The Guide to the CM Magento Marketplace Extension

The CM Magento Marketplace extension is designed to take your online store to new heights. Transforming a simple e-commerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace is one thing, but the CM plugin offers additional features and benefits to help you expand your entrepreneurship.

Benefits of the Marketplace Extension for Sellers

The CM Marketplace extension allows site admins to add an unlimited number of suppliers, so you can encourage a healthy competition amongst a number of niche markets.

Vendor options include the ability to ship from a third party vendor, eliminating the need for inventory storage, and dropshipping. This feature allows suppliers in your marketplace to lower product prices to sell in large amounts to wholesale buyers.

As a supplier, you have the added benefit of being able to control shipping of your products from beginning to end. You can define shipping products by your own unique parameters and generate reports on sales and customers to eliminate any guesswork for profit margins.

Benefits of the Marketplace Extension for Admins

As the admin for your Magento Marketplace, you have complete control over the active sellers in your market. You can approve both sellers and their products, apply permanent features across multiple seller accounts, and segment sellers by their products to create an organized marketplace.

As an admin, you also have access to buyer and seller activity throughout the site. You can optimize your marketplace and transactions through data analysis of products, shipping and more.

Added Features

The Marketplace extension allows for seamless integration across the entire chain. The PayPal add-on lets the admin manage payments for vendors automatically depending on their preference—upon order completion, purchase, or manual settings.

The admin is also able to limit the number of categories a seller can choose for his store or products, or define these categories that cannot be changed by the seller. This way, the Marketplace admin can control the products and groups within its market.

Sellers can make changes or view orders on the go with the responsive dashboard—a feature that brings your Magento marketplace into the mobile world. The easy to use interface lets you track shipments and upload products right from your phone.

Additional Extensions for Marketplace

In addition to creating a marketplace for multiple vendors and sellers, you’ll want to incorporate certain extensions that can streamline processes or optimize sales.

The PayPal Integration extension is one to consider including when you’re migrating to a Marketplace site. This allows you or your managers to transfer funds easily to vendors with PayPal. The extension offers options for payment so you can customize when your vendors are compensated.

The benefits of this extension are plentiful—you can automate payments, control the payment process from beginning to end, and save time running your Marketplace.

market place

Another extension to consider is the Multi-User Account extension. This extension lets you grant permissions to separate users for your Magento Marketplace. If your employees need to access or make changes to your Marketplace, this is a simple and easy way to allow it. You can assign employees of your Marketplace different roles, allowing a simplified and segmented process to tasks like purchasing merchandise, viewing orders, making payments, and more.

An extension that benefits your Marketplace customers directly is the Custom Coupon Error Message extension. This extension creates an error message when a buyer attempts to apply a coupon in their cart, and the coupon is not valid or no longer applies to their purchase. Customize the look of your error message in the simple dashboard, and track the frequency of these messages to optimize new coupons within your stores.

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