How to Start up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Google is the number one search engine in the world, attracting billions of searches every day. In addition to basic web search, Google Search offers 22 other free services. Thanks to the superiority of the search engine, Google AdWords, and Google Universal Analytics are great Google tools that appeal to customers, and they are a bridge for bringing product information to potential customers quickly.

Indeed, the Google AdWords tool not only allows you to reach your visitors and potential customers but also helps increase your store's conversion rate. Also, you can manage your ad campaigns efficiently through this tool.

In this topic, we will tell you how to set up Google AdWords on Magento 2 templates by TemplateMonster.

Download Google AdWords Conversion

In order to apply Google Tag Manager for Magento 2 with an extension like Mageplaza, you need to insert Google Tag ID, which you get from creating Google Tag Manager account.

To Setup Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

  • Step 1: Register the Google AdWords account
  • Step 2: Set the Magento Configuration

Step 1: Register the Google AdWords account

Go to the Google website and create a new account on Google AdWords.

Step 2: Set the Magento Configuration

Login to the Admin Panel, click Stores > Settings > Configuration.

On the left panel, choose Google API under Sales.

Open the Google AdWords field; you need to do the following:

Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Choose Yes for this field to Enable Google AdWords.

Enter your Google AdWords ID in the Conversion ID field.

Select the language that is defined in your Google AdWords script in the Conversion Language field.

Enter the number that is taken from your Google AdWords script in the Conversion Format field.

Enter the hexadecimal value from your Google AdWords script in the Conversion Color field.

Enter the text string from your Google AdWords script in the Conversion Label field.

Establish the Conversion Value Type to a dynamic variable based on the Total Cost of sales.

Click Save Configure to finish.

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