Hand-Drawn Illustration to Boost Your Design Project

  1. The Importance of Hand-Drawn Illustrations in Modern Web Design
  2. How to Use Hand-Drawing in Your Website?
  3. Hot Tips to Enhance Your Drawing Techniques
  4. Hand Illustrations in Logos, Icons, and Other Website Elements
  5. Hand-Drawn Illustrations in Web Design: Best Outstanding Examples
  6. Hand Illustration Templates: Quick Overview

In terms of web design, we often strive for a perfect, vivid, and boxy design. And when it’s done, we wonder why our design looks like many others on the web. Meanwhile, the unique and communicative design has nothing in common with a sleek one. To stand out among the competitors, we have to choose a more creative approach. For instance, draw the site on our own, be it an entire website or just a few parts of it.

Everyone like hand illustrations.

The thing is that hand-drawn elements aim to express individuality among same-looking websites. As far as the elements all look different, they can make the site distinctive, so you’ll never find a similar one. In this article, we are going to consider the ways the hand-painted illustrations benefit a design. You will also find out how to enhance your design and will have a chance to take a closer look at the most popular hand-drawn websites.

So, stay tuned.

The Importance of Hand-Drawn Illustrations in Modern Web Design

In modern design, visuals are more attractive to people compared to text content. So, the illustrations have become functional elements on a par with text and interactive objects. On top of that, the illustrations are a powerful communication tool that can significantly benefit any kind of design. Some of the reasons why you should use illustrations within your web-based project include the following:

  • Fast delivery of the main point. Using illustrations in websites as well as mobile apps greatly improves user experience.
  • Guarantee of the memorable experience. Eye candy web illustration aims to become a key event the clients will remember from their whole browsing experience. This way, the illustrations increase brand awareness.
  • Significant impact on product style. Illustrations together with fonts, icons, logos, and other branding elements support the general product concept when created following its style.
  • Refinement of user interaction. Complemented with animation, the illustrations make the browsing experience more dynamic and memorable on the whole.
  • Author personality. Hand-drawn illustrations make the website or web app closer to reality which shortens the gap between business owners and clients. Consequently, consumers start to trust business and become more open to a business message.

Hand-drawn illustrations allow you to fulfill the desires of the client.

How to Use Hand-Drawing in Your Website?

As far as you know the advantages of hand illustration, it’s high time to find out how to use it in your web design. Let’s move on and consider all possible use cases.

  • If you don’t want to overdo with hand-drawn illustrations, make certain to use them only for specific parts of a website, e.g. category headers, search boxes, or navigation.
    You can introduce yourself, for example.
  • If you want to apply hand-written sketches to your site, but prefer it to be more clear and better to scan, sharp script fonts imitating hand-drawn illustration can stand in good stead.
    Hand-drawn illustrations have to help, not to annoy the user with the letters that are hard to read.
  • Those of you who want to avoid too much text on tutorial screens can also give illustrations a try. This approach is especially helpful for mobile apps to respond faster.
    It is better to see it once, than to read a thousand words.
  • Another popular way to add illustrations to web design is by using branding elements called mascots in UI.
  • Hand-drawing is also often used in portfolios and showcases.

Hand-drawn portfolio will get more attention that an average one.

To consider more examples of how to use website illustration, check out Hand-Drawing Style In Web Design.

Hot Tips to Enhance Your Drawing Techniques

These top tips aim to help to find gaps in one’s hand-drawing and generally improve techniques. So, if you are the one who’s looking for useful hints, delve deeper into this paragraph.

  1. Make sure to get the necessary tools and materials for your work comprising high-quality paper, pens, pencils, and other stationery for coloring.
  2. Playing around with how you hold your hand and use the pencil for creating lines until you find the technique perfect.
    In drawing web illustrations the case will be the same as for drawing with pensil.
  3. Experiment with watercolor illustrations that are popular in advertising, editorial work, and storyboarding. If you want to be more expressive, this technique will help you achieve the purpose.

And of course, don’t forget to practice sketching as often as possible. Nothing will help you refine your drawing techniques more than regular practice.

Hand Illustrations in Logos, Icons, and Other Website Elements

Recently, we’ve found out how to use web illustration in design. Now, it’s time to take a closer look at the examples of hand-drawn logos, icons, and other website elements.

Let’s get to it.

  1. Doodle technique allows for an outstanding, interactive experience and boosts visitors’ interest.
    Hand-drawn illustrations can be playful.
  2. Aka hand-drawn typography adds a more respectable look to design and is mostly popular for display purposes.
    A little trick to look even more luxury.
  3. Squiggles in logos make the style minimalistic and appealing whereas their imperfection adds charm and helps to build a recognizable brand.
    Hand-drawn elements and beautiful photos look really great together.
  4. Not only can the animated effect be applied to the logo entertain the visitors, but it also allows you to increase time on site and conversions.

Animations make the website more dynamic.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations in Web Design: Best Outstanding Examples

Sketching on paper usually reveals a designer’s creativity and gives ideas on how to jazz up the website. Hand illustration used in web design makes it look fun, ensures a distinctive style, and allows attracting as many people as possible. In this overview, we’ve prepared a short yet illustrative list of astonishing websites that leverage hand-drawn elements.


Cat Rabbit

The Greenaway Pro

Štěpán Mareš

Bruce Clay

Lamplighter Brewing Co.


Hand Illustration Templates: Quick Overview

If you don’t have much time for sketching or illustrating from scratch, there is a great solution for you. Ready-made illustration templates are at your disposal. They all come hand-drawn, scanned in, and then converted to vector files to ease the editing process. Illustrations can be used for different purposes, no matter if it is a DIY project and greeting cards or posters and web design. If you decide to apply minor changes to the elements, you can do that in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator with ease.

So, as you can see, the ready-made template will avoid building sketches from the very beginning, hence save you much time. Have a look at them and find the one best suited for your upcoming project.

59 Art and Painting Supplies - Art Themed Vector Elements Illustration

59 Art and Painting Supplies - Art Themed Vector Elements Illustration

This hand-drawn Art & Painting vector elements are good for printing and small business designs. You’ll access 59 themed drawings comprising palette knives, brushes, paints, and other pieces destined for painting. Every single element is hand-drawn, scanned in, and then converted to vector files so that you can use them for your design with no hassle. Try this pack if you want to enliven your project. 

19 Forest Woodland Illustration

19 Forest Woodland Illustration

Have a look at this beautiful woodland sketchbook including hand-drawn images of deer, rabbits, owls, and other forest animals. While all 19 elements have been converted to vector files, you will be able to edit them via different graphic software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. If you are looking for illustrations for your web-based, printing, or business project, this pack will come in handy.  

3 Hand Painted Photoshop Brush Alphabets Illustration

3 Hand Painted Photoshop Brush Alphabets Illustration

When it comes to choosing typography for your website, it is always a good idea to go with hand-drawn alphabets. This certain collection includes three watercolor alphabet brush sets which can be edited through Photoshop. Every single element has been painted by hand, scanned in, and then converted to vector files to allow for smooth editing. So, if you want to spice up your design and spend a little time, consider this brand new brush set. 

Animals: Tigers Watercolor Png Illustration

Animals: Tigers Watercolor Png Illustration

This animalistic clipart is ideal for DIY, wedding invitation and greeting cards, blogs, quotes, and other purposes. The pack includes 38 files along with frames, borders, patterns, and isolated elements. Illustrations are highly detailed and can be used for backgrounds and textures. They are ready to print, so you can use the watercolor elements for t-shirts, bags, and other items. On top of that, the website illustration is hand-drawn which makes it stand out. 

Xmas Gifts Creator - 2020 Holidays Clipart Illustration

Xmas Gifts Creator - 2020 Holidays Clipart Illustration

Christmas is not that far, so it makes sense to find Christmas illustrations for your web project in advance. This Xmas gift creator may be a perfect deal in terms of building a festive design. Inside the package, you will find more than 45 objects and illustrations hand-drawn with alcohol markers and cleared in Adobe Ps. With this full pack of holiday elements, you can add cute characters to your cards or other design, work with pre-made compositions, or apply the text to a project. 

96 Easter Bunny and Egg Illustration

96 Easter Bunny and Egg Illustration

This cute Easter Basket will impress you with bunny rabbits, Easter eggs, flowers, and bows elements inside. In total, the collection includes 36 watercolors and 60 sketches available in PNG, AI, and EPS formats. As a bonus, you will also get a greeting card template with a charming easter bunny on it. All illustrations are hand-drawn, scanned in, and then converted to vector files for a smooth editing process. 

60 Kitty Cat Elements Illustration

60 Kitty Cat Elements Illustration

This graphic bundle will leave no one indifferent because it comes with kitty cat illustrations. The pack comes with 60 themed drawings comprising, cats, food bowls, toys, and more cats. The illustrations have been originally hand-painted and then scanned in to convert them to vector files. This allows editing the elements without a hassle using different design software, be it Photoshop or Illustrator. 

13 Hand Sketched Bugs and Insects Illustration

13 Hand Sketched Bugs and Insects Illustration

If you are looking for a ready-made solution for your upcoming web project, have a look at this creepy-crawly sketch set including insects and bugs. It is ideal for web-based use, as well as printing projects, and business needs. Every single element is saved as a vector file and comes individually which ensures smooth and seamless editing. On the whole, this sketchy website design illustration aims to make your project stand out, so make sure to consider it closer. 

London Watercolor PNG Illustration

London Watercolor PNG Illustration

Another illustrations collection best suited for DIY, invitation and greeting cards, posters, blogs, etc. refers to London watercolor clipart. The aquarelle elements are highly detailed and good for background, texture, pattern, frame, and border. They are also ready to be printed on books, t-shirts, bags, and other things. The possibilities are endless, so everything depends on your purposes and imagination. 

Cotton Watercolor PNG Illustration

Cotton Watercolor PNG Illustration

If you want to add some tenderness to your design, consider this Cotton Watercolor illustrations set. It contains 50 pieces comprising frames, isolated elements, and patterns. Not only can the bundle be a perfect solution for DIY and printing projects, but it also comes in handy for greeting and invitation cards, quotes, blogs, and posters. Every single element is highly detailed and available in a separate file which allows for hassle-free editing. 

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