Episode 2: How to Start Your Web Design Business

We guess you’ve been waiting for this podcast after having listened to the first introductory one - and here it is, at last. This time Headscape alumni, Chris Sanderson, has joined the Boagworld Web Show to talk about the process of starting a web design business.

We understand that it’s almost impossible to sit still when you are ready to act. However, when your mind is relaxed, there are many more opportunities to succeed with your startup. When you are calm and focused, you are able, not only to listen, but also to hear, understand and follow the wise advice of people who have already been through a process similar to what you are going through now.

So, what information essential for your future business will you get to know from this podcast?

Marcus explains what Paul and Chris have set up recently and what’s going on at Headscape. This bit of context might be useful for people. The guys share their experience of how they got rid of the ‘dead wood’, about taking the hard decision to discuss this with people, and to tell them that they need to reduce their numbers. This resulted in people coming forward and volunteering which is a much more pleasant way of accomplishing a difficult task.

Then Chris talks about his decision to become a freelance designer and the consequences of this choice. He also reveals what helped him to win a solid reputation. Chris shares his own experience of how to get out of a situation where you actually have nothing, where your family is starving, and the house is getting repossessed. He gives really practical tips on these points.

Then the guys discuss late payments and their influence on business. Later they talk about the risks of having a permanent and freelance job. Soon everything comes down to networking and relationships and the necessity of building a portfolio.

After that you will get to know the best way to rate your work and how to cope with the task of accounting, and office paperwork. You will find out what Professional Indemnity and Public Liability are as well.

This podcast answers lots of questions on how to start web design business, but many more are still waiting for their turn. The next one will dwell on winning your initial clients. We hope you are waiting for it impatiently.

Helga Moreno

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