What Are ‘Brain Illustrations’ and Why Do They Deserve a Separate Article?

  1. How to use Illustrations, and why?
  2. Why use brain Illustrations?
  3. Where to find and how to use brain logos and icons?
  4. Are brain illustrations worth to be mentioned as part of web design?

How to use Illustrations, and why?

Illustrations are the basic design elements. They are easy to create (if you have enough skills) and everyone can understand and interpret them. They can show the audience right away the type of design and what you want to show.

Brain Illustrations

And in this article, I want to tell you more about illustrations. It is always good to share experience, especially if I have something to tell you. Though, I am about to provide an article where I gathered the information that many of you may already know. But I want to present to you with all I know about illustrations and provide some examples too. We will see what types of illustrations exist and how we can use them. But first, let us start with a definition. It will help us to understand more about the subject we are talking about.

According to Wikipedia Illustration is “a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process”. Let us trust in the most popular cyclopedia. After all, it simply summaries what we all think about when it comes to illustrations. So, according to this definition, your illustrations have to improve and explain the main theme of the whole design. It must be a visual addition that supports text and highlights items you present.

However, many design symbols and design illustrations provide you with decoration options too. Especially if you have some certain idea about how to decorate your upcoming projects. And it is wise to keep images and design elements in line with your project theme. It can help you keep the audience concentrated on a specific subject and create a certain atmosphere. We have to remember that attention is important because if you can’t keep the audience attracted to your project, you can fail to tell them all the necessary information. Or if you run an online store you will redirect customers from a theme and distract from the products you provide. It will harm your profit. But I do not encourage you to use only one type of illustration. No. Just keep customers' attention in line with the main theme.

However, visual content is always about improving your design. We use it to make it better, more attractive and impressive. This is why designers tend to use more original and well-developed visual content. It has to be beautiful. And illustrations are no exceptions. They have to be nice decoration for your project. And here we will talk more about illustrations in web design. I want to tell you more about icons, logos, and stuff like that. But it wouldn’t be an article about some general things. As the name implies, we will talk about brain illustrations and how to use them in web development.


Why use brain Illustrations?

I think this is a part when I have to explain myself. Why do I talk with you about brain illustrations? Well, there are two answers. At first, to be honest, people rarely talk about brain illustrations and there are few blog posts in this thematic. I want to be original, after all. And second, it was a bit surprise for me when I found out that there are many ways to use such a specific design element.

However, people use them. If I would ask you where they use them, you will probably think about medicine and stuff. But you can find brain images on covers of music albums. For example, a “Use your brain” by Clawfinger. Check it out, it is pretty minimalistic, but in combination with idiom and a grenade fuze system creates some specific spirit. It kind of motivate us to think more because our brain is a great weapon. Good design decision, isn’t it?

There are thousands of ready-made brain images, animations, and illustrations. And you can make even more of them. Or you can get pre-developed products from stocks and marketplaces. But it is only up to your imagination how to implement them into your design. And I do not want to influence your imagination to encourage you to play with them and create something new. Instead, we will focus on types of brain illustrations, symbolism, and formats. And of course, we will talk about how to use them.

Where to find and how to use brain logos and icons?

As you could mention with Clawfinger's example the brain illustrations are good when it comes to highlighting something. Well, this is my personal opinion of course, but I tend to follow it. And nothing highlights design projects then a huge and eye-catchy logo.

And before I began researching brain symbolism I thought about brain logos as about some medical content fit only for hospitals and medical universities. How very wrong I was. It turned out that brain images contain a lot of symbolism. And this symbolism triggered the creation of various art products. You can play with the conception of brain images and make them a symbol of smartness, humanity, education, professionalism, knowledge, ideas and other associative things. If your project relates to some of the listed attributes then brain illustration can highlight them. And I am ready to give you a few examples.

Cycle Chain Brain Logo Template

Cycle Chain Brain Logo Template

In case you need something really special, then it is time for Cycle Chain. This logo template includes 300 dpi CMYK AI and EPS files. And most importantly it is print-ready. You can use all of them for your projects and edit if you want to play with design. And apply to any type of product. But we are sure you will like web illustration even without editing. This template also includes an information file and Read Me file. Just go to the product page to see more.

Anatomy Vintage Vector Illustrations [96 Items] Illustration

Anatomy Vintage Vector Illustrations [96 Items] Illustration

Anatomy Vintage is definitely one of the most creative and vintage illustration packs. And it has many various illustrations. Including brain images. With Anatomy Vintage you will have plenty of design options and elements for your project. And of course, it will be easy to create a logo with such an illustration set. This set includes 96 easy-to-recolor illustrations in EPS and PNG. files. All of them will be great design elements for t-shirts, posters, blogs and so on.

Brain Tech - Logo Template

Brain Tech - Logo Template

This logo is definitely eye-catchy. It is colorful and minimalistic at the same time. You can easily use it for multiple purposes. It is obvious that developers tried to make it suitable for various companies. And I think it suits universities, IT companies, clinics and so on.

Brain Storming - Logo Template

Brain Storming - Logo Template

This is also a brain logo template, but here it has a much more creative design style. It is also an attractive and eye-catchy logo. But curly elements make it creative. Meanwhile, a lightning symbol that replaces medulla leads us to the impression of energy and speed. If it was my product I would promote it as a logo for creative agencies, marketing business, education, design company and so on. But of course, it is up to the designer to decide whether such a logo suits the project or not.

Coffee Idea - Logo Template

Coffee Idea - Logo Template

This is a very original logo. The thing is that the designer developed it for coffee stores and coffee shops. And he tried to create something that reflects ideas. He could use a bulb image, like in old cartoons, but it would look cheap. Meanwhile, brain illustration here can tell us about ideas, thoughtful approaches to product and intention to create. Personally, I like this logo and I believe it looks good. But if you like the idea with bulb then you must check out Smart Brain logo, which combines bulb and brain in one illustration.

Smart Brain Logo Template

As you can see there are many types of brain illustrations. All of these I found on one marketplace, and there are many of them. And I made a rule for myself to check them before the development of design elements myself. The thing is that you will need a lot of time and skill to create a good logo or illustration. And for a web designer or web developer, it may be redundant work.

Sometimes, it is definitely a wise idea to use pre-developed templates. After all, you should care more about the whole project with many other elements, coding, content and so on. Professionally developed products will save you time and profit. Just keep an eye on license and copyright. Personally, for me, it is a great way to speed up my work.

Icons. These are smaller parts of the design and you can use them for decoration. In most cases, you can find sets of icons. And there are tons of them on the internet. However, designers tend to create an icon as a representation of some object or idea. And here we definitely need a few examples.

  • Head with a brain icon. Let's start with something minimalistic. This set provides you with simple brain icons that represent ideas and thinking. To be honest it is a common example. They are easy to understand and often used to highlight the main idea.
  • There are also many more creative examples like brain icons this set. Due to color scheme and original styling, it can present emotions or simply decorate design or chat.
  • At the same time, these brain icons are much more creative. I would even say that they are multipurpose. And any designer can use them as he wishes. But it is obvious that they are eye-catchy. I would say that it is a great way to improve a minimalistic design.

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Are brain illustrations worth to be mentioned as part of web design?

As you could see, my answer will be yes. It is my personal opinion, of course, but I am still under the impression of my little discovery. Brain illustrations can and have to be used for many purposes due to its extended symbolism. The brain is a symbol of thought and as a result, you can use it to visually highlight the concept of an idea, technologies, smartness, innovations, education and so on. And such amount of multiple senses can make your brain illustration a multitool.

And now I honestly believe that brain illustrations are a worthy part of web design elements.

Vector Illustrations for Awesome Printables

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