Guide to Making Full Utilization of WordPress SEO Features for Better Optimization and Ranking

If you want to make your SEO campaign more powerful by using out of the box techniques, then you must choose WordPress that can help to realize the goal. No other CMS can work for SEO in the way WordPress does. This is perhaps the most significant reason why marketers flock to the most versatile open-source platform of WordPress. The features of WordPress and its capabilities are ever expanding as new themes and plugins are added to the already rich inventory. How best you can use it for your SEO campaign would depend on how well you understand the platform and its ways of working. To know how to make the best use of WordPress for SEO, you should find the tips discussed in this article quite useful.

Time the indexing right

Choosing the right time for indexing of website is very important because doing it at the wrong time will not give the desired results. The search bots are continuously crawling and indexing sites whenever they come across some fresh content. To avail full benefits of indexing you must ensure that the bots crawl the website only when you are entirely ready to upload the content on the site and not when you are creating it. If bots crawl the content when you are preparing it, you will get a feel for having dinner with half-cooked foods. As the material is not yet ready for indexing, the indexing effect will be disastrous. To prevent it, activate the feature of WordPress that disallows indexing of underprepared content.

Use ‘no follow option’ to shun poor quality links

Links are good for you provided their quality is also good. Poor quality links, if picked up by the spiders of search engines can damage your SEO prospects. However, since the spiders do not discriminate links and pick up anything and everything that it comes across, you must be cautious about keeping the website free from poor links. Another way of doing it is to mark unwanted links with ‘no follow' tags so that these do not figure in the Page Rank. The Los Angeles SEO Expert can tell you how by using the feature of WordPress that prevents spiders from picking specific links, you can make the search spiders focus on good links only.

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Avoid spam comments

It is not unusual to come across spam comments about blogs. Such comments are entirely irrelevant to the blog topic and can spoil the pitch for SEO because it creates a distraction for legitimate users who dislike such puerile activities. The most significant danger from spam comments is that it might even result in labeling the post as spam that can do immense harm to SEO. To protect the website from spam comments, invoke the ‘no follow’ feature of WordPress that allows you to block selectively some links that users post.

Opt for selective indexing

WordPress looks after your SEO interests so much that it has specific features that allow you to communicate to search engines about selective indexing of web content. The need may arise from a situation when you discover that the blogs and blog categories have the same title. This is an example of a duplicate title that is like duplicate content, and it can earn the wrath of search engines and endanger the SEO campaign. To get a reprieve from the situation, use the ‘no index' option for the less relevant page so that search engines exempt it from indexing.

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Accelerate website-loading speed

For the best user experience, you must ensure that websites load very fast. Websites that take too much time to load fall out of favor of viewers immediately. Take steps to ensure that not only sites load quickly but also it takes minimum time to switch between content and pages. To find a solution to the problem of website speed, use WordPress caching plugin that reduces the web server load too. Since caching plugins can cache dynamic as well as static content, it increases the website speed besides enhancing the viewing experience. Search engines like speedy websites that positively affect search rankings.

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Follow responsive web design

As WordPress supports SEO to the fullest, it is imperative that when you are creating websites, you can include responsive design features to make it compatible with mobile devices. Since your target is to be liked by both users and search engines, responsive design serves both purposes. While viewers enjoy the website on mobile devices that give them better satisfaction, Google also feels happy that you follow its guidelines of mobile-friendly websites. You can find basic WordPress themes for responsive web design, or you can opt for custom development of some chosen theme.

After implementing some or all these techniques, review it periodically to make finer adjustments to better results.

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