may help you.

Free Wine Fonts
  1. Niagara Solid
  2. Coquette Regular
  3. Brinkmann AH Font
  4. Mastodon Font Family
  5. Komikazoom Font

That's it for now, go and fetch some food. I know that after looking at these pictures, you may be starving. Don't forget to save this list of free food fonts for later! 😉

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Free Food Fonts FAQ

How to install free food fonts?

The installation process is fast and straightforward. Moreover, after going through the following steps, you will use the wanted typeface with all the supporting software (no need to install it separately for each case).
1. Download the font and unzip the file.
2. Open the font folder and highlight the family files with the left button of the mouse. 
3. Click on them with the right mouse button and choose “Install.”
4. Wait for a little.
5. Done! Enjoy your new stunning typo 😉

Where can I use free food fonts?

There are no limits to your bold ideas! You can apply them for menu creation, brand logo design, posters, quotes, website font-styling, brochures, business cards, etc. The main thing is to pick the right one to match your overall corporate style. It is also a great idea to use them in your blog, greeting cards, and wherever you’d like to.

What software do I require to apply free food fonts?

The software requirements may vary depending on the final version of the product. If you want to try it with your custom text, Microsoft Office is more than enough. We recommend using Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop for any graphic mockups creation. The fonts are also compatible with PDF, Docx, PSD formats, so don’t hesitate to get them and play around. 

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