Not to Be Missed Free WordPress Plugins 2014 [October Edition]

Howdy folks! Another month of the year and we are back again with another roundup of the Free WordPress Plugins 2014. We are happy to introduce you about these latest plugins and how they will boost up the overall look, feel, and functionality of your website. All of them are absolutely free of cost. This means you don't need to pay anything to use them.

All the plugins are great. Packed with amazing features and options make them absolutely easy for you to set up and create your website. So, have a look at them, we and let us know which one is just perfect for you.

Priority Shortcodes


Some of the WordPress functions like wpautop has caused so much annoyance and frustration to the webmasters, depending on what they have been doing at a particular period of time. This function has forced them to put paragraph tags (<p></p>) around every sentence they write. But with the plugin like Priority Shortcodes there is no need to feel frustrated as you can easily use double square brackets ("[[ ]]") to specify shortcodes, which would further be processed before wpautop and do_shortcode().

* * *

Simple Content Experiments


Simple Content Experiments is a great plugin that allows you create shortcodes to perform A/B testing for Google Analytics. It's a perfect plugin to determine the various elements of a content on the basis of page, posts, custom type with the help of shortcodes. It also handles and effectively manages the communication with content experiments API, so that desirable results could be achieved and reports could be generated. Some of the major features of this plugin are:

  • No need to create a whole page for each variations and the plugin itself handles in-page variations.
  • Makes use of Google Experiments API to determine the variations observed by the user.
  • Its class ("xvariantclick") and custom data attribute ("data-xvariant") can be used for analytics for a seamless tracking of various goals and events.

* * *

Advanced Advertising System


Managing multiple advertisers and their marketing campaign will become extremely easy with this brand new plugin. The Advanced Advertising System is a dynamic plugin that helps your customers run their advertisement campaigns on your website. You can manage ads, specify their pricing models based on individual zones, advertisers and their priorities.

* * *

WP Custom Lists


The new WP Custom Lists is all about superb functionality and ease of use. And as the name suggests, the plugin makes it easy for you to create, manage, and edit each content list by adding shortcodes into pages, posts, and custom types. You can insert the list in any location of your website or in a template with the help of shortcode. However, the downside of this plugin is that by it does provide the support for featured images, and do not use any appropriate HTML5 markup for various lists, such as unordered lists, order list and more.

* * *

TinyMCE VisualBlocks


If you wish to see and know about the various HTML elements and how they work together to create the content of your choice, then this brand new plugin is all what you need. TinyMCE Visual Blocks is a great plugin for WordPress that creates a light gray border to each post and editing screen to give you a clear understanding about their relation between each other. It's a bit tricky, especially for those who hardly have any idea about HTML, which makes it quite difficult for them to get an idea about when different elements should be nested together and when should not, which ultimately give them a hard time to determine how it looks from the front-end.

* * *



Turn your WordPress site into a dynamic online learning platform with this all new CoursePress plugin. The plugin is an awesome choice for those who want to run some online courses on their website. It comes packed with a great deal of features that makes it easy for you to create courses their study material and a lot more.

* * *



If you wish to display your company's staff or volunteers in a grid on your website, then Staffer is made just for you. The plugin looks impressive with its attention to detail and works seamless with multiple WordPress themes. It makes it easy for you to create custom templates and content wrappers for individual staff members. Plus, it also comes packed with the options for editing HTML and custom CSS, so that you can modify your theme as and when you need.

* * *

Custom Nextpage


The Custom Nextpage is a perfect solution to split any post or page into multiple pages. If your website has long posts then Custom Next is just made for you. It's a customizable plugin and also gives you an option to break any article and make it one page paragraph, and thus helping you to increase page views.

* * *

Guest Post Simplified


With the help of a shortcode, the Guest Post Simplified plugin makes it easy for the website owners to accept and organize multiple posts submitted by your visitors as guest authors without registration. Any visitor is allowed to submit his or her post and it will be added automatically as a draft. Once you review them, you can decide which one you want to publish on your website and which one you want to reject.

* * *

Experimental: Customize Inline Editing


Customize Inline Editing is a perfect plugin designed to edit text strings on your website. With the plugin, there is no need for the user to open a control located on the left side of the customizer, instead they only need to click on the Customizer Preview and start editing the items inline.

* * *

Experimental: Customize Posts


It's all in the title, the plugin provides an easy way to edit posts right inside the customizer. You can edit post data, post meta for any number of posts, and preview the changes made before publishing them finally.

* * *

So, there we have it all, the above mentioned plugins for WordPress will help you to take your website to the next level. They are unique and unlike anything else that are already out there. So, which one is your favorite?

Ben Wilson

Work with WordPress more efficiently as you master it like a pro. See what Ben advises.

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