Social Stock Success Story: Be Patient, Post on Forums and Success will Follow

Remember some time ago we've written about the new project from TemplateMonster's affiliate team? Today, we are back with a case study of a user who's proud to rank first on Social Stock leader board.

While simply promoting his promo-code on forums and spreading the word about it among friends, Humberto Tello from Ecuador managed to grow his sales multi-fold. How did he manage to reach such heights? Find in the interview.

Name: Humberto Tello
Country: Ecuador
Occupation: Freelancer

TemplateMonster: Tell us something about yourself.

Humberto Tello: My name is Humberto. I'm a 27 year old electronic engineer. I'm engaged to the most beautiful woman on the Earth. I like to make friends, learn new languages, and help people translate documents from English to Spanish. I also love learning new things on the internet and programming, of course.

TemplateMonster: For how long are you in the online business?

Humberto Tello: I've been in this business for a long time. I've always liked helping people fix their website problems. I started  helping them with their problems for free and when they were happy with the results some of them gave me money as a donation.

TemplateMonster: What were you doing before that? 

Humberto Tello: I have been working on websites for people, SEO and SEM. I started doing this 4 years ago just because I like learning new things. A friend gave me an opportunity to test his website and undertake the whole SEO and SEM things for him.

TemplateMonster: What are you doing now?

Humberto Tello: I'm making money working part-time in an online store and also earning money online in different projects like Template Monster's Social Stock.

TemplateMonster: How did you find about TemplateMonster and Social Stock?

Humberto Tello: I'm never afraid to learn and try new things. When I saw this opportunity I decided to try it to see whether it was going to work or not, and I was successful!

TemplateMonster: How is Social Stock different/similar to other ways of earning money online?

Humberto Tello: Social Stock is different because TemplateMonster is a serious company, which is going to give you the prize when you ask for it. It doesn't take a lot of time and the process of prise redeeming is really simple, just submit your details, and that's it.

TemplateMonster: How long did it take you to get first results with Social Stock?

Humberto Tello: It took me a couple months. You need to be patient and wait for people to trust in you and after that you can share your discount code.

TemplateMonster: Please share a few words about your strategy? Anything that you can shared. 

Humberto Tello: Patience is key. You need to avoid looking like a scammer. People should trust you.

TemplateMonster: How did social networks help you achieve this result?

Humberto Tello: I prefer using forums. They are the best in my opinion. Because you are in contact with people who want to buy a product, but they are not sure about the details. So, you can help them and give them your code when they are sure about the theme and the functions it has.

TemplateMonster: Why would you recommend Social Stock to online money-makers?

Humberto Tello: The best reasons for recommending Social Stock to people is because it works, the company is serious and they will give you the prize quickly through a really simple process.

Here are just a few examples of templates that were bought with Humberto's promo-code.

NonAlcoholic Drinks PrestaShop Theme

This fully responsive theme will work best for food and drink related eCommerce stores. The theme is rich in smart customization options, with a color switcher tool being one of the most intuitive ones. Built with the focus on detail, the theme includes an adaptive MegaMenu.


Demo | Download

Consulting Co WordPress Theme

Intended to help build you build a professional and trustworthy online presence of your business, the theme is pre-loaded with a number of features that the users of all skill levels can benefit from. For example, a built-in drag-and-drop MotoPress Editor lets you create versatile layouts without touching a line of code.


Demo | Download

Electronics Store Responsive Magento Theme

The clean and minimalist layout of this theme, designed with attention to detail, is best suited for electronics web stores. Integrated with video support and several gallery scripts, the theme allows you to showcase your store's offerings in a number of ways.


Demo | Download

That's it for today. If you wish to boost your earnings and compete for a number of cool prizes, then go ahead, register in Social Stock program. Let all of your social media followers and friends save 10% on the purchase of cool web design stuff, and increase your own revenue as a result.
Good luck!

social stock

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