The Hot New Trend: Why Create A Cryptocurrency Website?

So if you think about cryptocurrency, you will hear the words Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Ripple and so much more everywhere in the media and amongst friends. This is because of the huge effect that it has on the society and the community now.

But why create a website about it?

Keep Up With The Joneses


With times changing so quickly and in this fast-paced cryptocurrency market, it is important to stay up to date with all the latest releases and monitor recent advancements. But in a competitive world, there will always be someone that follows the market more closely than you. Having a platform available where you can gather the information to make an informed decision about cryptocurrency trends and user sentiments is always very helpful. For example, a public platform where people can comment and leave tips and advice can be very beneficial to you and all your other readers.

Many companies are busy introducing cryptocurrency to their businesses as well. Whether it is to invest in cryptocurrency or to incorporate it as a payment method, the availability of cryptocurrency options is certainly a competitive edge. By monitoring their own crypto-related blogs companies can see where the interest of the customers in cryptocurrency lies and whether they prefer to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

So how can you go ahead and start your own cryptocurrency website?

Not A Big Deal

With so many technological assistance today, it has been made very simple to start your own website. Below you will see a clear layout of the steps involved:

How to create a crypto-related website?


Domain name

The domain name is the first thing you need to focus on and it is the name or web address of your website. You need to choose a catchy yet suitable name that is easily searchable but still unique to make you stand out from the crowd. You will also need to decide which extension you will use for your website. The .com extension is very popular; however, you can also choose between .org, .net and many more.



The second step in creating a website is getting a host to keep the website on their servers and make your website live. There are many trusted providers that specialize in these fields. Make sure you choose the one with the best benefits and giving you the most value for money.

Internet service provider

Your website will not go live without an Internet connection. Therefore you need to get a strong and reliable connection that has the most up-time to minimize any downtime on your website. You do get options where the host has an Internet provider service if you prefer to keep all your eggs in one basket.


This is when you get creative and start designing your website. There are professional web designers available readily across the globe; however, they have made it very easy to design your own cryptocurrency website by making use of web templates. Take the time and choose something special, both for crypto company business logo and website pages. This is going to be your face to the public and you obviously want to leave a good impression. But there are still a few steps before your website will be completed.


One of the network giants in website development is WordPress. They also have easy to use guides for beginners, taking you through the process step-by-step.

  • You will start by choosing the correct Cryptocurrency WordPress theme for your website as your start page and the design of your website will be essential. This will include the color schemes, fonts, sizes, pictures and many more.
  • Once you have an idea what your website is going to look like, you will need to decide on the layout: What are the types of blogs you will be hosting on your web page? Are you going to create a comment page? Which headings or subdivisions are you going to include?
  • Getting the best content for your website is crucial. Are you going to be writing the blogs yourself? Or are you going to use a professional that follows the topic in details to provide you with the best quality content?
  • And then you need to upload it correctly to the back office of the WordPress site. Your hosting company can also assist you if you have any difficulty.


Lastly, you need to ensure that your website is protected from hackers and scammers, especially if you are going to be storing sensitive details. An SSL certificate is put in place for this, making your site secure and protected.

wordpress themes

Stick To The Pattern

There are certain tricks and tools that you can use to enhance your website.

  • Anti-Spam: You don’t want any spam on your website. Anybody that tries to spam your website can do a lot of harm. When potential readers or customers look at your website and see a lot of unfiltered messages or comments, they will not return to your website will be considered as unreliable.
  • Performance: To sit and monitor your website for performance the whole day can be somewhat difficult. Google has a function that analyzes your website and the performance rate thereof. They can also see when and what times your site is popular for visits and how long visitors actually stay on your site.
  • Digital Marketing: For this function, it is helpful to have a tool that manages your content and handles your analytics of the site. Your content will be scrutinized and you will know if the information provided has enough ‘meat’ to it.
  • Compatible: Is your website compatible with all the web-based platforms, mobile phones, and different devices? This can have a huge impact if you are running an online business. Remember to optimize the images and website themes in a way that they are responsive and in the right format to be viewed.
  • Copyrights: Always make sure you have original content on your website, meaning you need to check for any copyrights or duplicate content.

website themes

Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website Template

Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website Template

Demo | Download | Hosting

Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme

Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

TopMiner - CryptocurrencyWordPressTheme


Demo | Download | Hosting

BitRate - Bitcoin WordPress Theme

BitRate - Bitcoin WordPress Theme

Demo | Download | Hosting

ChainBit - Bitcoin WordPress Theme


Demo | Download | Hosting

Bitcrypt - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme

best crypto templates

Demo | Download | Hosting

Top Cryptocurrency Website Template

Template Name Theme Provider Template Category Price
Get Unit - ICO Crypto Currency Multipage HTML Website Template ZEMEZ Investment Company Templates $75
Bitunit - Cryptocurrency Elementor WordPress Theme ZEMEZjet Consulting Templates $75
TopMiner - Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Financial Advisor Templates $75
BitRate - Bitcoin WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Consulting Templates $75
ChainBit - Bitcoin WordPress Theme ZEMEZ Investment Company Templates $75
Bitcrypt - Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme zaymund Consulting Templates $98

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