Namaste, Indians! How About the New Pack of “Good Morning Images”?

Google researchers found out that every third Indian’s smartphone runs out of space daily! This is due to the “good morning images” that fly around the country like the letters from Hogwarts. If you are an Indian, we bet you have already sent a cute picture to your friend this morning.

If you are not, you have probably received one.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Indians send millions of the morning images with the sun, flowers, kitties, and babies on it daily. These images overload the Indians’ smartphones and clog up the Internet.

Google tried to solve the problem and released the Fills Go application in December 2017. This app analyzes the database of images, identifies “greeting pictures” and removes them from the smartphone. The new app’s version allows choosing the type and the size of the images to be removed.

The application was downloaded more than 10 million times and freed up to 1GB space of every user’s smartphone.

While Google tries to save Indians’ smartphones from overloading, TemplateMonster brightens up Indians’ morning. Our qualified designers created a collection of free “good morning images” ready to download! Isn’t it cute?

Good Morning Images

Running out of the “Good Morning Images”?

Download from TemplateMonster!

If your collection of the “good morning images” exhausted itself, you can draw inspiration on TemplateMonster. You can download beautiful images for free! The format of the pictures allows you to share them on Facebook, Instagram, download them to your smartphone and send via messages.

Just leave your email in the form below, and you'll get a collection of the morning pictures to please your friends in the morning.

Here are some samples of our work!

Morning Images
Morning Images

You can download “good morning images” for any taste on TemplateMonster. Pets? Cool. Shiva? We have already included one to our collection! We try to meet the wishes of our good old Indian friends.

When Images are not enough…

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By the way, Muhammad Basu, a software engineer, and blogger from Mumbai has already tried his luck in the Social Stock Campaign from TemplateMonster!

Morning Images

By placing a promo code on his blog, he managed to earn money and go on a trip to Latin America:

“Visiting Brazil and Cuba was my dream! Unfortunately, I couldn’t earn money for this trip on my main job. But I’m a blogger also. So, I decided to post a promo code for purchasing TemplateMonster products with a discount on my blog and waited until it would start working. When I saw that more than 20 people had used it, I was just overjoyed!”

Muhammad isn’t the only one who benefited from participating in the Social Stock program. Familiarize with the success stories here. Or here. Or become the next success storyteller with the help of our campaign.

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Wait. We have a better idea! You can become a vendor at the TemplateMonster marketplace! Have quality and original templates to sell? Sell it through our marketplace! Our company welcomes talented developers and designers, who create templates, product mockups, infographic elements, and fonts.

Our vendors work under beneficial conditions and get a commission for every sale of their product. The commission depends on the quality and uniqueness of the product. The existence of the technical support increases the product’s price.

Recently, TemplateMonster released free eBook about how to become a vendor at the digital marketplace and earn lots of money.

Without a doubt, India is a source of the outstanding technical experts. Waves of Indian graduates have moved to the Silicon Valley in the 1970s and the 1980s. Now, more than 89,000 Indian immigrants live in Northern California. Talented professionals are occupying positions in the leading technology and media companies.

Satya Nadella, for instance, replaced Steve Balmer as a Microsoft chief executive and became the number one CEO of the year in the Cloud Wars.

Morning Images

Satya isn’t the first Indian who reached success in the technology industry. Vivek Wadhwa, the professor at the Stanford and Duke universities, discovered that by 2012 16% startups in Silicon Valley had an Indian as a co-founder. Assuming the fact that Indians made up 6% of the region’s population, the numbers are impressive.

If you are a part of the Indian technology force, welcome to our vendors team!

Alright, did you forget about the free collection of “good morning images”? You can download them right now! Let the morning be truly good with these beautiful pictures 🙂

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