Why Having a Great Corporate Logo Design Matters?

Your corporate logo design should do much more than just look good on paper or the screen; it needs to serve a purpose for your business. Which is why it is always best to give the job to a professional; whether you decide to go with a professional agency or a freelancer, that choice is totally yours.

When they say that a picture can say a thousand words, this statement could not be truer for your corporate logo. The design of your corporate logo helps convey a highly complex idea about your business, its ideology, its product/services, quality, values, etc. in a single image. It is the first step towards creating your brand’s identity; because once associated with your business, your corporate logo will always be a representative of it, even at places where your business name may not appear.

It helps create a brand perception in the minds of your customers and a well-designed logo is a sign of your business’s commitment to quality, whereas a poorly designed logo may create a perception of you being inexperienced or your lack of interest in delivering quality.

It’s exactly how the guys from Smartketer wrote in a blog post: "The business logo acts as the face of your business."

In order to ensure that your corporate logo design effectively meets its purpose, you need to engage a professional corporate designer or designing company.

Why is it Important to Engage a Professional?

Good design = Good Business. Period. These days, there is an abundance of professional graphic designers working as freelancers or in professional designer agencies.

You can engage them to design the perfect corporate logo design for you.

Your aim is to get a logo which:

  • Looks professional,
  • Is unique yet relatable by your customers,
  • Has memorable design features, but ones which are flexible and can be applied at different platforms,
  • Communicates your business values and,
  • Helps you create a strong brand identity and perception.

A professional will make sure to meet all the above requirements. They will help you get a good value for the time and money you spend on getting your corporate logo designed plus they will give you several options to select from. You can test market the options and ultimately select the one which successfully grabs the attention of the audience.

A professional agency or a professional freelance graphic designer brings a lot to the table. They bring their experience, their knowledge, their expertise, and their research and analytical abilities. But most of all, they understand the psyche of your target customers and what would seem attractive to them and what would fail to catch their interest.

They know what’s in and what’s not and thus, they would ensure that your corporate logo design is trendy, engaging and result-driving. They will come up with a design which would be a perfect mesh of all design features, including the font, size, colour, imaging, etc.

The Importance of Research: What is Your Business & Who is Your Audience

Creativity is not about some blind, out of the box attempts at getting something done; creativity also begins with research. So before professional designers get their creative juices flowing, they get their research work done about your company is all about and who is your target audience.

Both of these are highly important aspects that provide major Inputs into your corporate logo design.

Getting to Know What Your Business is all About


How can you design an identity for a business without knowing what their products/services are, what line of business they are involved in and what are their values and principles?

Therefore, the very first step in beginning the process of designing a logo for your business is for the designer to understand your business philosophy and the products and services you offer to your clients.

A professional designer would aim to research and then understand the history of your company, the details about your offerings and why you are serving in the industry that you are serving in. They would like to understand what problems of your customers you are aiming to resolve through your offerings. They will ask you several questions, ask your colleagues and also spy your competition behavior.

Once they gain a deeper understanding of what your business is all about, they would like to research the other side of your business, that is, your customers. After all, the corporate logo they design is for attracting the target market and thus, the designers need to understand the basics of your target market, such as their age group, their gender, the area they reside in, and other important characteristics about them so they can come up with a design which would appeal to them.

For example, a different sort of a logo would appeal to children, to women, to elders, to youngsters, to professionals, etc. The design features need to match with what your audience likes so that the final result can be appealing for them and would help in engaging them.

After the professional you hire comes up with several design options, their research would involve engaging focus groups for test marketing the different options in order to determine which one would work effectively for your business.

Launching your Corporate Logo

Once your corporate logo design is ready, you need to bring it into the market. Since most of your audience is now available online and browsing on social media, you can use both of these mediums to launch your freshly designed logo. One way of doing this is to release teasers before you go for the actual launch and the other way is to directly launch your logo via online display advertisements, incorporation on the business website and releasing adverts on social media.

Once you have launched, you must keep track of the response being generated by the audience. This will give you feedback about the corporate logo design you have introduced and will also allow you to track the response and make any changes required.

The McDonald's Logo Evolution

In the fast food industry, the McDonalds logo is one of the most prominent and easily recognized logos across the globe. However, what we see today is a result of a corporate logo design evolution. The first McDonalds logo design was designed in 1940 when McDonald's served barbecue as well in addition to burgers.

mcdonalds logo

Later on, the barbecue was dropped from the menu and in 1952, the logo was redesigned to incorporate the arches. The arches were inspired from the arches present on the McDonald’s outlet sides. When these arches were viewed from a particular angle, they formed the letter M, consistent with the brand name McDonald's. By the 1970s, the golden arches became synonymous with the brand name and became its identity.

mcdonalds logo

The current day ‘I’m lovin’ it’ logo was designed and launched in 2003. You may find different variations of this logo; however, the basics remain the same, that is, the golden arches forming the M and the accompanying motto of McDonald's “I’m Lovin’ It”.

mcdonalds logo

It’s interesting to see how the McDonalds logo evolved with time and with how they have developed their menu. Anywhere you go, if you see the above placed logo, you would immediately associate it with McDonald's, even though the logo does not contain the name of the business. This is exactly how a well-designed corporate logo works towards building a brand’s strength and how deeply it gets ingrained into the mind of customers.

If you too want to turn your business into a strong brand, you must focus on getting an epic corporate logo designed for it, by a professional.

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