What Should the Best Online Vape Store Be Like: a Comprehensive Guide

  1. Best Homepage Design Practices
  2. Managing Product Category Pages
  3. Website Navigation and Usability Checklist
  4. E-Commerce SEO Strategy
  5. Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Projects
  6. How to Start Selling E-Juice Online with Shopify?
  7. Online Store Setup Service
  8. What Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Website Template?
  9. Best Online Vape Store Themes: Quick Overview
  10. Wrapping Up

There are a lot of alternatives to traditional smoking appearing these days: hookah, electronic cigarettes, and more. As the number of people who prefer making purchases online is rapidly increasing, online shops, including vape stores, also become more popular. Nevertheless, finding the best online vape store remains quite challenging. Everyone can start selling vape juice, e-cigarettes, and accessories online, so customers get confused not knowing what shop is reliable enough and where they can expect the best shopping experience.

If you are the one who wants to take the niche and stands out among the competitors by providing a wide product assortment and excellent customer service, consider this guide to building a top-notch online store. We’ve put together the best practices that will help you establish a converting e-commerce website that will drive more prospective consumers to your store and boost your business.

So, let’s get started and find out what the best online vape store is like.

Best Homepage Design Practices

Any website creation should start with designing an effective homepage. Design is the look and feel of the site. Simultaneously, it is about the way it makes your visitors feel and think. If the main page of the site doesn’t convert, you won’t manage to reach as many potential clients as possible. And while they can’t easily find what they are looking for on your website, they just leave without hesitation. The uninviting appearance will also push them away. So, where is the balance between website usability and its visual component?

Best Homepage Design Practices.

Here are a few homepage design tips that will let you know what elements the converting main page should contain.

1. Identify who you are and what you offer. Add headline and sub-headline, as well as images or logos to let visitors immediately understand that they’ve come to the right place.

Vape shop example 1.

2. Make sure the homepage is responsive. As more people use their phones and other portable devices to shop online, you need to be sure your main page performs well on any screen size.

3. Include useful links and CTA buttons. They will guide visitors to the necessary information and the next step of their journey on your website.

Vape shop example2.

4. Focus on your target audience. Select the right language, tone of voice and color palette you’ll use on your website to attract as many target users as possible.

Vape shop example3.

5. Use unique, relevant images of high quality. Leverage the real images of the products in your online catalog.

Vape shop example4.

6. Leave more free space on the page. When there are no unnecessary elements, the design looks more balanced which allows mostly focusing on the products you are selling.

Vape shop example5.

7. Share customers’ testimonials. The block with clients’ feedback allows building a reliable image of your business and let people know that they can trust you.

Vape shop example6.

8. Integrate the blog into your store. It will help you submit your value proposition and promote your business.

Vape shop example7.

9. Apply the search field. It will help your visitors quickly find the necessary information without browsing all over the site.

Vape shop example8.

Managing Product Category Pages

When you are finished with composing an effective homepage, it’s time to move further to the product category page design. It is an important part of the customer’s journey from getting to know what you offer to making the first purchase on your store. Keeping some tips in mind when designing a product category page will let you avoid barriers to converting visitors into buyers. So, let’s consider the best practices in more detail.

  • Identify the purpose of your category page. Like the homepage and other website pages, the product category page also has its own goal and plays a significant role in a customer’s journey within your website. This is the place where consumers decide if they want to take one step closer to a final purchase. And the goal of the product category page is to make the decision painless.
  • Make certain the product category page serves customers’ needs. Start building it with the road map, one of the essentials of the best design. When selling e-juice, e-cigarettes, and other accessories, don’t try to sell them right on the category page. This is not what clients expect when getting to the product category page. Instead, list the categories, sort them by brands using special features, and let customers quickly get to the products they are looking for. Besides, make sure to leverage the terms your clients use when searching for products by category.
  • Include basic elements of the product category page. They are a product category name, category image, category price ranges, category ratings, featured items, and filtering. Category name helps visitors and search engines recognize the categories. The images draw the prospects’ attention. Price ranges allow shoppers to choose the option best fitting their budget. Ratings and reviews reflect the quality of your products. Whereas featured items are found to be a good practice used for upselling.

Website Navigation and Usability Checklist

Website Navigation.

In terms of e-commerce website usability, navigation should be a top goal for you. The most annoying thing in browsing the site is the inability to find the necessary product because of confusing navigation. Most users in such cases just abandon the store without leaving you a chance to guide them through the checkout process. The more prospects exit your online store, the higher the bounce rate. To avoid this, take a closer look at the breakdown of the best navigation practices and make sure to implement them when starting an e-juice business online.

  • Set right up to 7 top menu options.
  • Leverage the additional navigation in the upper right corner for the “Contact Us” section.
  • Arrange categories and subcategories in the multi-column menu.
  • Use contrast colors for the nav menu.
  • Add the complementary products to multiple categories.
  • Make the most of the footer by repeating the navigation bar placed in the header.
  • Include a sitemap.
  • Make sure to add a search field.
  • Use a mega menu instead of a drop-down one.
  • Take care of your website navigation order to gain the serial position effect.
  • Optimize navigation to mobile devices by using the hamburger icons.

E-Commerce SEO Strategy

To reach as many prospective customers as possible, your e-cigarettes online store should appear on the top search engine results. This is where SEO optimization comes in handy allowing you to rank high in the search results and driving more traffic to the site. Consequently, the more traffic, the more conversions you can make.

In this paragraph, you’ll find a few tips and tricks that will help you optimize the store for SEO and significantly increase the sales volume.

Seo stats.
  1. Use relevant keywords. Leveraging the right keywords matters. They respond to prospects’ queries, hence attract the needed traffic and help to increase conversions. Include the keywords in your copy, product heading, and description to help search engines understand your site in context.
  2. Put anchors in the text. To better rank your website pages and lead the prospective customers to certain product pages, consider using keywords in the anchor text. Make sure the keywords are not repeated, otherwise, you’ll be penalized by Google.
  3. Write product descriptions that sell. Conspicuous, unique descriptions with the right keywords dramatically increase conversions. So, to make them work the right way, you’d better not use product descriptions provided by the manufacturer.
  4. Use high-quality, unique images. Additionally, add alt tags and descriptions with unique keywords which will help Google drive more traffic to a website.
  5. Analyze your traffic. Increasing traffic is not yet enough. What’s even more important is to find out where the traffic comes from, what device is used, and what your prospects’ persona is. Using Google Analytics will let you analyze the traffic and determine things to improve to turn the visitors into buyers.

Social Media Tips for E-Commerce Projects

When it comes to finding new channels to connect with your prospects through and boosting your e-commerce sales, there is always room for improvement. Marketing on social media is often underestimated, however, this practice aims to drive more targeted traffic to a website and justify your sales efforts. Moreover, when interacting with customers through social networks, brands gain up to 40% more revenue per each client, compared to the brands that ignore social media marketing.

Social Media Tips.

So, let’s have a look at social media tips that will benefit your e-commerce project and take it to the next level.

  • Be on the social platforms commonly used by your target audience. Facebook and Instagram are proven to be the most popular websites people use to connect. So, start with these two networks but keep on investigating which other platforms are of high demand among your target consumers.
  • Gain your visitors’ trust with CGC. This is an abbreviation for customer-generated content used as social proof. Displaying content featuring the products from your satisfied clients allows winning the trust of prospects and boosting sales.
  • Use video instead of written content. People don’t want to spend much time online finding out what you are offering. So, the faster you deliver your message, the more likely visitors choose to do business with you.
  • Use social media to quickly respond to consumers’ complaints. With the rapid growth of social media websites, people get more opportunities to share their negative experiences with literally the whole world. But you, as a company, can also make the most of social networks quickly responding to concerns and trying to make the customers leave satisfied and change their minds. Then, positive reviews can be shared and posted on your website to make your business feel more credible.
  • Allocate your marketing budget on paid ads. People who’ve already visited your website will likely find you on social media. But there are also web users who don’t have an idea about your product yet. This is where paid ads may come to the rescue. They will help you properly target your potential consumers and increase your brand awareness.

How to Start Selling E-Juice Online with Shopify?

Now that we’ve covered tips and tricks that should help you make the most of your e-commerce business, it’s time to find out how to start selling e-juice on Shopify-based websites. Although launching the site may seem exciting, it requires some effort to complete the process. Consider the following checklist to make things happen.

  1. Get a lawyer approval letter to match the vaping age requirements.
  2. Get a monthly Shopify subscription to build your website on one of the most popular, ready-made e-commerce systems.
  3. Buy a domain name and choose a reliable hosting services provider.
  4. Take care of the website graphic appeal — trust your logo design to specialists, get high-quality pictures and illustrations, product photography and well-crafted buttons.
  5. Prepare a business model to not get into debt up to your ears when entering the market.
  6. Consider getting dropshippers if you want other companies to ship the orders for you.
  7. Hire a professional copywriter to have a comprehensive copy for your e-commerce website, including title, sub-title, product descriptions, texts for different pages, etc.

These are the approximate steps for launching a website and starting an e-liquid business. They may vary depending on your goals and needs.

Online Store Setup Service

Building an online store on your own is not that hard if you have enough time and at least basic knowledge. Should you have no technical background or just be busy with other projects, there is a great solution for you as well. Our specialists at TemplateMonster are glad to offer a setup service which includes website installation and setup according to your requirements.

Online Store Setup Services.

This is the ultimate service to get your website established online without a hassle. It comprises configuring payment and shipping settings, updating store contacts, uploading the logo, etc. When finished, the experts will get to storefront setup importing your products, configuring menu navigation, adding your content, and creating about 5 new pages. Additionally, they will adjust backend settings, generate robots.txt and sitemap.xml files, and set up about five languages.

When you trust your online store setup to the specialists, you don’t only get a fully-fledged e-commerce website, but the access to its performance as well. With Google Analytics integrated into the site, you can monitor your visitors’ behavior, analyze it, and optimize the overall performance based on reports. This will ensure top-notch user experience and help you convert leads into sales.

So, if the idea of the service sounds perfect for you, provide specialists with the information about your store and, depending on the plan and platform you choose, allow from one to five business days for setup.

What Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Website Template?

As you might have understood, it is not mandatory to be an expert developer to create a fully-fledged website. With pre-designed templates, which are in great demand now, you can do it on your own with a little technical background. When you start the journey of establishing a converting online store using templates, you may get stuck asking yourself how to choose the right theme. The process may look daunting for you, especially if you’ve never built a website.

Here are a few criteria to consider when selecting the best match.

  1. Determine your website goal. Decide on the project field, as well as the pain and gain of the potential customers you plan to cover with your it. Understanding your site goal will help you define its structure and key features it should contain.
  2. Identify the type of your future website. Depending on the niche you choose, you will need to have certain blocks and sections integrated into the site. For instance, online stores require shopping carts, featured products, sorting options, quick view, product listings, etc.
  3. Pay attention to usability. Make sure the theme you’ve chosen is easy to use and customize. The simpler content editing tools, the faster the website building is. Most pre-designed templates now provide handy drag-n-drop editors right out of the box. They allow building any type of content without touching a single line of code. Besides, the templates may also have all the necessary settings in a single admin, so you can change the color, fonts, layouts style, and other parameters without leaving your dashboard.
  4. Choose responsiveness. Since 94% of people judge websites on responsive design, this is a must for a theme you’re selecting. This is almost the only way to reach a wider audience. To make sure your site will perform equally well on any screen size, consider picking the themes that come with the live demo so that you can preview it on different mobile devices.
  5. Make sure the template provider ensures support. Should you be a new user and have no every-day experience building websites, support may come in handy. This is not only about tech specialists who are ready to come to the rescue 24/7, but also detailed documentation, comprehensive guides, and tutorials you get access to.
  6. Look for promotion and marketing capabilities. In addition to standard tools included in almost every web template, it should also come equipped with some advanced capabilities, like SEO instruments, analytics tools, and third-party integrations for email marketing, ad campaign, etc.

Best Online Vape Store Themes: Quick Overview

Now that you know how to select a website template, it’s time to find the best online vape store theme bundled with all the necessary tools and web elements. Since the market is full of e-commerce templates, the searching process becomes a real headache. To avoid spending eternity looking for an appropriate product, consider TM marketplace with hundreds or even thousands of themes by different categories. Bookmarking online catalog will ensure quick access to all templates created by reliable developers according to the latest web design trends. Ones for e-cigarette stores are also there.

Further, you will find our hot pick of the best themes. So, take your time and consider each of them to find the one that would perfectly suit your needs.

Vipex - Vape Store WooCommerce Theme

Vipex - Vape Store WooCommerce Theme

Vipex is an easy-to-use website template bundled with a well-known WooCommerce package. Features that make the theme stand out include a pre-designed main page, unlimited color options, pre-built layouts, Revolution Slider, and WPBakery page builder. While using these and other elements, you can establish a fully-fledged online store without touching a single line of code. Vipex WooCommerce theme makes it now easier to start selling e-liquid online. So, don’t miss a chance to get this top-notch solution that will help you build an online shop without a delay.

Hoxxiom - Electronic Cigarettes Modern Shopify Theme

Hoxxiom - Electronic Cigarettes Modern Shopify Theme

Starting an e-liquid business requires a web resource you will be able to provide the assortment at. For this, you may want to hire a professional developer to build a website from scratch. But if you want to enter the market as soon as possible, we recommend considering a pre-designed Shopify theme, like Hoxxiom. It is designed to help you create a fully-fledged electronic cigarette online store. With an extended list of handy features, it allows adding advanced functionality to the site and ensuring a top-notch shopping experience. Multilingual and multi-currency support, Ajax cart and sorting options, Shopify visual builder, catalogs and product quick view are just a small part of the whole list of tools available at your disposal.

Tobacco Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Tobacco Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Electronic Cigarettes WooCommerce theme is suitable for everyone who wants to offer their clients a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The template has a clean and minimalist layout which allows focusing on items you are selling. Besides, a full-width slider on the main page will let you inform the site visitors about your hottest offerings and encourage them to make a purchase. Among other things, the template comes equipped with a blog, so you can share the latest news about e-cigarettes, as well as exchanging thoughts and ideas with your customers. This way, you can become closer to your clients.

Electronic Cigarettes Shopify Theme

Electronic Cigarettes Shopify Theme

People who want to give up smoking sometimes replace traditional cigarettes with electronic ones gradually switching to nicotine-free liquids. If you are a retailer and have a lot to offer such people, you need to start with building an online store. To take this niche as soon as possible and start selling e-liquid, cigarettes, and accessories online, consider using a ready-made template, like this Shopify theme. It provides a lot of customization options, comprising Shopify visual builder, online chat, lazy load animation, blog functionality, 2-column layout, web forms, etc. When using them, you can create a user-friendly, converting shop without any coding skills.

Smoke Shop WooCommerce Theme

Smoke Shop WooCommerce Theme

Do you plan to start selling vaporizers online and have no idea where to start? We are here to help you find the best solution. This smoke shop WooCommerce theme has everything you may need for building a fully-fledged online store with a simple interface and handy navigation. Its SEO-friendly nature will make your site visible from search engines which leads to high traffic and revenue in consequence. Whereas a built-in shopping cart will let your consumers access the products they’ve chosen and edit them if needed.

Tobacco Shopify Theme

Tobacco Shopify Theme

This Shopify theme has been developed to be used for hookah shops. But since it has quite a flexible structure and layout, you can adapt it to any of your projects by applying minor adjustments. Returning to the theme, it has a fully responsive design that provides for outstanding website performance on most modern devices. The template automatically adapts to a certain screen resolution, so you don’t have to design a mobile version of the site. Among other things, you’ll get numerous web elements at your disposal, like advanced search, blog functionality, featured products block, multi-currency support, etc.

Tobacco Shop WooCommerce Theme

Tobacco Shop WooCommerce Theme

Tabacaria is another WooCommerce theme best suited for tobacco online stores. It is designed with a simple interface that makes shopping a piece of cake. Regardless of a simple interface, the theme is still highly customizable, so you can change colors, fonts, visuals, and other elements according to your needs. Besides, it boasts intuitive navigation and the advanced search which makes your store user-friendly and encourages people to return for further purchases. Top slider accompanied with special offers will let visitors quickly find hot deals, whereas social sharing buttons will contribute to the increased page views and sharing stats.

Tobacco Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Tobacco Responsive WooCommerce Theme

Do you have a tobacco store and want to take the whole assortment online? Then, you’ve come to the right place. This clean and fully responsive WooCommerce theme with quite a flexible structure is good for building an online store and reaching a wider audience with your product. The theme is optimized to respond to different search engines and social media sites, so you can be sure that the traffic will remain high. Among other things, you will get access to online chat, drop-down cart, parallax animation, and video integration that will enliven your website.

Tobacco Responsive Shopify Theme

Tobacco Responsive Shopify Theme

Should you want to stand out among the competitors with your electronic cigarettes store, this fully responsive Shopify theme will serve your needs. Black and white layout will favorably emphasize products and boost your site visitors’ interest. Except for minimalist layout, responsive design, and intuitive navigation, the template can boast handy tools, like drop-down menu, alternative module layouts, blog page, and web forms that will ensure the added functionality of your website. Take a closer look at this Shopify theme if you want to reach a wider audience and increase your revenue.

Wrapping Up

Launching the best online vape store seems to be quite an exciting process. However, building an e-commerce website requires time, effort, and patience. Before launching it and start selling vaporizers online, you need to take care of your homepage and product category pages design, enhance navigation system, make the site user-friendly, optimize the site for SEO, and much more. Depending on your needs and goals, you also have two options to choose from: create the site on your own or trust the process to a team of specialists and spend the saved time on other important things.

Whatever your choice is, you can always get in touch with our support line and get any issues or concerns resolved.

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