Game Design Resume Tips, Templates, and Examples To Get a Dream Job

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  3. How to Create a Perfect Game Design Job Description for a Resume
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  5. Game Design Resume Examples
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  7. Game Design Resume Templates: Comparative Table
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Taking a fight as invincible Yoshimitsu against brisk Jin in Tekken, or running a race with an elegant and high-class Lamborghini in Need for Speed, or thinking of the better strategy to build towns in Civilization, or exploring the unknown territories as sexy and powerful Lara Craft, or helping poor Mudokon Abe in Abe’s Odyssey was among my favorite activities in childhood. Now, I also adore computer games, but I really don’t have much time due to various duties, such as work, studies, and family. However, milliards of people around the world, of all possible ages, play platforms and mobile games on a regular basis. What is more, there are communities, forums, books, and even glossaries devoted to certain popular games.

All these games are the results of the implementation of the creative and technical skills of a number of people involved in the industry. And among the critical roles in the game creation, there is a role of a game designer. The profession is highly demanded and well paid nowadays, and it will not be a problem for a game designer to find the dream work. Nevertheless, it may happen that you just started your path as a game designer or want to apply for a position in a company of your childhood dreams, and thus you need to represent your skills and experience to the desired company in the most attractive way. In this post, I’ll try to compile some useful and interesting tips and tools for making a winning game design resume.

Game Designer Role

The game industry, as well as game design, are reaching their peak in the present day, and the position of a game designer is rather prestigious. Companies occupied with game design, especially those with well-known names, become the point of attraction for many creative people and various types of developers. A game designer is a person who unites both these directions. He or she creates a form and content of the gameplay. An individual on this role is engaged in identifying how a player interacts with the game world, the conditions of a win and a loss, and the complexity of a game.

The concept of the game is the main focus of a game designer. There are also such roles in the industry which are closely related to a game designer as a narrative designer and level designer. Those are different roles, but it may happen that a game designer is occupied with the creation of a game narrative and levels depending on the organizational structure of a particular company. In this way, the more skills and experience a game designer has the better.

Gaming Cover Letter and Game Designer Resume

Almost all companies not only expect an applicant to write a cover letter but point this out in their open vacancies. Thus, having a well-prepared gaming cover letter is a great strategy to save time when applying for a particular job and to increase your chances to be invited for an interview. What should you include in your Cover Letter? The main point here is to concentrate on the major skills and experiences that are directly relevant to the aimed role.

For instance, if the company expects you to have experience with mobile games, the market analysis of the mobile game industry, analytics of the finished product, then you should mark this in your cover letter. In this way, the HR representative will view that your skills strongly align with what they require from a candidate. Also, you can express your main qualifications and achievements in the position. By the way, if they are hiring a game designer for a particular game, you can make your suggestions for the potential work with this game, which will express your interest in the role and impress the employer.

How to Create a Perfect Game Design Job Description for a Resume

The perfect game designer resume should clearly represent your objectives, work experiences along with key achievements on each position taken, relevant and general education, key skills, and interests. The resume should not be overloaded or look messy. It should be neat, organized, and concise. In the objective part, you can summarize your experience, for instance saying, “Game designer with a 3-years of experience in video games in a deadline-driven environment. In the previous role, developed more than 50 levels for open-world games.” In the next sections when discussing your work experience, specify all possible qualifications that you gained. For instance, note whether you are ready to provide test specifications to the quality assurance team, create gameplay test plans, conduct an analysis of competitors, evaluate the potential costs, communicate successfully with other designers involved, whether you are ready to create or manage the narrative part, and so on.

Best Skills For Game Design Resume

These are skills and qualifications that most employers will seek in potential applicants. Formulating them correctly and finding the relevant ones among your capabilities is also a way to succeed. Include in your resume all that you find applicable to you. In this way, game design resumes should include the following skills:

  • Game mechanics skills
  • Environmental design skills
  • Narrative design skills, creating plots, stories, and dialogs
  • Developing game and gameplay ideas
  • Developing levels and maps
  • Developing ways of how a gamer can win or lose the game
  • Degree in computer game design
  • Graphic design skills
  • Animation skills
  • Creativity, experience in playing games, and passion for video game industry
  • Knowledge of game genres, types, and trends
  • Programming skills
  • Communication and collaboration capabilities
  • Analytical mind

Game Design Resume Examples

When creating your own video game design resume, you will want to have a look at some samples available. There are tons of them on the web, but we don’t want to make you search when reading this article, so here’s are examples of some well-composed video game designer resumes. For instance, if you possess extensive experience in game design and already reached the status of senior game designer, then review this piece. Other examples of a written sample that can give you some insights can be found here and here.

Game Design Resume Templates

When you don’t really know how to organize and format your game design resume or another type of resume, but you want a professional-looking, stylish, and neat piece, consider referring to TM resume templates.

A ready-made resume template, 3ds game cover template, video game resume template, and any other type are designated by professionals to attract the employers’ attention and to ease the process of resume creation for you.

David Richards 

It has both a template and a cover letter. The main advantages of this piece are its professional appearance, exceptional organization, easy customization options, and print-ready format.

Andy – Clean & Colorful Word Resume Template 

This one looks very stylish and will please both you, as a designer, and the potential employer. It also includes resume and cover letter design and is modified in a simple way.

Bundle Resume Template 

This is the perfect decision when picking the template for a game designer's resume. It has nine design pieces, so you can select and customize the piece you want. It is very flexible and print-ready and overall has all that you need for a great resume.

Carmen Resume Template 

It will show that you indeed have a good taste and can organize everything starting with your very resume. This piece has both a designed resume and cover letter. The files are completely editable and print-ready.

William Resume Template

This one is also cool; it looks contemporary and neat. Choose the colors and fonts you like, paste your information in the template, print it or use electronic version – and that’s the perfect step in the direction of the perfect work.

Game Design Resume Templates: Comparative Table

While there are many great helpful products available among our templates, we have prepared a comparative table of those discussed in this post for you to get acquainted with the most needed and relevant features.

Resume Template Cover Letter Print Ready Customization Included Files Requirements for Software
David Richards  + + + A4 Letter Resume & Cover letter in Word Format

A4 Letter Resume & Cover letter in Photoshop

A4 Letter Resume & Cover letter in Illustrator

1 Information File

Adobe Illustrator CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2

Andy – Clean & Colorful Word Resume Template  + + + 4 Adobe Photoshop File

4 Adobe Illustrator File

4 MS Word File

Help Text File

Adobe Illustrator CS2
Bundle Resume Template  + + + MS Word


PSD files

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Carmen Resume Template  + + + Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Word

Apple Pages

Adobe Photoshop 5.5+

Adobe Illustrator 8+

Adobe Illustrator CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2

William Resume Template  + + + Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft Word

Apple Pages

Adobe Photoshop 5.5+

Adobe Illustrator 8+

Adobe Illustrator CS2

Adobe Photoshop CS2

Game design resume FAQ

❓How do you make a resume for game design?

You can design it yourself integrating your relevant skills, experience, education, and qualifications or use examples and templates which will ease you all the processes and make it look professional.


Usually, game designers work in-house 35+ hours per week with flexible schedules. Their work requires a high level of collaboration and involvement in the process.


The required skills for a game designer may differ depending on a particular company or project. Generally, a game designer should well orient in the game industry, trends and genres, be proficient in-game mechanics, creativity, programming skills, graphic, storytelling skills, analytical thinking, being a team-player.


It is a challenging task as usually, game designers should possess a variety of skills, and often the specialists develop into game designers inside the company where they may have started as developers, narrative designers, testers, and so on.


It is a promising path that is perfect for an individual with a passion for games.

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