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  2. Benefits of Using IDX Real Estate WordPress Plugin
  3. Getting IDX on the Site
  4. Top Real Estate WP Themes
  5. Premium & Free IDX WP Plugins

Needless to say, IDX is a common word these days. You can see it almost everywhere. Why? Simply, IDX real estate WordPress plugin helps many business people. This post will tell you how to work with the add-on. Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at the meaning of IDX!

IDX Real Estate: What is it?

Long story short, IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange. The term covers various policies, standards, and software. Its main task is to show the necessary listing information that relates to real estate. You may have seen IDX listings a lot of times, as it is super-popular now. So, IDX is widely used by today’s agents, brokers, sellers, etc. It simply allows them to integrate real estate listings to the business sites.

So, what is IDX Real Estate? Historically, IDX appeared nearly 20 years ago. In those days, the webspace became available for most people. The smartest ones realized that they can share and promote listings on the internet. Should I say that it used to be not as easy as it is now?

Fortunately, recent technologies made lots of things creator-friendly. IDX is one of them. Most users want to add IDX website integration to their online projects. It’s even simpler than you might expect! People of all ages and skill levels can use the feature. You just need to know what technologies to look for.

Benefits of Using IDX Real Estate WordPress Plugin

As I have already mentioned, modern resources are quite creator-friendly. It means you can effortlessly improve the business site with the IDX feature. For example, you can get it by choosing feature-rich WordPress plugins.

Still, before we get started, I’d like to answer the most important question. Why would you add IDX to a website? Below I have listed only a few reasons you may need the feature.

  1. The plugin would help the site owner get the prospect’s attention. By adding the feature, you will display only the relevant content the RE audience is searching for.
  2. By the way, you can also get some interactive maps to catch the customer’s attention. It makes visitors’ search more engaging.
  3. With it, you can get more leads. What is more important, these will be quality leads.
  4. IDX plugins usually come with many essentials, like website responsiveness or mobile-ready design.
  5. Another must-see feature you can get is Search Engines-friendly design. A properly chosen free IDX WordPress plugin (as well as any premium one) would improve the project’s SEO.
  6. The IDX feature could also integrate the website with various SM platforms you use. By using the plugin, you may create eye-catching listing detail pages to showcase on SM.
  7. As a result, it will transform your content. It can become more appealing to FB users. Besides, no matter which of the IDX WP plugins you select, it should include some Social Media buttons. Prospects will be able to share your content on all possible SM platforms.
  8. Plus, you can send customer emails with new listings on the site. Once there is a match, a person will automatically get the email notification.

Today, IDX is the result of how MLS listings end up on a site. One can publicly display different bits of information from the MLS database with it. And you get a higher conversion rate! Did you know that more than half of homebuyers find their future houses on the internet?

Would you like to try? Let’s see how you can add the feature.

Getting IDX on the Site

You don’t have to be a Google search guru to see that “how to get IDX on my website” is what users are longing for now. Did you decide to improve the site with IDX listing or search? Check out the list below. It contains all the must-checks your plugin should come with.

To make a long story short, IDX real estate WordPress plugin makes the fastest and the most lucrative way to get the IDX feature. You can find both free and premium add-ons. In some cases, you can even get the feature as a part of WP themes.

  1. Whatever you choose, make sure that the item contains the following features.
  2. Look for 100% readability, so that your site appearance would stay gadget-friendly.
  3. You need the plugin which generates information that does not lack any critical MLS data.
  4. Make sure the item comes with an organic IDX system. Otherwise, it would hurt your SEO. And you do not want to limit the visibility of the website.
  5. Also, your plugin should generate unique links for the website pages. You need it to increase the pages’ ranking.
  6. In case your plugin is not free, don’t forget to check the payment terms before buying.
  7. Finally, always look for eye-catching items. The fonts or icons you use for IDX listing should be easy to read.

All the worthy WP themes for RE already contain all the named features, including the IDX plugin. To illustrate, I have listed several top-rated products.

Top Real Estate WP Themes

Needless to say, all these themes come with an IDX Search Widget. Still, there will be more options! Here is what one can find in the packs of these products.

Legacy - Estate and Mortgage WordPress Theme

Legacy - Estate and Mortgage WordPress Theme

Legacy comes with multiple layout options. The theme owner can choose from a wide set of pre-designed layouts. It allows you to experiment with the structure of the pages. Also, the Legacy set contains a built-in library. This feature is a time-saver. Use it to save some of your favorite layouts. You can use them as soon as you need to build a new page. Additionally, the package contains different content modules. All of them come with extended sets of options that you can be easily tweaked to match the business style. By selecting this IDX WP theme, you get the following:

  • Contact Forms
  • Sliders & Accordions
  • Back-to-Top Button
  • Live Customizer

Trowel - Construction WordPress Theme

Trowel - Construction WordPress Theme

Long story short, Trowel contains three types of homepage, including styles for a young company, a productive business, and a huge company. This is an Ecwid-ready theme. It means that you can add the shop feature to the site design for free! The Trowel pack already contains all the e-commerce related features you may need. Needless to say, this product would add IDX to a website. What else does it contain? Among the other Trowel’s features, you can find:

  • Extra Pages Layouts
  • SEO-Friendly Design
  • 3 Headers
  • Price Calculator, and more

Mountain View - Vacation Rental WordPress Theme

Mountain View - Vacation Rental WordPress Theme

Here is a lightweight and powerful WP theme that has all the must-haves. Mountain View allows you to add and manage accommodations. You can also integrate the site with travel agencies and increase direct booking with useful plugins. There is a cool Flexible Booking Rules feature. It allows the site owner to set the minimum and maximum days to stay and available check-in and check-out days for all rentals. Also, you can make certain accommodations unavailable for a chosen period of time. Among the other functions of the Mountain View, you can find these:

  • Booking Confirmation Modes
  • Breadcrumbs for simple site navi
  • Structured Data Markup
  • 2 Post Layouts
  • Translation into 14 languages

Villagio - Property Booking WordPress Theme

Villagio - Property Booking WordPress Theme

To start with, Villagio comes with a real-time Search Availability form. It would automatically block all booked accommodations (with or without payment) to showcase only the available places. No manual control needed. Your free accommodations and dates will always be up-to-date. Another helpful feature is Seasonal Pricing and Rates. The site owner can set different prices for low or high seasons, including holidays or weekends. You can craft any period you need and customize it without trouble. The feature lets creating rates with variable pricing depending on the accommodation benefits. Among the other features of Villagio, you can find:

  • Online & Offline Payments
  • Packs & Services
  • Date Booking
  • Automatic Reservation Emails
  • Discount Coupons

Real Estate WordPress Theme

Real Estate WordPress Theme

To begin with, this theme contains Elementor Page Builder. With it, people of all ages can craft fresh layouts by dragging and dropping the content elements to the editor’s window. This RE WP theme contains numerous widgets to select from. Among the product’s features, you can see the JetPlugins add-on. It contains everything and anything you may need to style a voguish design. With it, you will get the following:

  • JetThemeCore
  • JetBlocks
  • JetBlog
  • JetTabs
  • JetTricks, etc.

The theme package also contains Sortable Gallery. Prospects would be able to search for the needed products by their main features, like brand or price. Here are some other features of this RE theme:

  • Ecwid-Ready & WPML-Ready Design
  • Calendar and Maps
  • IDX Listings
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Tag Cloud
  • Social Options

Dunk Dynamic Real Estate WordPress Theme

Dunk Dynamic Real Estate WordPress Theme

Dunk is a code-free theme that comes with the newest drag-and-drop Visual Page Builder. The theme is super-comfy to use. To say more, it is highly customizable. On the first hand, Dunk contains Shortcodes, Menu Anchor, Text Editors, and other critical options. All of these would help the site owner improve the functionality of their website. On the other hand, Dunk contains multiple trendy features to promote your business in all its glory. For example, there are Testimonials, Image Gallery, Accordions, and Video backgrounds.  

As expected, Dunk would add IDX website integration to the website. This Listing Management comes for any sized company or portal. You also get the Advanced Reporting feature. With it, you can track business growth with eye-pleasing, instant reports. Among the other Dunk features, you also get:

  • Site Navigation Layout Support
  • Options Backup & Transfer
  • Boxed and Wide Layouts
  • 5 Header Variations, etc.

Oceanica - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Oceanica - Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Oceanica comes with Unlimited Colors. You can use the handy Color Picker to craft the very color schemes. Thanks to the 100% customizable design, the theme owner can create a unique design. It would correspond with the style of your brand to catch the eye of a prospect. Also, there will be Properties Listing to create a stunning gallery of your accommodations. You can add any available details. Here are the other features of Oceanica:

  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Flexible Seasonal Pricing
  • Date Blocking
  • Real-Time Search Availability Form
  • Custom Reservation Emails

Premium & Free IDX WP Plugins

Basically, you can find an IDX search widget in any of the mentioned themes. However, it is not necessary to buy a theme in case you already have one. You can get the feature separately instead.

A free IDX WordPress plugin is what everyone is looking for nowadays. Here are some freebies to try on the website.

Wovax IDX

Wovax IDX.

Wovax is a free WP add-on. The item brings real estate listings directly into the site. What’s more, the feature is live. This means it will showcase only current relevant info. This plugin ideally integrates with almost every WP theme. It is easy to modify so that Wovax can fit any branding. The set contains search forms, filters, listing fields, and MLS feeds.

FlexMLS IDX Plugin

FlexMLS IDX Plugin.

This free plugin comes for realtors, brokers, real estate agents, and property dealers. The plugin package includes the IDX search option. With it, customers can view the property listings with prices, locations, and more. The add-on also has an IDX slideshow section to introduce your products.

IDX Realty Pro Plugin

Here is a fast and accurate IDX WP plugin you can download for free. It can quickly sync the data on the website. By using the add-on, users can add as many widgets or shortcodes as they need. Besides, IDX Realty Pro comes with Google analytics integration. It will track and report the project’s traffic. The next critical feature is the lead capture form to guide more clients through the site content.

Apex IDX Premium IDX Plugin

Apex IDX.

This premium IDX plugin for WP received the latest updates only 2 months ago. It is mobile-responsive and looks awesome on any device. The plugin comes with a Property Search widget that locates right on the main page. It would improve website navigation. Prospects can quickly find whatever they are looking for with it. Another must-have feature is the Unlimited Market Link Creator. Use it to make pages specifically for any market by different criteria you define.

IMPress for IDX Brocker WP Plugin

IMPress for IDX.

The next premium add-on is simple in use and very easy to integrate. It also comes with creator-ready Easy Lead Management. One can add, manage, and edit their leads right from the WP dashboard. IMPress is easy to integrate with other popular plugins, like Contact Form7 or Nonja Forms. You get Advanced Styling & Customization settings to bring your IDX pages to the next level. Finally, there is an intuitive OmniSearch Bar. The feature would help visitors find relevant properties at the drop of a hat. They can search by city, postal code, country, address, or MLS number. The price is $70.

Estatik Premium

Estatik Premium.

To finish with, here is a premium IDX WP plugin. It allows importing listings with their pics and data. The item’s cost is $489 which promises you a rich list of features. Thus, the set contains Filters, Fields Builder, Manual or Automatic Import, and much more. It comes as a part of a plan which also gives you access to the download area.

In Closing

As you can see, there are many ways one can add the IDX search or listing to their web design. The modern digital market offers so many helpful products. Which one should you select? The item you get depends on your needs. To sum everything up, let’s compare all the products I showcased in this post.

Item IDX Features Price Additional Features
Wovax IDX Plugin + Free Search Forms, Filters, Listing Fields, and MLS Feeds
FlexMLS IDX Plugin + Free IDX Slideshow Section & IDX Search Option
IDX Realty Pro Plugin + Free Quick Data Syncing, Google Analytics, Widgets & Shortcodes Integration
ApexIDX + Free Property Search Widget, Responsive Design, Unlimited Market Link Creator
IMPress for IDX Broker Plugin + $70 Easy Lead Management, Advanced Styling & Customization
Estatik Premium Plugin + $489 Filters, Fields Builder, Manual or Automatic Import
Dunk WP Theme + $84 Shortcodes, Menu Anchor, Text Editors, Boxed and Wide Layouts
Real Estate WP Theme + $75 JetFamily Plugins, Elementor Page Builder, Dropdown Menu, Tag Cloud,
Villagio WP Theme + $73 Seasonal Pricing & Rates, Online & Offline Payments, Date Booking
Mountain View WP Theme + $69 Booking Confirmation Modes, Breadcrumbs, Post Layouts
Trowel WP Theme + $72 SEO-Friendly Design, 3 Headers,Price Calculator,
Oceanica WP Theme + $72 Color Picker, Hotel Booking Engine, Flexible Seasonal Pricing
Legacy WP Theme + $75 Contact Forms,Sliders & Accordions,Back-to-Top Button.

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